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  • If your a fan you'll probably love it just because there's lots of footage of Travis. If your looking for a good documentary it's terrible. Horribly put together, and more like a promo for stage diving than anything that gives you a meaningful insight into who he is. I'd hoped to understand why so many fans love him but was left none the wiser by this as he seems to be devoid of talent and successful because of who he colabs with, who he's dating and the producers of his tracks who do a great job laying down big beats with his heavily synthesised voice mumbling mostly lyrics a school child would do better over it. In interviews he talks about being an inspiration but nothing in his lyrics or lifestyle are of any true inspiration unless your sole goal is to be rich which is both shallow and sad
  • danonec29 August 2019
    I was really curious to see this documentary but I really felt that there wasn't a story and direction. Everything is random. At least 20 videos of dudes jumping. Too random.
  • This movie was a big disapointment. Instead of giving us an indepth view of Travis Scotts artistic and musical development throughout the years, it gives us a mix of concert footage with kids going bunkers and a couple of randomly selected highligts of the last couple of years of his career. I would definitly not recommend this movie to anyone. If you really want to learn about Travis Scott, spend 10 minutes on wikipedia instead of this "documentary".
  • Big Travis Scott fan but this is garbage. Just random clips with no cohesive narrative. Too many clips of children saying how fantastic he is after one of his shows. Many references to being an inspiration but no insight as to how or why. Boring.
  • This is more of a behind the scenes of Astroworld with a bunch of live performances clip. It doesn't really tells us much we didn't know before, so don't expect that. However, if you like him this is very entertaining.
  • That's all really, there's not much depth to this so called documentary. I discovered Travis Scott cannot form a sentence without swearing, he is full of grandiose, loves his own music more than anyone else in the room (a lot of jumping, head bopping and crab hands/fingers), and doesn't genuinely care about fans getting squashed in the crowds (he regularly puts them in dangerous situations to fulfil his ego).
  • I was expecting something more interesting after seeing all the publicity and the premiere. I'm not a big fan of travis so I thought after watching this "documentary" I would learn a bit about him or at least start to like him a bit more. But it was just a bunch of behind the scenes of Astroworld and footage of people screaming and throwing themselves offstage. It felt like this doco was made to make him look like a Hiphop legend even though he's not , I mean let's be real he only got this famous after dating Kylie.
  • epavankrishh4 September 2019
    Nothing informative,took clippings from his concerts and i don't know why people wer jumping into the crowd during the whole documentary
  • srbn-4027629 August 2019
    No amount of research went into this movie whatsoever. I just feel like they had a bunch of backstage footage and decided to pay someone to wrap it up and call it a documentary.
  • Couldn't finish watching this doc. Feels like a long promo video for TS paid by the Kardashians. Should have premiered on TMZ...I wish someone made a doc about those amazing studio producers who can actually make music and keep up his persona as a singer. What does his voice sound like without all that autotune? Why is Netflix keeping this doc as a featured doc on their front page for a week already? Who paid/produced it? It's so unfair that money buys marketing and fame while those whose talent is actually used, stay unknown...?
  • jstephenson-669524 September 2019
    I was honestly trying to give this a watch but it's literally all over the place. No structure at all and there aren't many scenes with Kylie and the baby. Ugh, if u have absolutely nothing else to watch then perhaps you can use this to pass the time or just background noise.
  • jarlline2 September 2019
    I'll admit I'm not a fan of Travis Scott or his music, but I watched (most of) the documentary anyways, hoping to get some insights about him as a person, his life, and his music. I got none of this. This documentary is made of some cell-phone footage pasted together, concert/fan shots, and random BTS shots of him making the record. There was no meat to this documentary, nor was there a story to tell or anything interesting shared about him as a person. Really disappointed.
  • I love hip hop and whilst admittedly I am not a huge Travis fan, I will always watch anything about hip hop.

    This documentary is basically following him around with flash back footage slotted in. A lot of the filming is grainy (and I don't meant the flashback stuff) and poor audio. I assume it's meant to have that old school feel... But it's sort of annoying to watch so much grainy footage.

    When I watch a documentary on an artist, I want substance, I want insight into their music abilities. In this doco you get lots of concert footage with people throwing themselves offstage. You get footage of him recording. But you don't get actual meaningful insight into travis or his creative process.

    I'm sure teenage fans will love this documentary. I wanted to like it and admire that Travis is an extremely hard worker and amazing to his fans. But that doesn't correlate into an interesting documentary for me.
  • m_wang198431 August 2019
    This is nothing like å documentary. It's just about this mans love for hun self and Fame. He can't really sing, he truly showed us that in the scene were he is in the studio. All is autotuned to death. He is just jumping around, smoking weed. This is poorly done.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The idea of a documentary is to show some substance and insight behind the artist or whomever. This 'documentary' doesn't do a sliver of that. The footage is superficial and is built up in his own grandiose image.

    I love watching docos about artists I don't know much about, for example, 'Avicii'. Didn't care for Avicii's music at all, but after watching the documentary I had a completely newfound respect for him as an artist. Absolute substance and highly recommended. This documentary doesn't have any of that. If you watched the first 15 mins, that pretty much encapsulates the rest of the documentary... on repeat.

    If you're already a fan of Travis, I'd imagine you'd love this. If you don't really know much about him or want to know more, this documentary isn't going to give you anything. The only way this review would give spoilers is if you still actually watched the documentary and that in itself would spoil an hour and a half of your day.
  • awreekris1 September 2019
    Document had absolutely no structure, it felt more like a trailer that just went on for too long. Had to stop half way through. The whole time I was thinking to myself how overrated this artist is.
  • I am sorry, but this is garbage. I have just wasted an hour and a half of my life.
  • A behind the scenes artistic film which follows Travis Scott and shows quite a lot of behind the scenes of his tour, interaction with fans, his dedication, family and life. While it's showing the behind the scenes of the tour it time to time switches to clips of him being young and reflecting of things and places from earlier in his life. As someone who has heard about him a little bit and has heard his music a little bit it gave me a great insight about what his all about and the comunity of fans and the world he has created around it all. It was quite interesting to see his offstage character and values which at the end of the day made me appréciate all the hard work which goes on behind the scene to create his art. Overall pretty good.
  • Joomie020831 August 2019
    How can this be called a documentary?? The only reason the guy is famous is thanks to kylie! He can't even sing. Netflix cancelled The OA but made big promotion for this supposedly 'documentary' ... OK...!
  • berglundbr29 August 2019
    Such a waste of my time. Please give me my time back ;(
  • The documentary has no structure to it, it's just footage from his shows from the past year. I would've wished it had some depth, but the film is very flat. If you don't know a lot about Travis, you'll be very confused watching it. It feels like they assumed you already know everything about him.

    You basically get thrown back and forth between shows and events, like Super Bowl and the birth of his daughter, and at the same time showing clips of him as a kid (drawing parallel lines from his present, to his past.)

    It's not a good documentary, but it's a full of cool visuals and footage. See for yourself!
  • The movie shows Scott as a superstar, which is obviously not, and never will be. He lacks the background, personality, the talent and the charisma. The only thing that made him famous was his link with the Kardashians, and the movie tries to prove the opposite, thus deceive the viewer. Also, am I the only one who sees that him and his entourage is on drugs all the time? Waste of time, this film.
  • hlthornhill28 August 2019
    To show Travis as artist develop over the years, to become a father, to become a mentor, and the inspiration he is, is show remarkably in this documentary. A perfect way to show anyone the making and influence of the new generation of hip-hop.
  • hell_eee8 September 2019
    Honestly, i didn't know this artist because I watched this documentary. After more than an hour of movie, I still don't know who this man is. I mean, we are not even able to hear/listen to his music, we don't see properly his face. I don't understand the aim of this documentary.
  • I was looking foward to this but there's barely anything interesting here. It's just amateur backstage footage aswell as a painfully exagerated amount of clips of dudes jumping into the crowd in his live concerts. No creative insight whatsoever of Travis' music being made, just him jumping around when the producer plays the tracks in the studio.

    This is also probably the worst editing I've ever seen in any documentary, it's all over the place. Zero coherency.

    I wanted to like this but can't help feeling Travis is what he is because he surrounded himself with top notch producers and big names in the industry. He seemed like an a-hole to his concert crew, for things only he cares about. Also he acts like a freaking child when he loses both Gammys, especially when he lost to Cardi B (Pusha-T should've won BTW). Why do I like him much less after seeing this?
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