Geet Kaur Dhillon: [all dressed up and with a bag] I am running away.

Aditya D, Kashyap: [awakened and trying to process] Geet. Don't ever do that. Okay?

Geet Kaur Dhillon: I am doing it. Everything is planned. I have come to say bye to you.

Aditya D, Kashyap: You are leaving NOW? As in, RIGHT NOW?

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Yes. You stay here for a few days. After that, you go back home to Mumbai, okay?

Aditya D, Kashyap: Hang on, hang on. You are running away and I should stay here?

Geet Kaur Dhillon: So what?

Aditya D, Kashyap: Tomorrow, Manjeet will spill the beans, and these people - who already think that you and I are having an affair - they will tie me to the buffalos.

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Great. Then you come with me, too.

Aditya D, Kashyap: If we run away together, their suspicion will be confirmed!

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Big deal. What difference does that make to you?

Aditya D, Kashyap: [realizing] Correct. What difference does that make to me?

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Come on, let's go.

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Mister, are you convinced or shall I say more?

Geet Kaur Dhillon: You are so selfish. You are thinking only about yourself. What about me?

Aditya D, Kashyap: What about YOU? This is YOUR life. It's YOUR plan. You are going to elope. What am I doing here? I mean, I am taking the risk of running away with the girl, people are looking for me to murder me, and I don't even GET the girl!

Anshuman: [over phone] Yes?

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Hello, Anshuman?

Anshuman: Geet?

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Yes.

Aditya D, Kashyap: Come on. come on, abuse him.

Anshuman: Was that Aditya Kashyap's voice?

Geet Kaur Dhillon: [nervously] Yes.

Anshuman: Hello?

Aditya D, Kashyap: Come on.

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Anshuman, I wanted to say that...

Anshuman: [Very sympathetic] Tell me, Geet.

Aditya D, Kashyap: [insistently] Don't think. Don't think. Just sat it.

Anshuman: Hello?

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Dog.

Aditya D, Kashyap: Yes!

Anshuman: What?

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Dog. Fool.

Anshuman: Hello, Geet.

Aditya D, Kashyap: Fantastic.

Geet Kaur Dhillon: [Softly] You bastard...

Aditya D, Kashyap: Fantastic.

Geet Kaur Dhillon: You child of a pig. Did you think that I will suffer for you my entire life if you leave me? YOU will suffer, you rascal!

Anshuman: [Shocked] Geet...

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Worms will eat you. You will die a dog's death! After dying you will roast in Hell-fire forever, you rascal!

[hangs up, smilingly]

Geet Kaur Dhillon: All my friends tell me their problems. And I solve them. Do you know? I am that kind of girl, like an agony aunt whose articles come in the magazines. I'm just like that. Tell me. What's the matter? Tell me what is your problem. Tell me. Don't feel shy. What is your problem? Tell me.

Aditya D, Kashyap: YOU are my problem! You are talking non-stop! Don't you understand that I am not interested in talking to you?

Station master: A girl traveling alone is like an open treasure box. Yes. Do you know? Do you know what could happen with you?

Aditya D, Kashyap: You are such a cartoon. Do you know that?

Geet Kaur Dhillon: But I know karate.

Aditya D, Kashyap: So?

Geet Kaur Dhillon: I'm just informing you. I'm a brown belt.

Aditya D, Kashyap: I see, I see, I see... You know karate, meaning if I tried to rape you, then you will use karate on me. Right?

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Possible. I mean, yes, absolutely. I just look like this, but I've beaten many people.

Aditya D, Kashyap: Don't worry. I won't rape you.

Geet Kaur Dhillon: You can't do it.

Aditya D, Kashyap: I don't want to do it.

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Even if you wanted to, you couldn't.

Aditya D, Kashyap: Are you trying to provoke me to rape you?

Geet Kaur Dhillon: No. I am just trying to clarify it so that you don't get any wrong signals.

Aditya D, Kashyap: The way he threw you out of his life, just throw him out of your life, man. Photograph! His photogragh! Burn his photograph and flush him out of your life. Give me his photo.

Geet Kaur Dhillon: I don't have one.

Aditya D, Kashyap: Shit. Okay, we will call him and you will abuse him. Even better. Abuse him as much as you want.

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Aditya, please...

Aditya D, Kashyap: It is childish! Great, Be childish. Abuse him. Take out your anger. You'll feel fantastic!

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Listen... Aditya, listen. Aditya...

Aditya D, Kashyap: Shh. It's ringing. Be ready. Abuse him as much as you want, okay? Here.

Geet Kaur Dhillon: Please...

Anshuman: [over phone] Hello.

Aditya D, Kashyap: Hello? Anshuman? One second.

Aditya D, Kashyap: [passing the phone to Geet] Come on. Come on, just go for it!

Anshuman: Hello?

Aditya D, Kashyap: [to Geet] Come on!

Geet Kaur Dhillon: [nervously taking the phone] Hello?

Aditya D, Kashyap: Have your first extra-marital affair with me. Then, I will ALSO be happy.