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  • Other than providing only 4 vignettes compared to the old standard of 5 (due to sex scenes running a lot longer nowadays), this Penthouse release captures the format of the label circa 2007.

    It's a Penthouse Letters release, with Pet of the Year Gina Valentina dutifully reading three epistles which we see illustrated as live-action XXX vignettes. Not to cheat us, she performs in the finale, oddly enough wearing the same hostess costume she has had on for the duration (cheap, cheap?).

    Awkward title for the DVD raises the first question: is the current jail-bait porn so successful that small breasts have become an advertising come-on? And did any of the brain trust over at "Penthouse Global Broadcasting" (its recently changed moniker) ponder whether tiny titties could be artificial?

    At any rate, some relatively new femmes on the scene are alluring, with both blonde Emma Hix and brunette Lena Anderson registering as beautifully tall & thin drinks of water. A restaurant scene where Lena plays an unlikely waitress (way too glamorous) features a credited cameo by an old favorite Alexandra Silk, billed as Alex in a vain attempt to fool me.

    One open mystery here I'm unable to clear up is that the video was written by its production manager Sam Phillips. Sam Phillips was a prominent Penthouse Pet 25 years ago and a favorite softcore performer who went mainstream, so I'm wondering if this is indeed her, still on the payroll.