• WARNING: Spoilers

    Fikret had spent his life as a seaman in the ships, lived with the mentality of a lover at every port and finally he decided to have a settled life and domiciled in Istanbul

    Having started to live an idle life as he failed to get rid of his previous habits, Fikret began to make use the churchs facilities taking the advantage of Artins, the church priest, trip to Vatican He finds the way to get money by selling the expensive wines held at churchs cellar and stays in Artins room at night where he accesses secretly He spends most if his remaining time either at betting shop for horse race or hangs around with his the one and biggest admirer Asm

    Asim is a naïve young boy working at the car wash and lubrication service that is located right next to the church He tries to learn life from Fikret and fulfills all of his wishes Although this situation sometimes makes troubles for him, he bears all troubles for the sake of Fikret whom he perceives as a father

    While continuing their lives, one day Fikret and Asim find an opportunity that can change their lives!

    The rich and widow businesswoman Deniz, who thinks that her sister Selen was put a spell on, meets Fikret! Upon learning that she was prepared to sacrifice all of her assets for her sister, Fikret decides to make use of this situation too and he goes to Deniz's house to break the spell with Asim in disguise of the priest Artin!

    But, of course, the reality is not like it seems!