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  • The lesson of "Addicted to Niko" is that vignettes starring the mighty- abs stud are best spread over a number of Wicked Pictures releases, rather than bunched up in one indigestible glop. It sure gets tiring watching him do his thing ad infinitum.

    So the best segment by far in this crummy release, shot in 2005 bit by bit for the Playgirl TV channel and compiled two years later on DVD, is the bonus vignette entitled "Stripped" (an utterly pointless title) in which a gramophone playing a 78rpm disk dominates the frame except for Julian's huge cock humping away at a fair lass. Of course, Julian in his days under Vivid contract was afforded his own showcase compilations, but he's far more deserving (and impressive a performer).

    Other than that interloper and an inevitable masturbation solo for one Tommy D., it's all Niko, humping seven girls, even though the film credits a grand total of nine actresses, one too many when you add Nilo's 7 conquests to Julian's single score. Unlike later Wicked releases of Playgirl content, the individual segments are not credited, so I couldn't figure out which lady was missing in action.

    Only girl singled out was Jamie Huxley because her stint titled "Model & Photographer" is an 11-minute BTS only, also featuring uncredited Nicole Sheridan in her familiar NonSex role as still photographer. Nicole's mate Voodoo is briefly on screen (also shooting stills) and a further cameo looked like Francois Clousot, presumably the director of this bonus vignette.

    Sole point of interest in the 6-scene, 74-minute main Niko program is watching his styling change, sometimes clean shaven and in other scenes sporting a mustache and cleanly cropped beard. Pardon me while I yawn.