Jules Daly: I thought butlers were extinct.

Paisley Winterbottom: Oh, no. We've made a comeback.

Paisley Winterbottom: [narrating] Once upon a time, in a land called Buffalo, there lived a little girl named Jules Daly who dreamt of traveling to faraway places where the people sang for a lark and danced on a whim, where houses were filled with calliopes and music boxes, mechanical dolls and cuckoo clocks. But, alas, not all tales can have happy ending. Jules grew up and still has her dreams. Unfortunately, she's still in Buffalo.

Milo Huntington: What a weirdo.

Maddie Huntington: He's not a weirdo. He's just old.

Edward Duke of Castlebury: Well, children, is there anything you would like to ask your grandfather?

Milo Huntington: Yeah, how come you gave us the shaft all these years?

[Jules does a spit-take]