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  • oskercore3 December 2019
    I never thought that there could be something worst than la casa de las flores but then this show appeared, i cant believe netflix is producing trash like this, its like the televisa era happening all over again, the plot is nothing new, very absurd, the jokes are forced and everything but funny and the acting... Oh god, do yourself a favour and avoid this garbage
  • This is one of the new genre of Mexican shows produced as "Netflix Original". It starts of strong but by the 3rd episode, it deteriorates into an old Telenovela format. The direction and story line is poor, and very fragmented. There are some sub-plots that start off but never taken to completion. Events occur but without any explanation as to how or why they have. Dialog is silly and the background music often drowns out what the actors are saying (perhaps mercifully). The main selling point of this is the usual beautiful people to be found in Mexican Telenovelas, all very wealthy, living a life of excess. As the series progresses, it deteriorates further until it just becomes too silly and the viewer eventually loses interest. It's really a shame that it never ever realizes its potential but instead, rapidly deteriorates into stupidity!
  • Please keep going and make more seasons Camila!! The club has me laughing all the time. I LOVE IT!! The action, the drama!!!! wow epic show!! i cant wait for season 2! MORE SHOWS LIKE THIS PLEASE!!! I been telling all my friends and family to watch it . instead of studying for my accounting test, i saw the the whole show because i couldn't wait to know what will happen to Pablo .. p.s sorry for the bad grammar guys!! !!
  • That was absolutely entertaining from the beginning to end. The other two were the House of Flowers and Club de Cuervos (spelling?). These series had one thing in common - most of the lead actors were very easily to get to know and like characters. Netflix has done a great job bringing these series onto American television. I guess the thing I like the best is that all of them had characters who probably never wore a sombrero or sat on a donkey in their life. I have a much different opinion about Mexicans and Mexico after watching these. Keep up the good work Netflix.
  • kontelaspanos19 November 2019
    Nice acting beautiful actors but familiar story..I m in episode 8
  • tjeerddolf7617 November 2019
    Supposed to be Narcos-light... well it's not Bad acting, thin storyline and predictable
  • At last, a Mexican series of rich kids from a wealthy background, full of ambition to create a name for themselves.

    Started off so well, but the 20+ episodes in the episode dragged the story much longer. The ending seemed rushed but I appreciated the storyline taking place in Mexico.
  • jodago184 December 2019
    One of the best shows I've seen on Netflix. I really hope they have a season 2. Twenty five episodes, I could not stop watching. Amazing
  • jmunoz195726 November 2019
    Very simple. Just avoid this serieS. Don't waste your time
  • anapaulavc18 November 2019
    Bad, unintelligent and repetitive story. Bad, plain and boring acting. I dont understand why Netflix produced this show.
  • This Netflix original is so good! besides having a great plot, the show is funny and definitely entertaining to watch.
  • ingridscebbi11 December 2019
    Cool show. Funny and with quite a few intense and exciting parts. Very entertaining for the most part. Overall a good show to watch if you don't feel like you want to overthink analyzing a story/plot. Just sit down, watch, and relax. I certainly hope a second season comes out!
  • pimentelubiera5 December 2019
    Bad performance! bad script! not new story! waste of time!
  • elytmartinez30 July 2020
    Watched it beginning to end in three days. Enjoyed it kept me on my toes.
  • I love this series, I can't wait until the second season appears, I hope with all my heart that a second season will appear !
  • Even Televisa telenovelas followed a plot and has some glamour for high society. But here acting and the script were really category bomb,perhaps author produced bad adult movies.This series start with no climax and continue boring with poor acting. The trailer perhaps is the whole movie. No merece perder el tiempo.
  • dudeitschristinax316 August 2020
    Horrible. Boring. Predictable. The cast sucks. The script is cringe worthy. They throw in random English words, which I find weird and off-putting... don't recommend. It's an absolute waste of time. I couldn't sit through the whole series. Made it to episode 4 and left it at that.
  • This series start with no climax and continue boring with poor acting. The trailer perhaps is the whole movie. No merece perder el tiempo.