[Miss Jay meets Pauline and Winifred after their Alice auditions]

Miss Jay: Well done, you two. Right, Pauline is to play Alice

[pauses as girls gasp]

Miss Jay: and Winifred is to be engaged as understudy.

Pauline Fossil: [starts to say] What?

Winifred: [interrupts] When I finished my dance, people clapped! Nobody clapped her, there was just silence!

Miss Jay: Dance is important, but Pauline looks right for Alice.

Winifred: She looks right for everything, she always will!

[looks at Pauline and murmurs]

Winifred: Pretty face... blonde hair...


Winifred: It's got NOTHING, whatsoever to do with TALENT, and it's SO UNFAIR!

[runs back up the stairs]