Eddie Edwards: Any tips then?

Bronson Peary: Don't die?

Terry: You name me one, one British ski-jumper!

Eddie Edwards: Me. Eddie Edwards. I'm gonna be the squad.

Bjørn the Norwegian Coach: Baron de Coubertin's words "the most important thing is not the victory but the struggle"

Eddie Edwards: I've been kicked off every team before I even got a chance to prove myself.

Eddie Edwards: [in the sauna, when asked if he has been jumping a lot] Since yesterday afternoon.

Eddie Edwards: [Walks into the sauna] I'm Eddie and I'm... my god nude!

Janette: He's gonna break his neck.

Terry: Oh, I'm gonna break his neck.

Eddie Edwards: I just thought we could have a little chat about me being an Olympic ski-jumper.

Bronson Peary: You've more chance of being a ballerina than a jumper.

Eddie Edwards: Good one. I was juts after a few tips, really.

Bronson Peary: Give up, there's one for free.

Bronson Peary: You'll be a fool. They'll make you a fool.

Eddie Edwards: Well, I'd rather be a sober fool than a drunken coward.

Matti Nykänen: You and I... You and I are like one o'clock and eleven o'clock. You see, we are closer to each other than to others. Winning, losing, all that stuff is for the little people. Men like us, we jump to free our souls. We are the only two jumpers with a chance to make history today. If we do less than our best with the whole world watching, it will kill us inside. For all time.

Eddie Edwards: Good luck, Matti.

Official Speaker: [At the Closing Ceremony of the Calgary Olympics] You have broken world records. You have established many of your own personal bests and some of you have even soared like an eagle.

Eddie Edwards: No, drinking doesn't agree with me.

Bronson Peary: Yeah, neither does ski-jumping.

Bronson Peary: [showing Eddie the models of the different ramps] I felll in love with this sport, man. It started with this little baby. This 15 metre little vixen. You manage to land that because it's meant to hook you into the sport, right, so otherwise you wouldn't even bother trying. The 40 meter, when you stack you get bruised, which I don't have to explain to *you*.

Eddie Edwards: [chuckles] Sorry.

Bronson Peary: The 70 metre, you break bones and you're lucky if you can walk again. The 90 metre. The goddess. Let's just say in the Wild West we'd be measuring you for your coffin before you even reach the stairs. Never forget that, kid.

Eddie Edwards: [On top of the 70 metre ramp] Could you give me a push please?

German ski-jumper: A push?

Eddie Edwards: It's a lot higher than I expected.

Eddie Edwards: All right, coach.

Bronson Peary: I'm not your coach, ok? Seriously, a coach teaches you how to jump properly. I'm just teaching you how to land so I can get you out of my hair as soon as possible. Got it?

Bronson Peary: Let's face it, man, you've done the hardest part which is actually having the guts to do it, right? Most people take one look at it and walk away forever. Not Eddie Edwards.

Old Jumper: [on top of the ramp, behind Eddie's back] Der Englaender wird sterben.

Subtitle: The Englishman will die.

Eddie Edwards: Do you think I'm mad?

Bronson Peary: Yeah. You're completely mad, man. But, hey, you kinda gotta be mad to do this sport, right?

Eddie Edwards: [They are taking gear from the lost and found room] Peary, is this not theft?

Bronson Peary: It's the Lost and Found, man. Come on. Some guy dropoped 10 bucks on the street and you were to pick it up, would that be theft?

Eddie Edwards: Yes.

Bronson Peary: What if he didn't know it was missing?

Eddie Edwards: Then I'd give it to charity of something.

Bronson Peary: Eddie, you are a charity.

BBC Commentator: [commentating on Eddie's jump at the Olympics] To say that his style is unorthodox would be something of an understatement, but it obviously works for him.

Eddie Edwards: So is this the bit where you say "I told you so"?

Bronson Peary: No, this is where I say that without the booze I wouldn't even have the guts to do that jump. As your coach, I think you're crazy.

Eddie Edwards: I don't know what I was thinking.

Bronson Peary: But as your friend, I say you gotta do it. This is your moment.

Eddie Edwards: I need a practise jump.

Bronson Peary: What do you need to know you don't know already? It's higher than you've jumped before. You'll go faster than you've ever gone before. You're gonna fly farther than your tiny little brain can handle, but it's just a jump, man. Simple.

Bronson Peary: Eddie, listen. You got more dedication, you got more heart and spirit than any of those other jumpers out there. Any of them. Oh, Jesus, I spent six months trying to get rid of you, dude. You're like gum on my shoe, you never gave up. I mean, are you gonna give up now, at the Olympics? This is your moment. You're Eddie the Eagle, man. I'm proud of you. I'm proud of myself.

Eddie Edwards: Do you realize that smoking cigarettes is a lot more dangerous than jumping the 90 metres?

Janette: 90 metres, what is that in feet?

Terry: Well, about 300


Terry: ... No, actually it's about 295


Terry: .

Janette: Oh my God.