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  • Warning: Spoilers
    One of those few Lifetime movies where you feel really bad for the antagonist. The guy was mentally ill and he had good intentions... however, he went too damn far to achieve them, even if it meant murder. All I could think of was that the guy just needed some much needed help instead of his therapist shoving pills at him. As for the ending, the movie ends without any real resolution to the antagonist. We don't know if he goes to jail or if he ever get the treatment he needed. Nothing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yet another lifetime/lmn movie that demonizes people with mental illnesses. These people seriously need a new shtick. Every time there's a person in these movies that are the antagonist, they're mostly mentally unstable. It's completely predictable every time.

    I find it strange that the Karen was able to trust a complete stranger who found her out of the blue and took a weird liking to her kid vs. her sister-in-law who she's likely known for years, and has helped her raise her child.

    Even the cop that showed up in the middle of the movie didn't seem too bright.

    Towards the end the movie things got very rushed and sloppy. I'm guessing from the way it ended they were leaving it up for interpretation or some sort of sequel, but it was just so anticlimactic. The ending of movie felt as half-assed as the antagonist's plan at the end. It was very disappointing that all Karen had to do to get the guy to go away was say "leave us alone."

    The only characters I really liked were Max and the aunt. The kid's acting wasn't as cringey as most kid actors and he was actually pretty adorable. I liked that the aunt was the only sensible character to make up for how idiotic the mom was. I'm also glad the movie didn't take the standard lifetime/lmn turn and have the antagonist just kill her off because she was too suspicious. Aside from the movie's faults, the story was at least interesting. It roped me in with an interesting premise, which, for me, could've made up for main character's attitude towards the suspicious had the ending not fallen so flat.

    If you like movies and aren't too picky, maybe just want something to watch or have something playing in the background, you'd probably be alright with this movie.
  • Poorly written characters - poorly plotted story

    totally wrong casting for the overly needy man and for the supervisor at her office

    aside form a dragging script, it was so poorly constructed on so many levels
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I tuned in to see this and was very disappointed. The plot is a single mom save a man's life and he wants to do something in return. Trouble is the guy is a nut job and she lets him into her life which is a little far-fetched to begin with nowadays. Her son even befriends the guy instead of thinking he has ulterior motives. The woman NEVER calls the police? The story begins to unravel and loses credibility by the end. This is a definite PASS.
  • Terrible script, cliched story and uncharismatic C-grade actors makes this so called thriller flat film with lame the end.
  • I have started this review a few times now trying to think of something positive to say. But I can't. This movie was terrible from start to finish. And I hate reviews that simply just say terrible or great without going into a bit of detail as to which part and why. But this movie is simply terrible in every aspect from the writing, the casting, the set, and the filmography. Actually wait. The part where Lance (Jason Deline) gets out of his car and the shot from the ground up and catches the flags and sun is a good camera shot. But thats it. The actor playing Max an only pray that every trace of this movie is erased and no future casting directors at home wind of his involvement and he would be wise to leave it off of any resume. As for everyone else. I mean less than mediocre acting and character development. The budget for this film I'm guessing was lower than what the deadbeat tenant owed in rent. And I'm guessing the majority of that was spent on the Tesla rental and the $5 Walmart Kicks they tried to pass off as some amazing trendy high class designer sneaker. I guess I will leave it there.