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  • cabartha2 April 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I guess that this movie is only for Turks! No other nation audiences will have fun or understand the wit and jokes. Exorcism has already been mentioned several times before in comedy movies, but in this one, we are looking into this with eyes of an ordinary citizen of Turkiye. The jokes are not so good maybe, but the actor Safak Sezer is succeeding to make you laugh with using his ability. For me, the most enjoyable moment was his reaction/fear after seeing the girl who has been captured by Satan and watching him in the bathroom when he was cleaning his underwear that got wet because of his scare. It can be a good weekend fun but do not expect too many things. Because after the film, I had nothing to remember. 6/10
  • the_colombo27 August 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I believe this movie is a fantastic movie and if you ask me why its simple. Its full with typically Turkish bad words in a funny why. And its true the movie is about nothing but thats why its funny because its going about nothing. I mean which comedy movie have a realistic story line come on. And beside i know for 100% that a lot of people like this movie i can bet on it. Its a shame that one person really says so many bad things of a movie and i would like to see that person making a movie. Lets see how good you are. Anyway its better not to take my time to react on persons with no feeling of any movies. So i would say for non-Turkish the translation of the bad words isn't funny but the Turkish understanding people would almost die from laughing I would give this movie a 4 star from the 5. Thanx Bye
  • snncy20002 April 2008
    I didn't expect much, my friends told me it was sort of funny, I hired the DVD but it's unbelievably bad.

    No script, no story-line, no character development, no logical stream of events, no direction no action! I'm aware its a comedy even an absurd comedy, but that doesn't mean the movie should be rubbish.

    I wonder if director and producers of this movie has ever watched any regular movie? If they know a little bit of film making? Main plot is promising, one could shot a really good comedy movie on this story, but you first need to know and obey basic rules of film making. If you jump one screen to another without a reason then you'll have meaningless movie like this one.

    I actually understand they shot much longer and while editing had to cut many scenes and at the end it looks like a fish with wings of a bird...
  • yaydinkara30 September 2008
    Not many things to say movie has nothing funny (even that I am Turk)...

    Jokes are so cold and empty not making u laugh or think, Script is really weak could be made up by anyone...

    Looked at the movie with empty eyes and started having a headache after finished with watching...

    About the actors; Şafak Sezer is not the actor of main roles as for sure, his performance is below the average, Repeating the same jokes and sentences over and over again makes them less funny even sometimes annoying...

    Boring movie all in all
  • It has lots of smart jokes if you are smart enough you can understand the whole movie. Also Safak Sezer plays his role so good and natural in this movie.