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  • Mid-20 somethings love weird drug raves in asylums so much they get lost? Unclear who anyone is, why everyone is dying, and what the beginning, middle, and end was. CT did a great job acting in the 12 minutes he was in. Beyond that, the commercials on Plex were more exciting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a huge fan of Chris "CT" Tamburello and MTV's The Challenge, I tried so hard to like this movie. Honestly, I was playing on my phone throughout most of it. Serious spoilers ahead so stop reading if you haven't watched it! The plot of the movie, which you don't understand until the very end, was very confusing throughout the entire thing. There was too much happening and everything was all over the place. You're introduced to so many people and you have absolutely zero connections to any of the characters. Most of the cast was extremely annoying. All the female characters look exactly alike and I couldn't tell who was being murdered when. CT's character was the only one you connected with and that was short lived. Johnny Hickey who directed and starred in this... I still have no idea what the point of his character was. His acting was way too over the top and I really couldn't tell you what his role was. I really wanted to give this movie a shot and I tried so hard to get into it. While there is a good message at the end and there is a point to the whole thing, the movie was complete crap. I will never get that 2 hours and $8.00 back. I didn't want to leave this review because I was so excited to watch it, but I'm seriously disappointed in the entire movie. Great message at the end, but absolutely horrible movie
  • Fox_Prime3 December 2022
    Giving a garbage movie about garbage people and garbage lifestyles 10* cause some washed up has been MTV reality "star" is in it is probably the dumbest thing you can do.

    So, I'm writing this am I sadly watching it and I don't do spoilers but this one I've gotta point out. To kill a dad and leave him there for his little daughter to find is probably the most you know what thing you can do in life. Yeah it's a movie but that just put you below a cockroach and the dog doo I scrape off my boot. Not only that, the guy who did it is a ugly pathetic lispy rat face rat fink rat teeth just all around rat resembling druggie loser. So he's playing the lowest scum character you could play in a movie just about and in real life he looks like a troll and ogre mated and created him. He can't die fast enough in this movie.

    All the "ladies" are trashy druggie ravers that are so pathetic and such losers and just wastes of human everything, they can't die fast enough either. Then you pile on the bad acting and terrible script/story, this is a total and complete skip. Unless you're a druggie raver in real life then you may actually like this and if that's the case, well you see my thoughts and opinions of your kind.

    Amazon! Have you ever heard of QC? Quality Control? Filter what garbage you allow on your streaming platform die crying out loud and on top of that, stop recommending this garbage to me in my "movies we think you will like" section. If you think I like garbage movies like this then you don't know me at all!

    So yeah, anywho skip this. Anything and I mean anything else you can find to do to amuse yourself is a 100% better choice than watching this steaming pile.
  • deadcarcas23 August 2021
    This is the worst movie i have ever seen. The plot doesn't make sense, so many errors in the movie, all of the characters look the same, and I don't care about any of them.

    In the words of my wife: "There is no twist, just an hour and a half of confusion." I can't believe I rented this movie.

    Side bar, I only watched this movie because it had CT from the challenge.
  • This movie is a good effort. You could tell the budget wasn't huge. But they did well with what they had in that dept. I went back and forth on whether i liked it or not. I am always a fan of horror movies set in asylums so i tried to be on board as much as possible. It was definitely very gory at times and some moments were even kinda creepy. However it really lost me when it got to the end and overly reinforced its social commentary. Ya we get it. Drugs are bad geeze louise that ending was overkill. I gave it five stars because like i said they did a lot with clearly not a large budget and it was pretty good till the end. We really don't need your personal agendas in our movies directors!
  • melissad-beal27 March 2022
    They really will allow anything on Amazon these days. So bad dialogue and acting, terrible production values. Looks like something you could make with your friends in the backyard. Save your 1.5 hours for literally anything else.
  • Drugs? Raves? Sure I will have some. Drugs in the car. Drugs in the RV. Ooo head smash with rock!! That was sweet! So women are tortured here. And for some reason allowed to remain clothed., I never get that. It makes no sense at all and it presents itself as horribly faked.

    Drugs and murder torture porn. With NO SKIN? Except for underwear and bare midriff?

    Well at least there was some buttocks in a bathing suit. Some PG13 stuff. So I guess this movie is about some guy getting payback on dealers for all the drugs they are peddling? There's a lot of hammers and pickaxes swinging and heads popping. But this is a story about fentanyl overdoses? With psychotic breaks and hallucinations?

    Okay so...this killer dude absorbs souls or something? What a weird convoluted cruddy movie. 3/10.
  • A bunch of druggos you won't care about go to an asylum and get murdered. Or maybe it was just a bad batch of drugs? Jump cuts to a rave (apparently in a completely different asylum) make it edgy I guess.

    If you know drugs can be bad, you don't need to watch this film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ......and I will be watching it again. The characters are mostly idiots and shriekers, but The Blight creature is outstanding. There is now way to relate to it, understand it or even know where it came from and it is truly the epitome of insanity in a chaotic form unlike Jason, Freddy and The Shape.

    I think Johnny Hickey was excellent in this, portraying a psychopath who had no rhyme or reason, His character was frightening because you never knew what was coming next from him. The rest of the cast did OK but no-one made you care about them. In the second half of the movie I was just waiting for The Blight to appear again. There's no credit for The Blight in the cast list so it's possible that it was Johnny hickey that played him. I think The Blight is one of the most memorable monsters since Leatherface; just totally on a different wavelength to every one else.

    I still don't understand what was going on in the movie but will watch it again just to see more of The Blight.

    Many reviews say it's a rubbish movie and the 10/10 reviews are obviously shills. I've tried to fair to this movie as it is way better than some of the real carp I've watched. It may well be rubbish, I really don't know as it's hard to follow, but I do know that watching the Blight is a lot of fun.
  • This movie was absolutely terrible and I gave up after an hour. Most of that was overdone by a plug-in that somebody bought for after effects to mimic being on Molly. It gets very annoying after the first 5 minutes. People were slashed yet there were no slash marks on their body. People were shot but there were no gunshot wounds on the body. I'll never understand even the lowest of budgets you have to at least make it some relatable. This was complete trash and a waste of my hour. Normally I give a movie 10 minutes to get my attention and it did that but 10 minutes turned into 30 and then I felt invested so I went to an hour. Save yourself the time and energy of watching this low budget flick. For that matter don't waste your time reading this review either.
  • Not your typical horror movie. The type of thriller you better wait until the kids are asleep To watch. John Hickey pulls out all the stops and doesn't fail to entertain while leaving you with some serious reflection on the opiate epidemic to ravage our country. Definitely worth watching!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film has been on my radar since before it was released. I belong to a whole mess of horror movie F__eB__k groups, and Johnny Hickey came around to promote this in like October of 2020. At that time, his first film Oxy-Morons, a gritty, true-life story that exposed the opioid crisis in Boston way before it became a national epidemic, was streaming for free on Y__T__e. I checked it out and really liked it. It had flaws that plague a lot of independently-financed first films: some sound issues, some blocking issues, and some minor continuity confusion, but that might just require a second viewing. The two main characters are played by Hickey himself and. Damien Di Paola, and they both seem the most experienced actors of the bunch. The story is compelling enough, and the film is enjoyable.

    During the time when he was frequenting these horror groups online, Johnny Hickey spent a lot of time hanging out and conversing with the members. He didn't just pop in to plug his new joint. At least in my experience, Hickey has been very gracious about interacting with other cinephiles, especially when it comes to the process of filmmaking and and the horror genre.

    Habitual again tackles the subject matter of the drug epidemic in our country, this time focusing on the substitution of fentanyl for party drugs like molly and X. In the ten years since Oxy-Morons, Hickey has definitely put in his time, sweat, tears, and most likely, money to becoming a better filmmaker, and it pays off exponentially with Habitual.

    Following a group of twenty-something, rave-rat, second-tier criminals as they plan and attend a rave in an abandoned asylum where I am assuming is somewhere in rural Massachusetts, Habitual weaves a trippy, skin-crawling metaphor of what a fentanyl overdose looks like. Here is where things go off the rails.

    Hickey works in prophecy through an intense taro card reading at the beginning of the film, and we are introduced to the concept of a Blight. That is all I will say about that because the less you know, the more terrifying it becomes when the prophecy begins to fulfil itself.

    There are tons of digital video and audio glitch effects used to convey the discombobulation that the overdosing characters are experiencing. At first, they are annoying, but the glitches soon become a way of providing the viewer with information about the characters and their experiences.

    Hickey's portrayal of a drug-frayed, manic psychopath in very Nic Cage in that it is over-the-top bonkers and beautiful. I forgot to look to see if he also plays the Blight, but if he does, horror is definitely his "thing". Regardless of whether Hickey is the Blight or some other actor, in his writing of the characters, he nails the absolute animalistic drive to eviscerate every living being it encounters. This thing is brutal and terrifying, many times resorting to tearing its victim's flesh apart with its bare hands.

    Habitual has taken some hits here for being hard to follow. It's a cautionary tale of what happens when you don't clearly know what it is that you are putting into your body.

    I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in immersing themselves into the successful product a DIY feature-film project. Hickey deftly navigates all of the pitfalls into which his first film fell and uses them to create a visceral and horrifyingly realistic experience for the viewer.
  • cls-3084325 January 2023
    I don't know why. Should have a six hundred character requirement to tell you, the reader, how ridiculously stupid this movie was. So be it. Habitual is stupid on every level you can imagine. It's probably shown on all nine planes of hell.




    Then, in the end, it's like a Bob Newhart, acid fueled flashback, hellscape, in the back of a dirty El Camino!

    The list of recommendations associated with this movie should be titled "Other Movies to Avoid" If you like this movie you are a sick human being that should be committed to an asylum yourself.
  • This movie was great! Very creepy and scary! This was well put together and actually scary. I don't want to spoil it but everything comes together at the end. Definitely worth watching!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why kill the only character that is relatable and the only actor that can act. But in all honesty I only watched this movie because of CT.

    All the females looked the same including the male actors with the exception of CT and the girl (Jaylee) who played his daughter.

    There was so much potential.
  • Don't look for your typical horror formulated crap. This movie makes you think, so you definitely need a movie viewer attention span to follow the twists and turns which is why I liked this film so much. The ending of the film brings the story together with a strong message about today's drug epidemic mixed with the world of horror. A+ if you're looking for something different to watch and maybe watch a few more times to see the filmmakers subliminal messages.
  • This is not your typical horror movie. Yes it has the gore and suspense which keeps you on the edge of your seat but in true Hickey fashion there is a deeper meaning that comes to a head at the end.
  • eric-midnight27 January 2023
    This film is spectacular. The explores drug use and the party scene. Set in Boston, a group of kids get together and take an unknown drug looking to have a good time. They got more than they bargained for. This doesn't look like a low budget film. The actors deliver great performances. I love the genuine Boston attitude. You have to watch to the very end to understand the deeper meaning. Johnny Hickey knew the message he wanted to deliver and made sure that message was delivered with the final scene. There's a lot of gore for horror fans. I want this film released to dvd so I can add it to my collection.
  • Habitual is a phenomenal, psychological horror film- it's a must see! It was written & filmed to make you feel like you're actually experiencing a heart-pumping rave. Makes you contemplate if what you're experiencing is reality, or if you're enduring mind-altering hallucinations due to experimentation with drugs. The cinematography is so on point; it makes you feel like you're actually a creepy, deteriorating, abandoned insane asylum..roaming the halls, experiencing new, spine-chilling horrors with every turn. Is it real, or a violent result of drugs wrecking havoc, warping the body and mind? Only the viewer can determine that. Many subliminal messages throughout the film that infiltrate the mind, instilling a message that implies, "This is your reality now...there's no way out!" This movie exposes and warns of the reality one may experience if they abuse drugs; it helps psychologically deter its viewers from going down that road. Very intense film with a real, underlying message. Although I'm not too keen on horror movies, I do love psychological thrillers. I found Habitual captivating and psychologically thrilling. It's creepy, chilling, and sinister. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's written & directed by Johnny Hickey who is also an actor in the film. It also features his best friend, Chris "CT" Tamburello, many may know from the MTV series, The Challenge. This Psychological horror film is a must ready for the trip of a lifetime! I also highly recommend Johnny Hickey's other film, Oxy Morons, where he made his debut as a Writer and Director. Oxy Morons is based on a true chapter of his life.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First off, I went into this movie with absolutely no expectations. I didn't pick it and I didn't even catch the synopsis before it began, and was genuinely surprised when CT was on my screen. In fact he's the reason I was able to find out just what was being streamed. I only made it 4 words into the synopsis at that point to know exactly how low quality this film would be. That said...

    THIS IS NOT A HORROR MOVIE. IT IS A SOCIAL COMMENTARY WITH GORE. The gore & social commentary however don't really go together. The movie pulls in two different directions and I'm never hit by dread or any real emotion.

    Gore I give it a 8/10. Sure there was bad splatter, sure there was lack of wounds to go with the blood, but the overall gore was something that would have made me happy in a true horror movie of this caliber.

    Story I'd give it a 2/10. Drug popping "ravers" and the throes of their addiction are the story. There's not a true sense of horror. There's a bad guy, and an even worse "guy"...which is where the social commentary begins; and that's exactly how the movie ends.

    Acting 1/10. Seriously my toddler could have done a better job than Brittany the psycho from Are you the One. Every time she was on screen was painful. The rest of the cast wasn't much better, outside of our blood soaked crazy in a mask. Even CT wasn't hitting the mark for me and I wouldn't have cared for his character either if I weren't a longtime fan of The Challenge. And like everyone else, it's very hard to tell the characters apart. Perhaps that was intentional since the film was filmed and edited to disorient you. All the women pretty much bleed together and given the lack of character development didn't make me care for and of them. Again, perhaps that was intentional given the social commentary. While it wasn't overly sexual, there was more than enough ass out simply for the sake of some skin/nudity during a "horror movie".

    Would I recommend it? No, not to anyone. Not unless they want to watch a movie about being taken over and eventually killed by your addictions (especially drugs) and they also didn't mind blood...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The dude that played the Blight was fantastic as that character. His other character was only in the movie for a few minutes and sadly like every other character he wasn't developed enough to care about. There's some trippy scenes but the super on the nose message at the end took an ok but confusing movie into a giant eye roll. They could've kept a lot of the movie and just made the blight some evil being or psycho the asylum messed up and this could have been an enjoyable horror flick.

    Also it seems like the casting director has a type because the all the women but one are hard to tell apart appearance wise. It gets confusing who's doing what. The woman playing Kim is the one that looks different so that's why she's the only one I can name. She was pretty good in her creepy scenes as well. The rest of the cast was just kinda there.

    I gave a four just for those two performances. If you don't mind ambiguous endings turn it off when the hospital scene towards the end starts and it'll probably improve the experience.