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  • bobrapp218 December 2019
    Uninspired writing and performances.

    40 Hallmark Christmas shows this year is just too many. Cut it down to 20 (at most) and strive for quality over quantity.
  • Same town a different angel and a cute couple. Gabby in the first one was working on town to find Christmas spirit again and she had a lot of enthusiasm to get that change to occur. Don't expect the same. The angel is working in the background in this one. it's a cute movie. Jen Lilly has playing insecurity to almost neurotically annoying. She's the main reason why I didn't give it more stars. But she does get better as her character begins to interact more with the love interest. If you like hallmark movies give it a watch but not worth a rewatch in my opinion.
  • Schamun19 December 2019
    FYI Jen Lilley had her baby on set with her so she wasn't pregnant. She looked amazing. I disagree I felt the leads had chemistry and the story line was typical Hallmark. I do agree this year they had way too many movies this year and I can't quite remember most of them after they air. Only a handful did I think were amazing. Often I find when I see the movies again I enjoy them more and more over the years.

    I read a review and it states it was filmed in North Bay. My mother grew up there so I love seeing the area. I visited my Grandma when I was very young over 45 years ago so my memory is faint. I only remember her house and the snow. They owned a store on Main Street (Harry Mulligan) that has since burned down.
  • The two leads make a nice looking pair but the story is so déjà vu. And Jen Lilley has too much dialogue it seems to fill the emptiness. Her jumping to conclusions are predictable.

    Didn't need one more like this.
  • MIssM199 June 2020
    Hannah and Ryan were friends when they were young, then they grew apart when he moved and he got the job she wanted. Now, he is back in town and Leslie's mom hires him as a "special consultor" at the little publishing company.

    This was okay. Nothing to do with the original Angel Falls. In fact, it could be seen without watching the other one first. They do share the city and the concept, but that's it. I like Jen Lilley, I think she is great. But, honestly, i'm getting tired of her. I want Hallmark to expand their leads a little. My favourite part was Carlo Marks. His character was very cheerful. I also thought they had great chemistry.

    I do think that the Angel character was completely unnecessary in this case. We could have had the same result withouth him. He was the "listening" ear to Hannah.
  • Luvhallmark27 December 2019
    I will say - I KNOW IT'S HALLMARK - at Christmas but I had this movie on for 1/2 hour and could no longer watch. The leads had zero chemistry and I'm just not a fan of JL, I'm sure she's a great person, just her acting is always the same. The first Angel Falls starring Rachel Boston & Paul Greene was 10x better than this, now those two leads were oh so good in their respective roles and then add in Beau Bridges, FANTASTIC MOVIE... Sorry Hallmark, you missed the mark here!
  • Did I hear "my reputation PROCEEDS me"? What? Come on Hallmark!
  • Dog-River21 December 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    The overall plot sounded cute. I usually enjoy angels, supernatural, etc. themes in movies. But, this one didn't do it for me. The script was just bad and there was absolutely no chemistry between the two leads. Also my goodness, Hannah is whiny and immature. She blamed him and was jealous for years because he got a job she wanted. Then at the end when she thought he had taken a new job, she was acting selfish and whiny some more. It's not a movie I'd recommend to my family and friends.
  • I found nothing exceptional about this movie. There was little or no chemistry between the leads. There was nothing to explain choices at the end. The story used several of the over-used plot lines. One thing that was a little different was that the writer suffering writer's block was a third person, not the romantic leads.

    I strongly suspect that the movie would have been OK for someone who doesn't binge Christmas movies, but then only OK.
  • The blurb for this movie sounds MUCH better than what the writers managed to turn out.

    I could never find any chemistry between the leads, and the Scrooge-like face and attitude of the "author to be helped" was just a turn off for most of the movie. And of course, the plot is really nothing more than a random collection of familiar cliches, prominent among them the male lead's decision between small-town happiness and big city success.

    The female lead was never anything but irritating to me. She alternated between self-pity and forced perkiness, and I don't think the writers even meant to write a manic-depressive.

  • Zero Chemistry. Boring movie. I love me some hallmark, but not this mess.
  • 7/10 - while I felt as though the guardian angel subplot was completely unnecessary in this context, I throughly enjoyed this Hallmark flick
  • rebekahrox13 December 2020
    I'd love to see Jen Lilley in a movie where she doesn't have to wear a coat. As stylish and numerous as they are.
  • leslih-2138416 December 2019
    The cast was excellent as was the dialogue. Loved it
  • tinalt-2212320 December 2019
    This was an enjoyable movie. I love Jen Lilley, and all her movies. Btw Doug2go, she has only been pregnant once. Nice try though!
  • When I saw the guardian angel appear I started wondering if Hallmark is trying to recreate the old Max movies from yesteryear, starring the charismatic Peter Falk. If they did, they failed. (With "Max movies" I mean the movies where Peter Falk plays the angel Max, like "Finding John Christmas (2003)" and "a Town Without Christmas (2001)")

    The tone of the Max movies was more serious, the scripts better. This was more a run of the mill Hallmark romcom.

    Honestly, the whole angel bit could have easily been left out because it really doesn't add very much.

    The movie was okay though, as with most Hallmark movies, you could see the end coming from miles away. Also, the ongoing theme in these movies of characters jumping to conclusions about each other half way trough the movie is a bit outdated. If you (partially) overhear or see something in the real world that gives you doubts about someone you talk to them about it, right?

    I had fun none the less, just don't go in expecting a masterpiece.

    This was one of the many many Hallmark movies this year. It seems they are gearing up towards year round movie production, taking all major holidays (and even seasons) as an excuse to spit out more movies. I don't mind, the more the merrier, as long as the quality doesn't suffer too much, which it sometimes does. Some actors and script just aren't that great or original.

    I wish they brought back Holly Marie Combs this year, she is so lovely. I loved Elizabeth Mitchell this year in "The Christmas Club", the soft, loveable, fun type suits her! I think Paul Campbell (read his bio on imdb, lol) was miscast this year, I love seeing him in roles that fit his own personality, like the role of Gridley in "Surprised by Love (2015)". Danica McKellar is always hit or miss for me, she is great in movies like "Love at the Christmas Table (2012)" but a lot of the roles Hallmark writes for her are too shallow, or just don't fit her, the same goes for Lacey Chabert. Rachel Boston, Brooke D'Orsay, Fiona Gubelmann and Rachael Leigh Cook are fun most of the time because they just light up a room.
  • jrbusiness-6449922 October 2020
    Movie 21 out of my 100 christmas movies before Christmas day challenge with 64 days to go.

    I picked this randomly and didn't know anything about it before watching it.

    It had a familiar face as the lead actress and I thought the two main stars worked well together.

    The movie was nice and sweet. A little flat at times but overall it was okay.

    Will I watch it again? Probably not.
  • Mimom217 December 2019
    I preferred this to the first 'Angel Falls'. Loved the storyline and characters!
  • doug2go16 December 2019
    Hallmark must have a hard headed Casting Dept to put Jen as the lead for a 3rd time when pregnant . I will give the camera crew and director more credit this time in hiding her pregnancy but wearing coats 90 % of the time and overly large sweaters , hiding behind computer monitors and desks worked for a while . Unfortunately I have to agree with the previous reviewer that in this one combined with her pregnancy there is no chemistry and a story line that is more than a little confusing. Casing a single pregnant woman in the romantic lead in any movie is a real turn off for me - as much as I love Jen - this just doesn't work. Hallmark should have done what they did for Brooke Burns and delayed the movie until after she had the baby. I have to assume it was a contract problem and that being pregnant wasn't a disqualifying reason for not doing or delaying the movie - what a waste.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    One of my fave Hallmark movies so far. Watching Hallmark Christmas movies is an embarrassing and predictable annual guilty pleasure of mine. I really enjoyed the actors, characters, story, and scenery in this. In other words I liked pretty much every aspect about it. The main actors seemed to have a general "goodness" to them that was really fitting to the storyline. Also, the actor who played the guardian angel, who is unknown to me, was a great casting choice I thought. A great movie for an escape to a sleepy picturesque winter wonderland.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I thought this movie was charming. The acting was smooth from Carlo Marks. He brought out the wittiness and cheekiness of his character very nicely. I really enjoyed him in this one. Jen Lilley didn't do such a bad job with her character as well.

    There was good chemistry between the leads. Yes, somewhat predictable like the presumption that he was going to leave to take the job and snow starting to fall right when they kiss but throughout the movie the predictability wasn't too much and annoying.

    I liked that the leads weren't exes who were upset with one another for whatever reason but rather were friends in school who met back up years later. The end was also nice with the slight twist in whom the Guardian Angel was really helping and the bonus that came out of it.

    I don't mind having this on the watch again list.
  • zozsezo12 September 2020
    Beautiful story with convincing twists, the chemistry between lead actors is charming...although the end is predictable but the details are amusing and fun,