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  • Watching Red Ezra's gritty (and forgotten) adult drama NAKED PICTURES I was struck by lead Jessica Drake - a fine porn actress who was fortunate enough to land many meaty roles. I'd seen her plenty of times, but on this occasion I realized what she represents - the ugly version of Julia Roberts.

    She's introduced as a tomboy on the graffiti-laden tough L.A. streets, and narrates the tale as she is looking for work. Steven St. Croix, comically named Jean-Luc Goddard, is in the developing room, and hires her as a receptionist at his photo lab.

    We see J.D. f*cking her boyfriend Mark Davis while watching a porn video and several atmospheric (though plot less) vignettes follow: Belladonna starring in a fetish video opposite Bobby Vitale; Sophie Evans in sexy mesh hose for a photo shoot, being humped by big-dicked Julian on an abstract set (typical of director Red's design work).

    One artful gimmick as St. Croix developing a photo in his dark room, and it comes to life as T.T. Boy humping a cute blonde.

    Story picks up a year later, and J.D. has split from Davis. She continues narrating her story in voice-over, as a customer comes in to have erotica developed, and in a non-sex role Erin Sky (a director herself) invites J.D. to do modeling. Jess tells Steve about her personal split-up and he humps her good, with a fountain of cum in one of the feature's highlights.

    As J.D. looks at Erin's photos, we see them turn into a live photo sequence of two beautiful models framed by a red Cadillac for lesbian sex, typical of Red's music video style erotic shoots.

    J.D. agrees to work with Erin, and after we watch her on a photo shoot the movie ends on a positive note of her moving on with a new career.

    Not top-drawer Ezra, but still quality porn.