The security person at the railway station on the bridge when Aditya runs to catch the taxi is the same one who was at the reception of the hotel.


During the song Tum Se Hi when it is raining and Aditya gets out of his car after seeing Geet, his coat is already wet as he comes out of his car, which shows that multiple takes were done.


At the station when Geet buys a water bottle, she takes a very small sip in the beginning; however, after a chat with the shop-owner, a considerably larger amount of water is missing from the bottle.


Right before the scene when Geet and Aditya hitch a ride on the truck, Aditya is carrying the backpack when he signals to the truck. In the next shot; however, Geet is holding the backpack.


In the song Mauja Hi Mauja, Geet's shirt strap disappears in one shot while seen throughout the rest of the song.

Crew or equipment visible

Microphone is visible in the reflection of the mirror when Geet's mom asks Geet about how she has been, when she came back home after nine months.

Errors in geography

Aditya leaves Mumbai in Punjab Mail from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST). Punjab Mail takes the central route and reaches Delhi via Itarsi, Bhopal, but in the movie, the train takes the Western route via Ratlam, Kota.

Factual errors

The train 2137 Punjab Mail runs between Mumbai and Firozpur (Punjab), not between Mumbai-Delhi as shown in movie.

Revealing mistakes

When Aditya and Geet arrive together by car at her family home, the scene plays out with them talking together in the back seat, but when they finally get out of the vehicle, we see there's no one behind the wheel of the car to have driven them there.