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  • Karen Fisher easily dominates this lengthy (3 and a half hours) Girlfriends drama, and manages to play it straight even in rather absurd-premised scenes.

    She's a psychotherapist, treating lovely young Scarlet Red who has a strange affliction, brought to Karen's attention by the kid's step-mom Raquel Devine. It seems that Red was a child star in movies, and was abused by the studio and her handlers who used drugs to arrest her development (to prolong her kiddie career). As a result at age 19 she is still flat-chested and has no pubic hair.

    Without dwelling on the porn overtones of this absurd set-up, it's full speed ahead to Karen taking on the case and using hormone therapy to reverse the bad effects on the kid. "Four months later" reads the card on screen, and it's time for Karen to give the girl a gynecological exam (prurient enough for the DVD viewer to enjoy), followed by busty Raquel's incestuous sex with Scarlet.

    The plot thickens as Fisher enlists willing patient Adriana Chechik to pretend to be her daughter in a scene that mirrors Girlfriends' favorite blocking, the four principal actresses sitting in a row as Karen proposes having sex with Scarlet to undo the inappropriate relationship of the Raquel/Scarlet incest. Oddball story escalates from there to Adriana making love to Raquel, and then the obligatory extraneous sex scene of Fisher having Sapphic sex with another patient, Prinzzess. As frequently is the case, Prinzzess doesn't remain in character once the XXX action begins, showing exceptional sexual prowess (after hundreds of porno sex assignments) unbefitting to her inexperienced character.

    Through it all, Karen's skill at calmly delivered, credible improvised dialog holds the preposterous saga together.