Although the guys say that the coach says "shit" 10 times, he actually says it only 9.

During AnnaLynne McCord's audition, director Will Gluck asked her to improvise a "panther move". She did a fist-pound claw-and-growl and thought nothing of it after. Her first day on set, he asked her to do it for the camera, and her trademark "panthers out" move ended up being a running joke throughout the film.

The Spanish word for "forbidden", whose mispronunciation serves as a running joke through the movie is actually "prohibido".

Although playing a High School senior Eric Christian Olsen was actually 31 years old at the time this was filming.

Submitted to the MPAA eighteen times before it was given it's final PG-13 rating.

The two scenes during the camp's movie night were from the movie Bring It On (2000) and were video cameos of Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku. Dunst said she found this "impressive" during a "Bring It On" cast reunion.

Written by 4 writers, credited simply as 'Freedom Jones'.

Actors Jake Sandvig and Juliette Goglia both had minor roles in the movie 'Easy A.'

Julianna Guill plays a cheerleader here and she earlier played another cheerleader in the One Tree Hill episode Locked Hearts & Hand Grenades. Subsequent to Fired Up, Julianna guest starred in the Selfie finale I Woke Up Like This in which she played the old high school nemesis of Eliza Dooley played by Karen Gillan. Karen herself had also played a cheerleader in The Kevin Bishop Show & the Happy Idiot music video.

Nick's line, "Rock me sexy Jesus", references the main musical number from Hamlet 2 (2008).