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  • IMDb-ers apparently love gonzo, judging from the high ratings for this and many other all-sex videos. I prefer director B. Skow doing a story film, but the sheer intensity of unbridled sex in this Sunset Adams vehicle for Vivid succeeds in sustaining interest for much of the overlong (nearly 3 hours) show.

    Best for me was Sunset, with huge jugs in her second round of Vivid work, mauling the wonderful Hillary Scott. This is a high-concept lesbian battle, with Hillary in pigtails very convincingly approximating the underage look, a decade earlier, currently in favor in porn via starlets like Piper Perri. Only Scott's big breasts betray her act, though compared to Sunset they are dwarfed. Scott's anal antics certainly justify Skow's gonzo approach.

    Most extreme segment is presided over by Kimberly Kane, a dom who has always been adventurous in her porn work both before and behind the camera. I found her antics over the top as she manhandles and humiliates the eccentric starlet Veronica Jett, a personal favorite of mine. Premise, which Skow runs into the ground in more than one vignette, is that Kane and her man hire a local whore in Reno to satisfy their more eccentric carnal desires, and Kane's nasty talk to the working girl sets women's lib back a few decades or so. Of course, it is not meant to be taken seriously. On that score, the silliest sequence is set in Georgia where a bearded hayseed abuses a zoftig heroine who is lost, the sort of fake "rooting for the pervert" that has animated gonzo entertainment back to the unfortunate breakthrough days of Max Hardcore. Skow is certainly far more talented than Max, but when he frequently lowers himself to Max's level all I can perceive is the ka-ching! sound of a cash register chiming.