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  • Calvin Simmons' Float is a quixotic tale of a wannabe Hollywood director, Paul Greene, and his foolish pursuit at fame, fueled by his great idea. There's only one problem, his "great idea"--creating an all female prison on a ship--is absolutely ridiculous! Greene, however, will stop at nothing to get his film made. After pitching a big studio executive, played by Joshua LeBar, Float is a go, until his sudden termination. Losing his multi-million dollar budget, Greene must now figure out how to raise the money on his own and film the movie independently.

    Intermixed with a workable romantic story, Float proves more than humorous. As Simmons mentioned in the Q&A after the film, the viewer doesn't necessarily relate to or want to be Paul Greene, but is sympathetic to his plight. His character, played by the writer, Paul Kolsby, is a likable--albeit pathetic--gem. I want to see more of his adventures! Float certainly doesn't inspire the independent filmmaker--nor should it--but it does laugh at the expense of Big Hollywood.