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  • A romantic, modern day fairy tale that is perfect for all the family, but especially for young girls and their Mothers, Grandmothers and their Granddaughters, Aunts & nieces, etc.

    Boys, be warned, this may all be a tad emotionally mushy for your taste, but who knows, you may learn some wonderful manners during the process of watching it. Every little girl (and we are all little girls at heart), dreams of being treated like a princess, whether they like to admit it or not.

    The beautiful Katie McGrath plays the lead female role and I felt at times, she gave a rather wooden performance that actually enhanced her displays of awkwardness in an unfamiliar situation and so rather than distance the viewer, it actually made her character more endearing to them.

    It was wonderful to see Sir Roger Moore acting again, in his typical, suave male role.

    A wonderful Christmas Fairy Story.
  • When you imagined the castle of cinderlla - it may have looked like this one. When you imagined how nice Prince Charming may be - it might have been just like this one.

    Its a fairy tale - are fairy tales ever meant to be realistic? Of course not!

    My family did not like the movie because they believed it to be poor acting but good looking performers and a unimaginative plot.

    I loved it because it was heart warming. It is not a thought provoking movie. Its lovely. That's all it is.

    Merry Christmas!
  • cyberpretender4 December 2011
    Usually I watch romantic Christmas movies with trepidation, as there have only been a few that have been good, but this movie was definitely one of those that I have kept in my collection. It was a wonderful Christmas movie. I have only seen Katie McGrath on Merlin as the evil Morgana, but she acted very well in this movie, and you empathize and can't help rooting for her. And of course Sam Heughan was dashing as the prince. The only person who I thought they should have replaced was the actor who played Milo, he's acting was a little wooden. But other, than that, the actors were great, and the plot was smooth. Of course you knew how the movie was going to end, but that's with any romantic movie. And there were times, when I was hoping the movie would not end, it was just that good. Great family movie!!!

    Jules Daly (Katie McGrath) becomes the legal guardian of her 7-year- old niece Maddie (Leilah de Meza) and teenage nephew Milo (Travis Turner). After Jules gets laid off at work, the butler of Duke Edward, the children's wealthy grandfather, appears with an invitation for Milo and Maddie to spend the Christmas holidays with his employer. Jules initially refuses, but decides to go for the children's sake.

    The story "borrows" from many other movies where an "American Finds themselves related to royalty". The story also has a dash of "Little Lord Fauntleroy". The cast is very good but the plot line is nothing new or a creative take of an often told tale. The film is well made. It holds your attention but, you will forget the whole film after a good nights sleep!
  • Truth be told, Christmas movies are by their nature disposable. Producers and financial backers love them. You produce them on a shoestring and the year-end demand usually provides more than enough momentum to knock you into profit straight away. If the movie actually proves to be high quality and finds an audience, well, that truly would be a XMas miracle.. wouldn't it? No miracle here. The highly photogenic Katie McGrath (who did such great work in Merlin, playing the same role in both Light and Dark hues) does a passable American accent but is otherwise lost in a script so weak you wonder how how the paper made through the printer without jamming.

    Not a strong performance anywhere, and Roger Moore, a man who treated an entire generation to his Ivanhoe, and yet another generation to his Saint, looks lost.

    Truly this makes Amanda's Bines 2003 WHAT A GIRL WANTS (actually a very entertaining film) look like Oscar material.
  • tdcheck24 July 2013
    Watched this having heard that Sam Heughan had been picked to play Jamie Fraser. Spurred on by the fact Katie McGrath was also in this (loved her in Merlin!) Really enjoyed this easy to watch Christmas film, Sam was definitely the best thing in it! Although the children put in good performances too. I won't go into the story too much, but one of my favourite scenes has to be the dance lesson and their initial first meeting. My only down point (and the reason I gave 9 instead of 10) was Katies's accent which did waiver a little through out the film. Should have just stayed with her natural accent. My 5 year old also sat with me and also enjoyed it, and wanted to marry the prince at the end of the film :-)
  • Even though i am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to romance movies, this one was amazing. It gave me goose bumps on every sequence and i would definitely recommend it if it were to watch it with family, loved ones or just by oneself! It has greatly rounded characters, great storyline and brilliantly built emotional charge - it makes it the perfect movie; i would easily give it 20 out of ten, because I am not into genres like this one and it definitely surpassed my previous beliefs; it deserves much, much more than the IMDb rating and even though it has "Christmas" as part of the headline, it is much more than a Christmas story, it is a love story, built with courage, grace and over-passing of obstacles and difficulties - WATCH IT!!!
  • This is a modern day fairy tale with no fresh spin whatsoever in the story line yet it was a truly enjoyable watch. I watched it on a lonely Christmas day spent away from family and friends, and " A princess for Christmas" somehow managed to get me into the Christmas spirit albeit only for an hour and a half. I watched this movie with no great expectations and at the end of the day it turned out to be a pleasant watch after all. So, if you are willing to disregard all the parameters that you might have in regard to this film, you might turn out to enjoy this light-hearted, holiday spirited movie. After all, who wouldn't want their happily ever after to become a reality right? Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!
  • julietgibbes23 November 2012
    I loved this movie. It's a lovely story/film. One of my favourite Christmas movies this year, I can't count how many times I've watched it, and I still can't find fault. I'm not bored with it either, which is unusual for me with movies these days.

    Take it for what it is, a traditional Christmas fairytale and don't look for/expect anything else, and you'll get everything you want from it. Personally I think too many critics don't know what 'artistic license' is and feel the need to spoil everyone else's enjoyment of a movie making a deal of it.

    Get over it, and keep it to yourself!
  • Though it is an old story line it is still good. Its a Cinderella story in modern time and done very well. Roger Moore is great as the grandfather! Its a different role for him. The children are cute as can be. Katie McGrath is just right for her role as the Aunt. Love the way she is hung up on antiques. She brings this family together again . Travis Turner is the handsome prince! And he does a great job of going from snob to really nice guy! The castle may not be the best and the clothes may not measure up to some peoples standards but who cares if its a fun movie. Its worth watching more than some Christmas movies that are on and better then reruns any day!
  • This could have been a beautiful fairy tale Christmas story, but it fell short of credible.

    The duke played a very important role, however, he was ornery for only a very short time and then there a quick benevolent transformation. The tension should have been played out longer, creating realism of character.

    Jules smiled or cried the entire movie. It was one or the other. Her acting was artificial and unnatural. She was not convincing at all in her role. She needs to learn transformation from one emotion to another and that there are other emotions in between that are subtle. Her smile was fixed and wooden the entire movie. Her evening gown was not beautiful as I had hoped it would be and her hair covered half of her dress.

    The rest of the actors and actresses were excellent. They made the movie come alive. Roger Moore, Ashton, the children, the butlers, the maids, and Ashton's fiancé made this movie!

    I did not like the music while people were speaking. It is very distracting to have loud music in the background during a conversation. Most Hallmark movies have loud background music playing now that is louder than the voices. Their movies are now concerts.

    I thought this movie could have been more exciting by expanding the plot line and with true character development. This could have been a great, magical Christmas fairy tale.
  • The biggest problem I found was that a 24 year old man was cast to play a "teenager" and older brother to a seven year old whose parents were likely in their early 30's. If they took the time to cast a young child for the little girl, why couldn't they do the same for the son? The actor is so out of place, it ruins the movie. His face doesn't match with his words and actions. Katie McGrath is only four years older that the actor. It seems so fake when she is talking to him as an adult to a child.

    Also, some of the mannerisms of the character of Jules Daly do not match. She does not seem to be the kind of person who would put her elbows on the table at a formal dinner in a castle, or grab sandwiches from a tray and run out of a room. These things are an annoyance because it looks like she does them because it calls for her to do it as an actress, not because the character would do these things.

    Overall, I found it very hard to stay focused on the movie.
  • There is absolutely nothing fresh or original about this version of a tale which we have all seen magnificently presented in other films. From the very first moment, the film screams "B." I believe that the actors who are cast in the film are fully capable of delivering adequate performances but they move around the set and give their lines as if they are in an elementary school play. I can only blame it on the direction, since even Roger Moore is horrible. The lead actress, Katie McGrath reminds me of a less emaciated Keria Knightley. The sets and costumes are abysmal. Paintings are propped up on mantelpieces and pieces of furniture while everything appears to be lacking in the kind of quality one would expect to find in the castle of a prince. In the party scene, the majority of the costumes are not even pressed and look as if they were just yanked out of some forgotten theater trunk. It appears as if some of the actors provided their own clothes because there is a vast difference in the level of quality from one actor to the next. All in all, this is a complete waste of time and film. I decided to write this review to prevent others from throwing away their time and their Christmas money. If you are thinking about buying this for a child, think again.
  • I know that Christmas movies are supposed to have happy endings but this is sappy from start to finish. The acting is truly horrible and the characters are all generic and predictable - the plucky underdog who is instantly loved by all her meet her except the girlfriend of the love interest, the rich but grumpy grandfather that does a complete 180 about 2 minutes after meeting the troubled, orphaned grandkids who also do a complete turnaround in five minutes. Add to that the stern housekeeper who completely changes her persona 1 minute after seeing a Christmas tree and the cutely under-stairs staff. And the totally inevitable ending.

    The whole thing is a waste of time.

    And they shamelessly stole the music from Practical Magic!
  • Chick flick. Only moderately Christmasy. Filmed in Romania! The castle they use is gorgeous! Stars someone apparently from the Merlin TV series named Katie McGrath. Plays a girl from Buffalo, New York and gives a pretty decent American accent. More interesting to me is a supporting role by the 82 year old Sir Roger Moore. It was his first time in front of the camera in 9 years! I've been watching all the James Bond films recently and I am currently in the Roger Moore years. Saw one about a week ago and about to see another... so it's kinda weird to see him so much older. He looks kinda frail. 007 he isn't anymore. Well, at least he's acting which is more than can be said about Sir Connery.

    In any case, this is not so much a kid's movie but a young female's movie, or for any woman who has dreamed of one day being a princess. The princess story isn't huge in this as it's about Christmas at Canturbury Hall, which is an alternate title for this in Europe. Oh, and not that it matters so much but it was directed by Michael Damian who had a hit song in the 80's called "Rock On" which was the main song in the Corey Feldman/Cory Haim flick "Dream A Little Dream."

    Considering so many "Christmas movies" nowadays are just an everyday story set at Christmastime, this one is actually acceptable as a Christmas movie.

    --A Kat Pirate Screener
  • Although some of the actors actually could act -- the little girl, the "Prince," most of the household staff, well, the butler was played by an accomplished actor -- that anyone could act anything with this script was a tribute to their training and experience. The boy was particularly awful -- casting a 24 year old to play someone barely in his teens, generally a very bad choice, and he was almost completely inauthentic throughout the role. The lead, Katie McGrath, is certainly pretty enough, but has no acting training and a very few acting credits, which probably explains that while she was "winning," her characterization had absolutely no depth to it. So when she was called upon to do something that barely made sense (the script required all sorts of people to do this), it really made no sense for her character. (Also her accent kept slipping.) Mostly what this script required was the "turn on a dime" school of acting, which only works if you have enough acting experience to know that you need to salt in hints of the turn before it happens. Even Roger Moore, poor thing, had to turn so fast, it was ridiculous. Agh.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just watched this movie and I was deeply impressed by the story and the actors. The movie basically brings out the best in people and renews the belief in Christmas, family love and happy endings.

    The story is simple yet elegant. After playing the evil Morgana in Merlin, Katie McGrath plays Jules Daly, an American heroine who wants to spend a good Christmas with her nephew and niece. She is receives a visit from Paisley Winterbottom, a butler working for the kids' grandfather, invites them all to celebrate Christmas with their grandfather at England. There, Jules falls in love with Prince Ashton, and the two prepare to celebrate Christmas in the best way possible.

    It may seem cliché and a Cinderella ripoff, but believe, the movie is awesome. It's not perfect, it can be predictable sometimes, but the movie accomplishes its job at helping people believe in the virtues of Christmas.

    I highly recommend this movie. That's it, good watching!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In Buffalo, Jules (Katie McGrath) is a caretaker for her deceased sister's two children. Milo, almost a teen, is a handful whose latest scheme is to steal a video game. Unhappily for him, Jules makes him take it back and punishes him strongly, Little sister Maddie is a doll who also has a bad habit of eating junk food. Supporting them as a working woman, Jules is aghast to be let go from the antique store that she adores. Alas, its almost Christmas. However, Jules' sibling was married to an actual Prince of Castlebury, although the family disowned her husband Charles for marrying a commoner. Suddenly, at their doorstop is the butler of the King of Castlebury (Roger Moore) who, getting up in years, is finally willing to meet his grandchildren. With some misgivings, the entire brood goes off to a giant castle in a fairy tale setting. However, the staff, except for the kind butler, is stiff and unfriendly and so is the King. Why did he even want to entertain them when he is rude and disagreeable? Slowly, however, Jules and the children begin to change the unhappiness of the castle. This includes the now Prince in Waiting, Ashton (Sam Heughan) who has had to cater to his gruff father for a long time and who is nearly engaged to a demanding Duchess Arabella. As one might guess, Ashton admires Jules instantly. But, will he choose to follow his heart, like his brother did? This lovely film has an excellent cast in McGrath, Moore, and Heughan, along with all of the lesser actors. McGrath is uncannily similar to Keira Knightley in appearance, being a willowy brunette with a husky voice. Romcom fans will be glad to see her in future projects. How wonderful to see Moore, too, after his long acting career as The Saint and 007. Than, too, the setting in Romania is breathtakingly lovely while costumes, script, and direction add up to one very fine film. Yes, fellow romcom lovers, Hollywood has turned its back on us but good. But, don't you turn your back to this Princess. Television may be our only source of the movies we love but it is quite capable of giving us exactly what we want, thank goodness.
  • Irishchatter2 December 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was very enjoyable to watch because we get to see the beautiful Katie McGrath and of course, the great James Bond legend Sir Roger Moore! I honestly didn't realise that Katie was playing a American character because she pretty much sounded like herself. Maybe if she was an English or Irish character on this, then it would make more sense for her to use either. I say, she probably did try to do the American accent but probably failed.

    Anyways I liked the fact, it was Christmassy and very straightforward. You just have to love the little girl on this, she is such a darling and a great little actress! You honestly just wanna give her a wee cuddle, she's so cute!

    You wouldn't think Roger Moore would be a grumpy old man, I think it was a mistake for his character to act like a snob, he normally suits acting as a cheery, funny and pleasant gentleman. I suppose they didn't want him to be James Bond even if he will be remembered as James Bond. It was surprising to see him on something like this anyway. He's good always so I won't ever complain!

    I really liked the movie, it was fun and so cute! I definitely would recommend this to anyone to give it a go at watching it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Travis turner - "milo" looked a lot older - obnoxious and did not Like his character he was 24 when he played the role. Milo attitude appeared to be of an older character. Everyone else seem to get it. Enjoy madly and Jules. But milo character was not that of a 12 or 14. Great movie otherwise.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A Princess for Christmas has been an annual favorite of mine since it was released! General plot has been summarized to pieces in other reviews, so I will just comment on my likes and dislikes.

    The cast was excellent, and yes, it was a bit hard to get past some of Katie McGraths accent slip ups. I love when Hallmark uses a cast that isn't in every other movie they make. I prefer good acting from otherwise "unknowns" than seeing the same actors they use in many of their other movies over and over.

    Sam Heughan......can we just say, "I'll have a Scotch on the rocks?" The kids are cuties and butlers and wait staff are awesome! I thought Sir Roger Moore was just fine. If you consider the role, I think he nailed it. It was especially cute when Maddie hands him his favorite ornament, and the way he looks at her.... Just precious!

    So here are my Pros & Cons


    • Loved the casting

    • Great on screen chemistry between Katie McGrath and SamHeughan (wished there was a sequel!)

    • surprisingly GOOD story line

    • loved the locations they used!!!

    • loved that it wasn't "the usual" Hallmark casts

    • Loved that it ended with a wedding


    • Minor accent slips from K. McGrath (not a deal breaker, she's still a great actress!) - The Ball Scene has something like a string Quartet, playing the music of a full orchestra, but it's OK... I know it's just a Hallmark movie...

    • The cheap looking, and just plain "odd" looking bridal shop reject dresses Katie and the women wore in the ball scene. Katie's dress was just a hot mess....and not hemmed... Most of the dresses I recognized from regular dept stores, and even some bridesmaids dresses! I was hoping for "Royal" costuming! ...I'm big on costuming. I don't think the Dutchess of Cambridge would buy a Macy's dress.... Just sayin...

    • Again, that pathetic looking wedding dress Katie wore, and like her ball dress, it wasn't hemmed either. I kept worrying that she was going to trip on the dress!

    I wish Hallmark would bring the cast back together for a Royal Sequel!
  • A pleasant enough family movie, although thoroughly clichéd. For me the biggest drawback was Roger Moore as the grandfather. His part was written as cranky yet droll, but he came across as grotesque. I'm a senior citizen myself, and he looked just plain unwell posing as perky (guessing at Botox since his face didn't move much, nor did the rest of him).

    With better casting in this important part I might have given the movie two more stars. The romantic leads were fine, I enjoyed the servants. It wouldn't bother me if I never saw the young actors playing the children again, but perhaps they were just victims of the script.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Every Christmas I submerge myself into as many Christmas movies as I can pack in. Last year I stumbled onto the horrors of ABC Family's Christmas movies and I was hooked. Every cheesy moment, every old teen star, the insanely cute and sweet movies that won me over. On Netflix I stumbled across this little gem (which I don't believe is ABC Family) but it might as well be. It looked like the perfect cheesy sweet Christmas movie so off I went. I kept thinking how truly awful the acting was (and I still stand by that), the movie is sugary sweet, barely slapped together, and yet somehow still manages to make you smile at least twice and end up not being all that bad. It isn't good...don't get me wrong. I wouldn't even say it was remotely as good as half the stuff on ABC Family for Christmas but I'll be darned if it hit the spot for cutesy Christmas fluff. I was actually surprised at how many IMDb reviewers really enjoyed it and also knew of the story beforehand. Apparently there is potentially even a sequel in the works? I imagine the demographic for the film is young girls and it is appropriate enough for them or for the whole family. Its cute and fun and as long as you go in with the proper expectations you can't help but enjoy it in all its campy glory.

    The film will unfortunately do nothing for this cast's career. There isn't one performance I can say was truly good. Watching Katie McGrath act in this is almost excruciating. If the film wasn't so sugary sweet she would be atrocious but instead somehow you warm up to her and she is so naive looking that her bad acting works for this for some reason. I do enjoy that they went out of their way to find a famous face and icon to play the grandfather and that is Roger Moore. Moore does a solid job, probably ironically the least campy of the cast. His character could be interesting in a sort of Captain VonTrapp sort of way. He is emotionally distraught over the loss of his son, he is an aristocrat who looks down on people, and he survived a near death experience himself so he has a lot of growing and learning to do and its cute and they sort of rush the whole process but he does very well. Sam Heughan is our Prince and the object of McGrath's affections. He is decent but way underplayed considering he is the romantic lead. He stands there, smiles, has a few decent lines but nothing that stands out. The chemistry between them is decent (thank goodness) but he should have had more character given to him. The two children are played by Travis Turner and Leilah de Meza. Turner seems so awkward in the role. I'm certainly not meaning to be cruel to this young actor but he looks funny, talks funny and over plays certain scenes. He did an okay job but he didn't seem to fit the part somehow. de Meza though was excellent for a young actress with a fairly small part. She will literally melt your heart with her few lines and she is appropriately adorable...if that's a talent than she has it nailed. Charlotte Salt is completely underused and misused as a potential villain. I felt like she had ten minutes of screen time and a Disney film would have made her the "mean girl" and made it memorable!!

    The movie is cute. It also wasn't made for my demographic so I'm being harsher on it than I should. Kids and family will likely enjoy it. It had some good physical comedy (which I am a huge fan of), a sweet romance and it did try its best to centre itself around Christmas though I felt like that was forced in a lot of ways. Director Michael Damian comes from Television and from a Soap in particular so it kind of shows in the melodramatic style of this little Christmas special. It certainly isn't anything that would become a permanent staple in my Holiday viewing but it was cute. 6/10
  • I initially wanted to watch this film as it has Katie Mcgrath, she makes such a good Morgana. However i don't think she fully portrayed the character's persona. I hope to see Katie Mcgrath in a similar role, i'm sure she can do better. Furthermore I agree with all the others regarding the young boy, his acting wasn't really good, it just wasn't credible. I very much appalled by his acting. I love Christmas films but throughout this film i couldn't help but cringe. The quick changes of hearts just weren't conceivable. Unfortunately i just can't recommend watching this film, nor as a film for young kids and nor as a family film.
  • paulinelongford27 November 2018
    Very entertaining family movie , well casted Sir Roger Moore character was very well played his Son played by Sam Heughn makes me wonder if they are indeed related in reality so many familiarities between the two ,,,lovely movie I could watch again
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