The series is based on Flora Thompson's semi-autobiographical book "Lark Rise to Candleford", which was originally published as three separate books: "Lark Rise", "Over to Candleford" and "Candleford Green". The three books, which were published in 1939, '41, and '43 were literary recollections of some of the events which had occurred more than 50 years earlier, during the very end of the 19th century, when Flora [Timms] Thompson grew up in the tiny Oxfordshire hamlet of Juniper Hill ("Lark Rise"), and then at age 14 started work at a small post office in the village of Fringford ("Candleford Green"). Among others, the main character, who she modeled after herself, is referred to in the three books as "Laura Timmins," her father Albert Timms is re-named "Robert Timmins," and the postmistress she worked with, Kezia Whitton, became the jumping-off place for the character of the postmistress Dorcas Lane. Scholarly research indicates that these books were not completely autobiographical in nature, and that several of the stories found in the books had already been published independently before being re-worked by Thompson. In this TV series, Candleford and Candleford Green have been merged into one town. Flora Thompson also wrote a fourth book, "Heatherley", describing events later in her life when she ran her own post office in Grayshott, Surrey, but this book (which was published posthumously) does not feature in the TV series.

Queenie (Linda Bassett) and Pearl Pratt (Matilda Ziegler) starred in Call the Midwife (2012) together.

Ruby Bentall and Richard Harrington (Minnie & Gabriel) were also in Poldark (2015) together.

John Dagleish (Alf Arless) would later play a character named John Bates in an episode of The Hollow Crown (2012). This also happened to be the name of his costar Brendan Coyle's character on Downton Abbey (2010).

The Squires manor was also used as The Chavenage House in Poldark (2015).

Interior scenes were shot in a warehouse on Beeches Industrial Estate, in Yate, South Gloucestershire. The villages of Lark Rise and Candleford were both created from scratch on farms in Box and Neston Park, near Corsham in Wiltshire. According to the BBC planning application, Hatt Farm in Box was used because of its proximity to existing cornfields and farm buildings, and Park Farm in Neston Park was chosen for its unspoilt character and attractive traditional buildings.

Lark Rise to Candleford is a British television costume drama series, adapted by the BBC from Flora Thompson's trilogy of semi-autobiographical novels about the English countryside, published between 1939 and 1943.

It was announced on 22 January 2011 that the show would not be returning for a fifth series. The final series concluded on 13 February 2011.

The series is set in the small Oxfordshire hamlet of Lark Rise and the wealthier neighbouring market town of Candleford towards the end of the 19th century. The series chronicles the daily lives of farm workers, craftsmen, and gentry, observing the characters in loving, boisterous, and competing communities of families, rivals, friends, and neighbours.

Dawn French is credited as a main cast member in every episode in which she appears; in series 2 and series 4 she appears in one episode.

The first episode aired on 13 January 2008 on BBC One and BBC HD in the UK.

In the U.S., the series began airing on select PBS stations in the spring of 2009.

A third series began airing in the UK on 10 January 2010.

From Series 1 to 3, the cast were credited alphabetically. Series 4 cast members were billed in the order of prominence within each episode.

Julia Sawalha (Dorcas Lane) & Victoria Hamilton (Ruby Pratt) also worked together on three episodes of Pride & Prejudice (2005) as Lydia Bennet & Mrs Forster respectively.

Linda Bassett (Queenie Warner) & Matilda Ziegler (Pearl Pratt) also worked together on episode 4.6, Call the Midwife: Episode #4.6 (2015), of Call the Midwife (2012) as Nurse Phyllis Crane & Dulcie Roland respectively.

Ruby Bentall (Minnie Mude) & Richard Harrington (Gabriel Cochrane) also worked together on episodes 2.4, Poldark: Episode #2.4 (2016), of Poldark (2015) as Verity Blamey & Captain Andrew Blamey respectively.

The series was parodied by Victoria Wood in 2009 for her seasonal special Mid Life Christmas (2009). In it, the series is renamed Lark Pies to Cranchesterford and centres around the Post and Potato Office ran by the sultry Miss Finch (Wood).

The fourth and final series began on 9 January 2011 on BBC One and BBC One HD, and was filmed during August 2010.