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  • witster1819 October 2010
    A Complete Guide to a User Ratings Travesty
    Sometimes I wonder if people that reviewed this film actually watched it, or if they gave it a chance, not like second glancing at it because they're cooking dinner at the same time.

    Jonah Hex is an entertaining little movie based upon the DC Comic Book character. To be honest, I've never read the comic, had little expectations coming in, and wouldn't have gone to see this in the theater. This genre is admittedly, 'right up my alley'. Usually I check some ratings on here before renting movies so that I avoid the flops. Thankfully, I didn't look on IMDb until AFTER I had already rented it. So when I looked at IMDb's 4.6 user rating AFTER renting it, but BEFORE watching it; my expectations were lowered even further, and I nearly put off watching it, again. Nevertheless, it was due the next day and I popped it in the DVD player when the other-half went to bed(too bad - she would have liked it). I have a good sound system and a nice TV - both made this action/western/fantasy even better.

    Let's take a look at some of the films on IMDb with similar user ratings - specifically some of the worst films that I have ever seen/wasted my time and money on.

    Ready to Wear(Pret-A-Porter)4.8 Actually rated higher than Jonah Hex. This was two hours I will NEVER get back. A terribly boring movie with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    King Solomon's Mines 4.6 Tied with Jonah Hex. This may be the worst movie I have ever seen. A literal walk out of the theater. And I know what you're thinking. I talked about giving movies a chance earlier, but I revisited KSM years later, and it still remains the worst film I've ever seen in my lifetime, 1 and a half times.

    Toys 4.6 Enough said.

    Jonah Hex' style is true to the comic book theme. The opening of the film is excellent, and gives us a good foundation for an entertaining storyline. John Malkovich is ALWAYS a good adversary/bad guy, and Josh Brolin IS Jonah Hex. Megan Foxes' role is small, and she serves every purpose, much like a smoking hot Bond girl. Her Body alone makes this film worth 4.6.

    But, Jonah Hex is much more. It's interesting, it's action packed, and it's well-paced.

    Now, is it believable? No. What comic book based film is? Is it Oscar worthy? No. Will it appear on any legitimate 2010 Top Ten lists? No. Jonah Hex is the pure definition of a popcorn flick. Not just one that rare movie watchers might over-rate(It's no nine or ten), and one that critics will annihilate, but one that is sure to surprise many who give it a chance. It's worth the rental - especially if you have a TV and sound system that can give you a near theater experience. I like some of the subtle touches to this movie, and Malkovich and Brolin really help the cause.


    You'll like it if you liked: Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer, Brotherhood of the Wolf, and Timecop.
  • cadillac2021 June 2010
    Potential for great summer popcorn flick wasted
    Warning: Spoilers
    I wasn't really expecting much out of this film. And I thought that it coming out the same weekend as Toy Story 3 was pretty laughable. But it seemed like fun, so I thought I'd give it a try. Sadly, it turned out pretty much how I expected, and it's no wonder there was such little advertisement paid to this film.

    Jonah Hex is pretty straightforward in it's story. Jonah Hex witnessed his family die at the hands of John Turnbull. Unfortunately, for Hex, Turnbull died mysteriously in a hotel fire...or did he. Turns out Tunrbull is still alive and a danger to the US. Now, Jonah must get his revenge and save the US.

    A lot of people have compared this film to The Wild Wild West. Thankfully, this is not that film. Granted, it's not all that grounded in reality (actually, it's not grounded in reality much at all), but there's no giant walking spiders or head slicing, flying discs. The action here is pretty ridiculous and outrageous, but at the same is fun. It helps that Josh Brolin, as the titular Jonah Hex, is pretty damn cool. He plays off Dirty Harry pretty well, with only a few one liners and a pretty well drawn out character. In fact, I would say that if they ever do a remake of Dirty Harry, I would vote for Brolin to take up the reins. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the cast is not as good. John Malkovich plays Turnbull lazily. Sure, he's not as hammy as he could have been, which I am grateful for, but I can't help but feel that he isn't the least bit interested in what he is doing. And with the kind of character he's supposed to be, there should be more passion, but it's sadly missing. As for the third big name, Megan Fox does what she does best and looks hot in some slutty western dresses. For a film like this, I guess you can't ask much more from her.

    The action is obviously where this film is at, and it mostly delivers. It's far from the biggest action film this summer, but there are some pretty outrageous and entertaining pieces, like the Gatling gun-mounted horse and the dynamite gun scenes known from the trailer. And when there isn't action going on, Brolin saves the film. Besides the action, he is the best thing here. I would also even argue that the film does a good job translating the comic book style. While it could have been much better, it could also have been a lot worse. I guess I can at least be thankful for that.

    Suffice to say, I pretty much got what I thought I would get out of the film: a cool Josh Brolin, a hot Megan Fox, a wooden John Malkovich, and a lot of crazy action. Was I satisfied? I suppose. It was a decent way to kill about an hour and a half. Would I run out to the theater for this? Nah. If you really care about the ticket price and your time, I would just wait to rent it on DVD.
  • cletus-1125 June 2010
    Pretty bad, but not as bad as some are saying.
    First, I want to mention some of the good stuff. Josh Brolin is excellent as Hex, perfect casting, great job by Brolin, thoroughly enjoyable to watch. John Malkovich was very good in a role that could have easily been too over the top to be taken seriously. Fassbender was genuinely creepy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was great, and Megan Fox looks gorgeous and her acting is not that bad. Combine that with an amazing soundtrack by Mastodon, (and a surprise cameo by Brent Hinds) I have to say I enjoyed the movie. The negatives: "The Weapon" - a weird, quasi-science, completely unexplained "nation-killer" invented by Eli Whitney... WTF? Stupid. While on the subject, why does the world have to be at stake? A simple revenge tale would have sufficed. Aidan Quinn was awful, but it probably wasn't his fault, unless he wrote his own lines. Why tell Hex's backstory with a couple of minutes of poorly animated crap with a voice-over when they could've filmed Hex's origin sequence and made it a much better movie? No idea, but I can't explain many of the choices that were made on this movie. Why was it only 80 minutes long? Who thought that was a good idea? Who cast Will Arnett in a straight role? I kept waiting for him to do something funny. To sum it up, there was some really good work done on this movie, but there were too many terrible decisions made that left it a disjointed mess in spite of its potential. As a life-long Jonah Hex fan, I was happy to see him captured so perfectly by Brolin, but disappointed as hell that the studio screwed up the movie so badly, and ruined any chance of this becoming a successful franchise.
  • mjk28027 June 2010
    Short and not bad enough to offend at least
    I'm a fan of comics and westerns so even though I knew of Jonah Hex in name only this was something I knew I could probably at least sit through. I've seen some reviews and they seem a little harsh. It wasn't anything special but it moved a long fairly quickly and I wasn't bored for what that's worth.

    I agree with others that Brolin was a good choice for Hex. I was glad to see Malkovich there but he seemed a tad underwhelming. I think he's a great actor so I trust he nailed the character though. Will Arnett stuck out like a sore thumb in the small number of scenes he was in. He's a goofy, funny guy I just don't really want to see him in a serious role. You almost can't tell if he's for real or being sarcastically serious. Megan Fox is Megan Fox. Why people are complaining so much about her acting I have no idea. She's there for sex appeal. No one thinks she's the next coming of Meryl Streep or something.

    The movie looked a little too synthetic for me especially some of the "ultimate weapon" stuff. It looked a little too clean for a western too. I don't know why some movies like There Will Be Blood can look so authentic and suck you in to the setting but others like this just look too fake.

    I figured there would be some fantastic elements involved even though it was grounded in real life, just because of the comic influence. That might have prepared me a little more for the stuff others might have found to be out of place. In fairness movies are a little bit like watching a sporting event for the first time. If you don't know the rules or know what to expect you're likely to not enjoy it much. After the first 5 minutes or so I figured as much to not be jarred by some of the more out of place plot elements, so all in all I thought it was a short, somewhat entertaining movie. Glad it wasn't much longer though.
  • on_the_can19 June 2010
    I'm hesitant to call this an out and out terrible movie as some have labelled it simply because it was mildly entertaining. There's a lot of action, some cool ideas, a great performance by Josh Brolin and the short 80 minute running time doesn't hurt it either.

    The sad truth of the whole thing is that it just didn't come close to its potential. For starters, Jonah Hex didn't have to be macabre and my knowledge this wasn't even part of the original comic books that the movie is based on. The original story is simple, Jonah Hex's family is murdered, he's horribly scarred and left for dead. He gets better and sets out for revenge. It's a pretty classic western that we've seen before but given the general lack of western movies these days, that doesn't matter...there's plenty of room in theatres for a fun out for revenge Western. Having said all that, the supernatural ideas that they came up with are actually kinda cool, and I would've been happy to see them mixed in, if only they'd been handled better. Instead these elements seem tossed in as an excuse to include CG effects that the box office loves oh so much.

    The end result is an unfortunate mash up of a good ideas...that maybe could've worked if more time had been put into development, it feels like it was either slapped together too hastily or suffered from a massive reedit...during most of the film I couldn't shake the feeling that there was maybe a 2 hour+ director's cut lying on the floor somewhere which may or may not be a superior and more coherent film. I was looking forward Jonah Hex based on a short appearance he had in a Batman cartoon years ago...from that alone I thought the character had a lot of movie potential but I was let down. Brolin's performance is the best part of the movie. Malkovich is good but nothing too spectacular considering his track record, and even Megan Fox is half decent but she doesn't have a lot to do with her pretty much useless character.
  • Richard Virga23 June 2010
    A plethora of under-ratings and over expectations!
    Analysis Paralysis!

    It was fun. Everyone did a competent job. It's not a movie for intellectuals, just for people who enjoy flicks. As more people see it, its rating will go up. It's now 4.3/10 with 1,266 votes. Watch.

    I really enjoyed that the special F/X were not overdone.

    It's a comic book fer cryin' out loud!, it's not supposed to be No Country for Old Men!

    I was never bored, it was well paced.

    That whole business with the dead people was fun and nice plot enhancer.

    I really don't know what all the negative fuss it about.

    It's not a summer blockbuster, it's a summer popcorn and soda, better-than-T.V. techno western flick.

    Actually, my expectations were so diminished by all the bad press that I enjoyed it More that I expected I would.

    As I read all the detailed bad press and saw what over analysis was in the comments, and discounted all that, that's what put me over the edge to go and see it.

    And I'm glad I did.

    It was fun.

    No one's careers were ruined. Just briskly moving summer fun.
  • The_Fifth_Echo17 June 2010
    This movie might single handedly destroy Megan Fox career
    Oh my god, what was I thinking to watch this film with my brother. I cannot believe I paid any money at all to watch this rubbish film.

    THE BAD:

    Megan Fox's acting

    A script so bad that the writers should go back to 3rd grade. The movie is a mess. Very Noisy. Lacks imagination. Completely forgettable. I mean I could go on all day.

    The only thing good about this movie is Josh Brolin, he gives a good performance as Jonah Hex, he tries to save this complete mess of a film. But sadly its too much of a bloated mess to save. I truly feel bad for him.

    As for Megan Fox, she better start having some acting lessons, cause this movie has the potential to absolutely sent her career to the grave. After loosing her role in Transformers 3, she desperately needs to do something.

    I can only give this movie 3 stars because Brolin, who you can see tried really hard and was successful portraying Jonah Hex. Its just sad that Jonah Hex was there, but the movie itself wasn't.

  • amesmonde9 January 2011
    Not as good, bad or ugly as they say.
    This paint by numbers western revenge comic flick is certainly not offensive or ineffective to deserve such a negative buzz. 

    Jonah Hex's family is killed. Scarred and back from the dead, he finds his families killer is dead. Feeling robbed of his revenge he becomes a bounty hunter but when America is put under threat he may just get his revenge after all. 

    A star studded cast that includes Josh Brolin, John Malkovich and modern day starlet Megan Fox. With familiar faces  like Wes Bentley (P2) Michael Fassbender and Aidan Quinn to name a few.  It's mild mix of Outlaw Josey Wales (1976),  Wild, Wild West (1999) and Ghost Rider (2007). To it's credit it had great sets, location and make up with a competently written script and a great score taking it's queue from Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) and is reminiscent of many great westerns.

    It's well directed by Jimmy Hayward and the lighting compliments the atmosphere, especially in the night time scenes.  It has lots of action and is laced with humour, the few supernatural elements coupled with some gun play keep it interesting and Hex is far from the turkey you may have been lead to believe. It's a dark comic adventure which is quite easy to swallow, and should be for the amount of talent and budget.  

    With its short running time Hex is not as good, bad or ugly as Jonah lovers or critics would lead you to believe.
  • chrismsawin18 June 2010
    Explosive action with a short fuse
    Remember how people always seem to make jokes that they lose interest in a movie if something isn't blown up in the first five minutes of whatever they're watching? Well, if that's true, those people won't have any problems with the opening of Jonah Hex. There are two huge explosions, a shootout, and a robbery in the first fifteen minutes of the film. Not to mention the fact that the film is beyond loud. With all of the explosions, fires, shootouts, fistfights, and yelling going on in the film, there isn't really a single moment in the film's entire duration where the floor isn't rumbling or your chair isn't shaking from the intense action taking place on screen.

    While Josh Brolin does a decent job of bringing the Jonah Hex character to life, he seems a bit flat at times. Before I go any further, let me be the first to point out that I didn't read the Jonah Hex comics. So this is purely from a moviegoer's standpoint. Jonah Hex is so focused on getting revenge for his family that he's really kind of boring other than the occasional wise remark every so often. He can apparently talk to dead people, which is kind of interesting. But animals tend to have a thing for him, too; horses, dogs, a huge murder of crows. Did anyone else find it humorous that every time Hex left a location, it was either burning, exploding, or a combination of both?

    Megan Fox brings mostly eye candy to her role as a promiscuous woman who has a soft spot for Jonah Hex and has a decent action scene towards the end of the film, but adds little to her repertoire as far as acting goes. The supporting cast of actors alone should have sold this movie. John Malkovich as the main villain supports that theory, but his character is also pretty dull. He lost the thing he loved most in this world thanks to Jonah Hex and the military, so he's decided to kill innocent bystanders and destroy the United States. That's about as deep as his character gets. Small parts were given to actors that probably should have been around longer than they were. Will Arnett ("Arrested Development") is around long enough for you to notice he's in a serious role, Wes Bentley (American Beauty) has a similar role that buckles under the intimidation of Malkovich's Quentin Turnbull, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen) has a five minute scene that kind of makes you wonder why he took the part to begin with. Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds) was pretty enjoyable as Burke though. He seems to make the most out of his short time on screen.

    The film has quite a few drawbacks. The main one being that it's incredibly short. It isn't even an hour and a half long. So everything moves along at a rushed pace. The animated opening felt out of place, as well. A live-action adaptation shouldn't really try to make a point to rub the audience's nose in the fact that it's based on a comic book. Be an all around good film first and a homage to your source material second. The animation seemed kind of sloppy, as well. In a time where 3D technology is at its peak and Studio Ghibli and Disney are still producing top of the line hand drawn animated films, it's difficult not to notice when something like that isn't up to par. Maybe it's just the anime fan in me, but did the orange detonation balls in the film remind anyone else of the dragonballs from Dragonball Z?

    Jonah Hex is incredibly flawed and the film seems to try and make a point to showoff its weak points more than anything, but it's short enough that it doesn't seem like torture and tries to be as explosively entertaining as it can during that runtime. If Desperado and Van Helsing could somehow meet, spend a romantic evening together, and mate that resulted in offspring in the form of film, Jonah Hex would be their love child.
  • mazaldivar18 June 2010
    Gets progressively worse as it goes along.
    Starts off as an excercise in mediocrity and cliché but manages to sink even lower as the film's (thankfully short) running time comes to a close.

    What a shame. The original Neveldine and Taylor script (which I only read half of because I didn't want to spoil myself silly) was actually quite good. Episodic in the way that Hex gets himself into bizarre jams (much like the original 70's comic) on the road to the film's Macguffin.

    One such jam being he runs into a town where the occupants have all been lobotomized.

    Unfortunately, none of that makes it to the final film and although a lot of the film was cut down I don't believe they filmed even 90% of what was in that script.

    What remains of the N & T script is the Gatling gun sequence (albeit without the gore) and the arena sequence (heavily reworked and, ultimately, uninteresting).

    There are one or two shots where Hex is riding through the countryside at night. I'd like to know if any other IMDBers were having trouble making out what was going on in those shots. Poorly lit.

    Have cinematographers forgotten to lens a night scene in westerns? All "day for night" jokes aside, this is terrible. I never thought I would see such an eye strainingly dim scene in a big budgeted Hollywood picture.


    As for the charisma vacuum that is Megan Fox, she's surprisingly substantial in her introductory scene but falls into familiar territory, for her (empty expression/lifeless), shortly after.
  • walsh19483 December 2010
    Bad reviews made me mad enough to register to comment.
    Warning: Spoilers
    To repeat, the bad reviews of this movie made me so mad/are so appallingly misleading, I decided to register just to contradict them! Please ignore/don't pay attention to the bad reviews. This was a great movie with original CG effects/ideas. For instance, the scenes where Jonas Hex by mere touch can bring dead stiff, ashen corpses back to living color, talkative life so he can interrogate them. I am not a big fan of Megan Fox, but she was very believable, beautiful, graceful in this role...The fact John Malkovich was in this movie alone gives it credibility...There is an interesting story, good acting, great scenery, photography...plenty of suspense, action...etc etc, etc...Well worth the time watching..Hope there is a sequel! Won't miss it!
  • Skidflip26 July 2010
    Did I watch the same movie as the rest of these reviewers?
    Warning: Spoilers
    Having just seen Jonah Hex this weekend, I must say I can't understand how this movie has a 4.2 (as of July 26th, 2010). I just don't get it. I've read some of the comics, and yes, this movie doesn't have much to do with them - but welcome to comic book movie adaptations (when not directed by Zack Snyder).

    I think a lot of people are still bitter over the extensive re-shoots and scene-cuts that were done, but in no way does the movie seem 'pieced together,' or anything like that. The pace is even appropriate. And for everyone who's saying things about Megan Fox's acting... have you seen any other Megan Fox movies? You can tell that the part was written specifically for her because she doesn't have very many lines and she shows a lot of skin - and that's why it works. As for Josh Brolin, he did a great job. Only guy that could've beaten him in this role would have been Eastwood in his prime. The supporting actors (John Malcovich, Jeffrey Dean-Morgan, Will Arnet) even did a great job. It even has a pretty cool hard rock/western score by Mastodon.

    So, that being said, and the fact that this is a fairly straight-forward, yet entertaining, revenge tale, I'd give it a 7/10. I could see people who don't care about comics, or westerns, or revenge stories - I don't know why those people would go to see this movie, but I digress - giving it a 6/10... or even a 5/10... but 4.2? Seriously? Sherlock Holmes sucked and it has a 7.5. Gimme a break.
  • Michael_Elliott18 June 2010
    A Few Decent Moments but a Real Letdown
    Jonah Hex (2010)

    ** (out of 4)

    After seeing his family murdered and himself brutally mutilated by Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich), Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin) turns bounty hunter to capture any bad guy he can but soon the President asks Hex to track down and kill Turnbull who has stolen a massive weapon that could take out the country. Without the ending credits this thing clocks in at 73-minutes, which is rather amazing in today's world when it seems movies keep getting longer and longer. I don't mind the short running time as I feel it something we need more of but at the same time this film is a mess. For starters, while watching the thing it's clear this was meant to be longer and more violent. The film jumps around from one bit of the story to the next and it appears the short running time was done to build the "style" of storytelling. Well, it just doesn't work because you feel as if you're watching something that is missing footage. This continues with the violence because at times we're watching a rather dark and moody film but then we get quick edits when the violence happens so to my eyes it's rather obvious that they wanted to get this a PG-13 rating. Would the more graphic violence had helped? I'd say probably so because, again, it's obvious the film had it cut out. I put the majority of the blame on director Hayward and his style. The quick edits, fast zooms and the various other "cool" objects he throws at us is just distracting and in the end they become very boring. This isn't a complete bomb as we do get some nice stuff and that includes Hex's ability to talk with the dead by touching them and bringing them back to life. I found some of these special effects to be off but at the same time it gave the film a certain darkness that I enjoyed. The best moment in the film happens when Hex brings his dead friend back to life, a friend he just happened to kill. The film takes place just after the Civil War and I thought they got the look of the land pretty good and this here was another plus. What does keep the film moving better than it deserves was the performance by Brolin who managed to make the character his very own. I loved the laid back approach to the role and Brolin's dry sense of humor worked perfectly as we do get a few nice one-liners. Malkovich appears to be having fun but the film doesn't get to spend too much time with him. Megan Fox plays the prostitute who Hex cares for and delivers a rather blah performance. There's nothing bad with her but there's nothing good either. She's obviously just here for eye candy as she's constantly in skimpy clothes and it's never made clear why she's in love with a disfigured Hex. I normally don't go for a film like this but the subject matter, cast and trailer made it look interesting but sadly the end result is extremely mixed and all in all a major disappointment. This film should have been so much more but the poor direction and ugly style just kills it in the end.
  • MovieVoyeur7 April 2012
    Perfectly Respectable 6 Out of 10
    Warning: Spoilers
    Don't know what everyone is complaining about. I rate this movie a respectable 6 out of 10. It's an action movie based on a relatively obscure comic.

    It's got a hero who talks to the dead, evil Confederate General as a villain with a weapon of mass destruction. The villain's plan is plausible, and equally nefarious. The hero is equipped with two horse mounted Gatling Guns, and a pair of pistols fitted with mini-crossbows.

    On top of that you got Megan Fox. I have no complaints about her acting here. On the same level as her Transformers performance. Heck she's no Meryl Streep, but nice eye candy.

    Very watchable, in my opinion.
  • jpdhadfield28 September 2014
    jonah hex is just like comic book, dark, brooding, vengeful
    Warning: Spoilers
    i have wanted to see this film for a long time, and found the DVD in car boot sale, i enjoyed it from start to end, i used to read the dc comic when i was young, and always thought clint eastwood was him in the spaghetti westerns, but never dark enough, well this film shows him in an authentic way.With his ability to talk to the dead, and survive death. the film covers his life, explaining how he became what he is, i liked the action sequences. megan fox was a nice break from the darkness, that follow jonah wherever he goes. there were lots of surprises,and twists, gun fights,and general swash buckler feeling to the film id recommend this film to anybody who likes westerns, comics, revenge and supernatural stories.
  • yuri_hiphop23 April 2011
    Good movie
    As first: The actors are very good. Second: The special effects are awesome. Third: There's a story to it.

    This is a great movie that you nearly never see any more. It's got a fun theme: Wild west, and it is kind of a superhero movie. If you look at the new movie: Cowboys & Aliens, then Jonah Hex looks way better. Also the actors were great. There are quit some famous actors, like Megan Fox, and the roles are also being played very well.

    The special effects I can describe in one word: Awesome. Every special effect is well done, like the huge explosions. Also the clothes and view is very western and good.

    The story is well thought. There is a real storyline, not like there isn't in some other movies, like scary movie 4.

    The only thing that is a bit of a pity is that the movie is only one hour and nineteen minutes. That is really short.

    So there for I give the movie as rating: 8
  • Goos4 January 2011
    typical action movie with surprising extra's
    Your typical action film based on a comic, but with some surprising elements. It had some macabre features (where jonah could talk to the dead and he obtained quick reflexes after a near death experience) and though megan fox had a mediocre roll she had her moments where her acting overdid her role in Transformers. (not quite a accomplishment, but still...)

    If you haven't read the comic and maybe not biased by expectations, you most likely like this one. It has all the elements for a good action film and the his personal crusade with his nemesis general turnbull makes it worthwhile to watch.

    IMDb rates it with a poor 4,6 I rate it with a 6,5 (G.O.O.S.) ( for the original effects and surprisingly OK acting from megan fox and entertaining storyline)
  • moviemaniac00830 June 2010
    Not really what I'd call a catastrophe...
    Warning: Spoilers
    Jonah Hex isn't one of the best movies I have seen. In fact, I can even guarantee you that it will not be in my top 10 at the end of the year. I can also guarantee that it will be nominated for a couple of Razzie awards, but who cares? I found it to actually be really entertaining. I have some problems still with the editing, particularly towards the end when he's dreaming of a fight with Turnbull and he's fighting him at the same time...This sequence got a little bit confusing. Another sequence that was confusing was when the Natives were treating his bullet wound...It was a bit weird to watch, kind of because of the editing. The film also disappointed me with it's length. My friend and I looked at each other when the credits rolled and we thought we had only spent half an hour inside the movie theatre. But if you continue reading you'll find out why I enjoyed so much.

    One of the main reasons I liked it was because of the performances of the actors. Josh Brolin gives all he's got in an energetic performance as the title character, Jonah Hex. On the side notes, Megan Fox is also pretty good, and for once her acting is okay. Perhaps it's just a step higher in a career that will otherwise, like it or not, last a long time. John Malkovich is a talented actor, but we can all agree that his performance as Quentin Turnbull wasn't his best. But even the most talented movie makers and actors also go wrong once in a while, and while his performance wasn't that bad, it wasn't typical John Malkovich. Micheal Fassbender is probably the worst, and his acting was much better in last year's Inglourious Basterds. On another note, the early moments of the film shown in ''comic'' remind a lot of what Quentin Tarantino had done in Kill Bill, and were definitely a plus for me.

    As for the script, people need to stop bashing it. It was written by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the two guys behind Crank, Crank : High Voltage and Gamer. The people who have seen all three of the movies I mentioned above probably understand that these guys have their own style, and that their style is reflected everywhere in this movie. Of course perhaps the violence has been toned down for the PG-13 rating but the style is reflected, particularly in the way the dialogues are spoken and in the way the action is presented.

    Story: Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin) is a disfigured man whose family was killed by Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich. Hex tries his best to find Turnbull, who fakes his own death, but believing Turnbull is dead, he becomes a bounty hunter that is wanted dead or alive. His only relationship is with a prostitute named Lilah (Megan Fox). But once Turnbull comes back, Hex will stop at nothing to kill the man once for good. Personally, I enjoyed it, and although this film will not please to everyone, those who enjoyed Neveldine/Taylor's previous works will certainly enjoy this film. If you don't like their style, perhaps you should stay as far back as possible from this movie, because it is not a comic-book adaptation like any other. If you're sure you want to see it then I suggest you go now because at this time, the film is flopping, and to become a success, it needs money. If you're not sure, wait to rent the DVD or Blu-Ray and if you think it will suck, then do yourself a favour unlike many people did here on IMDb and just don't go watch it, because frankly, I believe some people knew they'd find it bad and just went to see it to be able to complain afterwards.
  • ma-cortes15 September 2011
    A supernatural bounty hunter is assigned by US President Grant a dangerous mission to chase nasty terrorist
    This fantastic/terror/science-fiction/Western deals with a disfigured gunslinger named Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin) , a scarred bounty hunter with warrants on his own head , he is wanted dead or alive , reward 50.000 dollars . President Grant (Aidan Quinn) is informed of the train massacre by Lieutenant Grass (Will Arnett) and surmises that Turnbull plans to attack the Union on the Fourth of July (the country centennial). Grass is told to find Jonah and hire him to stop Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich) . The U.S.A. President and his assistant make an offer he cannot refuse: in exchange for his freedom, he must stop a terrorist who is ready to unleash Hell on Earth by means of an atomic bomb . After that , Jonah goes to a brothel and spends the night with Lilah (Megan Fox), a bitch attracted to the scarred gunfighter for more than just professional interest . Later on , Jonah heads to Fort Resurrection and Independence Harbor , Virginia , looking for the ominous criminal Quentin .

    This moving picture blends action , western, shootouts, fantastic elements with hallucinogenics shots , besides a little bit violence. The final confrontation amongst the starring and contenders on the ship is overblown with amazing and stirring images . The storyline from Brian Tyler and Navaldine based on original comic books characters appearing in magazines published by DC Comics and created by John Albano & Tony DeZuniga , though the drawings are much better, thus the film is some boring and isn't well paced . The story bears certain resemblance to ¨Blueberry¨(2004) by Jean Kounen in similar style, theme , scenarios and hallucinatory special effects created by Ariel Velasco Shaw . The motion picture obtained limited success, as United States as Europe failed at box office . Exciting musical score fitting to action by Marco Beltrani . Colorful though dark cinematography by Amundsen , mostly filmed in New Orleans , Louisiana. Jimmy Hayward direction is mediocre , without originality and nothing new to show , being a simple copy based on the comic books. Hayward is an expert on Animation Department in charge of ¨Toys 2¨, ¨Bugs¨, ¨Monsters S.A.¨ , ¨Finding Nemo¨ and directed ¨Horton¨ and ¨Jonah Hex¨ this is his first film in real frames . Rating : acceptable and passable . The flick will appeal to peculiar and rare western buffs
  • zardoz-1318 June 2010
    Pretty Far From Hexcellent!!!
    Warning: Spoilers
    The new DC Comics movie "Jonah Hex" qualifies as a saddle-sore supernatural horse opera. Imagine the classic Clint Eastwood western "The Outlaw Josey Wales" combined with the abominable Will Smith epic "Wild Wild West" and you'll have a rough idea about what to expect from this outlandish, often incoherent, half-baked travesty. Despite its PG-13 rating, "Jonah Hex" boasts some rather brutal violence, but the consequences of the violence are rarely depicted. Josh Brolin toplines a capable cast as a cursed Confederate officer who has endured a near-death experience and possesses some bizarre powers. Ostensibly, this Warner Brothers' release brings into the limelight a little known DC Comics' character that appeared initially in the 1970s. Unfortunately, "Gamer" scenarists Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have changed several significant events and characters. First, we learn little about our anti-hero's origins. Second, Neveldine and Taylor neglect to delineate Jonah Hex's obvious supernatural capability. Mind you, Jonah Hex isn't immortal, but he can lay hands on dead men and temporarily resurrect them to satisfy his curiosity. Third, whatever charisma Neveldine and Taylor had going for them in their "Gamer" as well as their "Crank" movies never reaches the screen in "Jonah Hex." Reportedly, Neveldine and Taylor were supposed to helm "Jonah Hex," but they left the film after creative differences with the studio.

    An American Civil War prologue depicts Jonah Hex as a valiant Confederate officer leading raids against Union troops. During his voice over narration, Jonah announces that war and he were made for each other. Things drastically change later when Hex refuses to obey an order to burn a civilian hospital with the patients trapped inside. The action is relayed in expository dialogue between our hero and a dead man. When Hex refused to carry out the order, he shoots his best friend, Jeb Turnball (Jeffrey Dean Morgan of "Watchmen"), and Jeb's father, General Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich of "Shadow of a Vampire"), tracks Hex down after the war to exact vengeance. They tie Hex to an x-shaped cross and raze his house with his wife and young child trapped inside. Before Turnball leaves, the heartless villain wields smoldering branding iron with his initials and scorches the right side of Hex's face. Crow Indians find the tortured Hex later and perform various ritualistic ceremonies that endow our hero with supernatural powers. Hex appropriates a tomahawk, warms it until it glows, and burned off the initials. As a result, our vengeance-driven hero's face is twisted into a sneer on one side with a hole in his jaw near his teeth. Everybody that confronts Hex bothers him about what happened to his countenance. Usually, Hex kills them. Sadly, our protagonist learns to his chagrin that Turnball has died in a hotel fire. Anyhow, Hex turns to a life of bounty hunting after Turnball's demise. Hex establishes a relationship a frontier call girl, Lilah (Megan Fox of "Jennifer's Body"), who is crazy about him.

    Hex gets into trouble when he arrives in a two-bit town to get his bounty money for killing four brothers. Initially, the lawmen are not prepared to pay him off. They see only three bodies. Hex has the three corpses tied behind his horse, and he has dragged them through the desert. He expects them to pay him the vast sum of $100 for the quartet. One of the lawmen observes that there was a fourth brother. Hex slings a bag with a head in it at the lawmen, and they decide not to honor their agreement with him. Instead, they aim to collect the $500 on Hex's head. A man with a rifle in the church bell tower blasts away at Hex, but he is a terrible marksman. The lawmen empty their holsters to fire, too. Unveiling two Gatling guns hanging on either side of his horse, Hex wipes out everybody. Never mind that no horse could tote around such heavy armament. Concessions have to be made in larger-than-life movies like "Jonah Hex," but Haywood doesn't make anything look cool. The Army arrives after as Hex is getting out of bed with Lilah. They conscript him into the military at gun point. They have news that Quentin Turnball is alive. President Grant (Aiden Quinn of "Practical Magic") thinks Hex is the ideal hombre to track down murderous Turnball.

    Meantime, Turnball steals a massive, multi-barreled, revolving cannon devised by Eli Whitney, Sr., that will enable the user to flatten an entire town. The military has concealed the weapon. They feel that its power is too devastating. Predictably, Quentin Turnball thinks otherwise. He hijacks the train and uses dynamite to blow the Federal troops guarding the weapon sky high along with the civilian passengers. Women and children are among the soldiers. Hex exploits his power to make the dead loquacious and learns from Jeb that Quentin Turnbull is holed up at Fort Resurrection. At the fort, Hex boards the ironclad ship equipped with the weapon of vast destruction. Turnbull and his men are about to launch the ship when Hex shoots it out with the villains, but the wily villain escapes. Turnball plans to steam his warship within range of Washington, D.C., and then open fire on the centennial celebration.

    Of course, Hex puts the hex on Turnbull. Basically, "Jonah Hex" suffers from an incoherent script. We are never told exactly why the villains must fire five cannonballs and then fire a gold cannon ball that detonates the other cannon balls. The best thing that "Horton Hears a Who!" director Jimmy Hayward does with this formulaic western is rein it in to a mere 80 minutes. Nothing about this oater is memorable. The dialogue is forgettable, and poor Josh Brolin looks like somebody glued a slice of pepperoni pizza to his face. Megan Fox is sexy, but she isn't around long enough to make much of an impression. A bearded, long-haired John Malkovich rounds out the cast as the homicidal terrorist.
  • blackmamba9997125 June 2010
    Not a bad remake.
    Warning: Spoilers
    From what I know of in the comics Jonah Hex was a man who gruesomely kills his foes. It was a little disappointing not to see such scenes with make Jonah's character authentic. Megan Fox was for her part much like the character in the comic, lush, vibrant and able to kick butt. The film was a bit dark in some scenes, could have used better lighting. Still the impact of using a nation killing weapon was a good idea, albeit that most of the script was scrapped making this a very short film. That was also disappointing. But Josh Brolin did bring out the meanness of Jonah Hex to the screen, and to me that was a bonus. Seeing him wipe out the bad guys without so much as a second thought, using either a gun or knife was a pleasure to watch. Jonah Hex's life was in turmoil, to be a bounty hunter which can be revived using crowfoot medicinal remedies. I found this movie to be a good summer filler for the blockbusters coming soon. Until then, I think Jonah Hex could use a makeover for a next instalment. That I can wait for.
  • Kristine9 May 2012
    You know it's bad when Megan Fox shines over the Oscar nominated actors
    Warning: Spoilers
    There are times where I question myself, this being one of those times. When I saw the trailer for Jonah Hex, I have to admit that it looked kind of fun in my eyes. But I started reading the reviews and stayed away until I would see it on TV or rented it. Well I found a Blockbuster that was closing and bought the movie figuring three dollars isn't much to take a risk if I liked the movie. After all, people sometimes take things way too seriously and I wanted to give this film the benefit of doubt. Thanks very much to Jimmy Hayward for making me the biggest fool.

    During the American Civil War, Jonah Hex served as a cavalryman until his commanding officer, Quentin Turnbull, ordered him to burn down a hospital. Hex refused, and was forced to kill his best friend, Turnbull's son Jeb. After the war, Turnbull Burke ties up Hex and force him to watch as his house is burned down with his wife and son inside. Days later, American Indians find Jonah and revive him with their mystical powers. While they did manage to bring Jonah, for the most part, back from the dead, they couldn't bring all of him back. As a result Jonah acquired the ability to, as long as he maintains physical contact with the corpse, temporarily resurrect and communicate with the dead. Hex satisfies his hunger for vengeance by turning to bounty hunting and has his eyes set on Turnball.

    So the film started off decently, despite it not being a very original story. John Malkovich started off badly and ended badly in his performance, but I figured that Josh Brolin would pick the film up. After all, Josh has coming a long way of protective older brother from The Goonies into a very fine actor. As Jonah Hex he talks and grunts through his teeth and is given no real depth on who he is. He's a father, husband and soldier, that's about it. So I'm assuming you have to read the graphic novel in order to understand his character, thanks to the movie depending on you having to read the material before seeing the movie. So no character development and corny acting, maybe the action scenes will be good? No, they manage to screw that up with jump cuts, close up's and weird editing tricks.

    The strange thing is there was one thing I didn't mind in the film and that was Megan Fox. She's an unneeded character, but is the only one in the film who actually puts a little effort in her performance and that's sad considering she's no Merryl Streep. She out acted the veterans! That's when you know your movie is in trouble. The clichés are a mess and this story has been done to death. I don't mind the whole premise of the movie, but at 81 minutes long, we're not given anything to care about. There are plot holes up the yin yang with Jonah being able to communicate with the dead. The story wasn't edited well and the whole direction of the film is completely out of whack. I have to do you the favor of saying to stay away from this movie, I'll be trading my copy in soon…to think that the three dollars could've gone to a yummy coffee for me for 5 minutes of a smile and hyper fun to 81 minutes of a blank stare on my face and a silly cartoon playing in my head, yeah, I so made the right choice on that one.

  • abc_ca200228 October 2010
    a great comic movie
    DIRECTOR Jimmy Hayward who is Well known for his box office block buster animation movies like Toy story,finding Nemo and monster Inc ,here carefully presented a new era in his young career and I have to say it is one of the Hollywood best works since sin city,most of the critics and some of the viewers remarks are not either fair nor well placed.some of the reviews are rooted in something else rather than the movie itself,things like the eternal conflict between south and north that I won't have any intention to step in that subject here. back to the movie,I can say the directing is great,act is superb ,especially John Malkovich and josh Brolin not to forget Megan Fox as Lilah a prostitute with a clear view of the on going battle between good and evil and she is in the right side of the conflict. special effects are very well done,the sound effect is amazing,lots gadgets and super guns and future technology for that era are inserted, the camera is moving smoothly and the editing is great. we shouldn't forget of the movie category in this regards which is comics,where comic characters can still stay alive even if they got multiple gun shots or fell off the tall places, or flying in the sky and outer space like Superman,so please watch the movie with this fact.
  • W. Doetreve18 June 2010
    Worst Movie of the Year Contender
    Warning: Spoilers
    Yep, as bad as expected. Not even to the level of cotton candy entertainment because, while completely unsubstantial, it doesn't even deliver a sugary jolt of fun. It tries to be grim but comes across as laughable. The comparisons to Wild Wild West hold but even fall short of that abysmal movie. Megan Fox is actually unappealing with a waist cinched up to absurd lows. Even the Hex character himself shows no real skills relying on cheap shots, gatling gun saddles and dynamite shooting guns to get out of trouble. (Yeah, I said gatling gun saddles and dynamite guns) That b-movie bad, even though no one plays it as such, is why I have to give this thing at least a three out of ten. It takes guts to release something this awful in the summer. BTW- did I see Wes Bentley for 10 seconds in this movie? Did he take a dare to be in a film that is actually worse than Ghost Rider? If so, he did it!
  • jeremy-hammond-220 June 2010
    Hopefully the DVD release will satisfy the other 2 points.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I used to read the Jonah Hex series in the early 80's and loved it. When I discovered they were releasing a film version, I was ecstatic. First thing - the character portrayals were excellent. The plot was direct and to the point, even if facts were slightly stretched. On the other hand, this IS based on a comic book - so a stretching of facts should be expected by anybody who goes to see it. I found what there was of the movie entertaining and well-acted. The only draw-back of the movie was the length. I just really felt there was something missing. I don't know why it was released as an 80 minute movie. It definitely had the potential to be so much more. Maybe if they stretched it out to a solid two hours, I could have given it a full ten. Bottom line: I enjoyed the movie for what it was.
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