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  • GoodBailey1125 April 2020
    Oh gad I expected it to happen but I am still devastated after the credits rolled! John Denver Trending should be a required viewing for all Filipinos especially in these cruel times where truth has become a stranger concept. Fake news roam the country with our very own president as the proud bearer. AAAAAAAGGGGHHHH I am deeply enraged by this like a fire is burning up inside me. I want to cry and shout at the same time as I think about the poor John Denvers of the Philippines and the world. I want to throw the chair in front of me and make the school, administration, police, or anyone accountable for the INJUSTICE that I just watched. AAAAHGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! John Denver Trending may seem like an isolated view of a small town but the harsh reality is that it accurately represents what have the Philippine society become. You'd think that more access to information will empower the people to be more critical and empathetic but we are firsthand witnesses how it became a weapon to cultivate hate and violence. The Philippines as one of the largest predominantly Catholic nation in the world? What a joke! We love hearing and even preaching God's word but everything is just a futile and fake act to save our asses from hell. Let's be honest that the majority of Filipinos is only a Catholic when it's convenient. We jump at the first chance we get to wreak chaos just because it's misaligned with our cult-like beliefs. We advocate inhumane and bad leaders and that's enough to prove how hypocritical our morality is. Catholicism was amazingly depicted in one of the most shattering scenes where we see the Mother leaving the school while a song for Mama Mary is played. That was painful and beautiful imagery of how mob mentality killed Jesus and how much he was loved by his mother. We just love repeating 'history'.

    My gad this went out of hand haha. I know that I'm supposed to review this remarkable film but I ended up ranting. I'll be ending this note with high praises to Direk Arden, Jansen, and Meryll coz' that was one of simple best films I've watched. And I'm still uncontrollably raging.