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  • A Hallmark movie is a hallmark movie. They are just pretty much all the same. Couple meets, an almost kiss, a misunderstanding and then the final kiss, roll credits. And quite frankly that's what I love about them. This one didn't follow the formula which could be good but unfortunately, in this case, it didn't work as well. Love love Benjamin and Rachel but for some reason they just did not click in this movie. There was no spark. I really think that Hallmark is cranking these out too fast and too many. They are forsaking quality for quantity.
  • The Hallmark movie delivered its standard fare with Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas. The actors were older and throughout the movie learning to be wiser. Complications arise on do I take a job or not and move away from a perfect town and join the rat race.

    By the end of the movie wiser and in love is the answer for characters Willow and David. They represent a mature couple needed, but seldom seen in Hallmark Christmas movie- and it definitely works. However, with that being said the movie is mediocre. I just did not feel that Rachael Leigh Cook was committed to the role.
  • Beautiful Christmas setting but quite predictable. All the cliches were in place and the actors just going through their paces. Just did not feel love growing between the lead actors, too bad, should have had much more spark.
  • The actors are Canadian, I understand. But they could at least get the local flavor. We're not all hillbillies, but the male lead is far too "urban" for the setting. The blue ridge mountains have an Appalachian Accent in the residents .Also, even the mountains of Virginia do not see much snow until well after Christmas. I wish they would try to get the regional flavor. Even the "inn " looks out of place. The acting was okay , though
  • JSGal3 December 2019
    Although the scenery was beautiful with all the Christmas decor, I found Willow played by Rachel Leigh Cook, extremely aggravating! After reassuring the owner of the inn that he would not have to do a thing to help prepare for her sister's wedding because she would handle everything, Willow was constantly interfering in his job, where he was going for partnership of his law firm, and texting him or in his face almost nonstop! Honestly, I found myself telling her to shut up and leave the poor guy alone!
  • dial911book10 November 2019
    From the very beginning I noticed how visually lovely are the sets, scenery, decorations, even the outfits people are wearing. The women's hair and makeup are perfect.

    The story is a little predictable in the Hallmark genre. So much beauty, care, and refinement in the cinematography made me want to watch every minute, sometimes stopping the DVR recording just marvel.

    It occurs to me that the soundtrack was also crystal clear, with just the right amount of music.

    Very nice show.
  • Yikes!

    Forget sparks-Rachael Leigh Cook and Benjamin Ayres have a bad vibe going on. Ms. Pushy & Mr. Busy/Disinterested are a bad match from the first.

    "I'll do everything!" She insists, twice. He makes her repeat it. Then we're hit with the montage of her in-your-face involvement and time swallowing.

    Did Hallmark think this was cute?

    Willow is entitled and overbearing. David offers stammered half-objections. Both mannerisms would be annoying from characters 10 years younger.

    Trust us HMC; this is way too much wedding detail for anyone to care about.

    The 1 star goes to Cook for trying with this missed lasso. In the same way David is checked out with the inn, Ayres seems to be dialing it in from another set.
  • The inn and Christmas decorations were beautiful and if you're interested in planning a Christmas wedding, there are lots of ideas! I like the romance elements in these movies and it was here that the movie was found lacking. It has the requisite happy ending (not a spoiler bc we all know it will happen!) but not much in the way of a lead up to it!! Just not one of my favorites.
  • I like Rachel Leigh Cook but this story is annoying. She pesters this guy non stop to decorate his inn for her sisters wedding and Christmas.

    Give it a miss.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is more about the inn which is the focus for waxing on about personal memories that people build up over time. Sometimes they hold on to them, which can be good or bad, maybe even both.

    This movie appeared on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries which isn't always about romance. Often HMM focuses on a mystery which can be a crime mystery or it can be about a hidden secret. Usually if the latter, there is a very heartwarming climax. I wouldn't say that this movie excelled at any of the three - crime, secret or romance. As I indicated already, the primary focus seems to be about memories or the past. There is some romance, but that wasn't the focus and it really was a lackluster romance. It certainly didn't seem that what romance there was justified life changing decisions, but then personal love seemed to be only a part of the motivation in the climax, probably a secondary motivation.

    The story is a bit unusual for a Christmas movie. There are some hints of some common tropes, but mostly the movie was different. I thought the story would be considered boring if not for the fact that the movie was really more about the exploration of the feelings already discussed associated with the past. So I think some people will consider it boring. While I appreciated the exploration of those feelings, I didn't find the movie scintillating by any means.

    One thing that didn't help is that the romance, secondary as it was, might have generated some interested and goodwill in the viewer except that this romance itself fell flat. There was very little chemistry. There was a very little between Willow and Natalie, and a very little bit between Willow and David. Of the two, the former was more interesting. David and Willow spent more time dealing with the inn or the wedding than anything personal between them. When they did get personal, a lot of that revolved around memories.

    The solution to the movie's central conflict seemed pretty obvious to me and I don't know why it took them so long to arrive at it. It would have made sense even leaving out any romance.

    I don't think I will watch this again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Although we've finally found a couple of the 2019 Hallmark Christmas movies that we really enjoyed, I can't include this one in that list. I didn't feel any chemistry between the leads, and their stories were more of the recent spate of Hallmark cliches, so there was no drama -- no tension about what decisions they'd make. (The big corporate job always loses. LOL)

    The acting overall was flat, with just no real energy, and that's also been an issue with many of these Hallmark movies the last couple of years.
  • 6/10 - I wasn't a big fan of the male lead's character, but I was glad to see Rachel Leigh Cook join the Hallmark Christmas movie family
  • towner-3418323 November 2019
    I just wanted to mention what a little cutie Lina/Natalie was. I enjoyed the movie and I hope Hallmark puts her in more movies. I enjoy all the actors in the movie. Beautiful!!!
  • Luvhallmark11 January 2020
    I'm not really sure where to start but I will start by saying - this movie was awful!! Absolutely ZERO chemistry between main leads, I've never seen the male lead and I have no clue who he is. I know who RLC is - I've always enjoyed her performances but not this one... she appeared stiff!! This movie was so hard to watch but I continued on so I could write a review about the entire movie, not just half. I'm thinking RLC had some work done which is fine but it's a little distracting when the only thing moving is her mouth. I will not give any additional details but in my opinion, oh boy did this movie disappoint.
  • sfranks-2448629 December 2019
    I have this a seven because I generally like the lead actress. The story was kind of blah. I mean the lead guy invited a stranger to his friends wedding. Not too believable. I've seen better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas" manages to invoke the intended comforting effect many made-for-tv Christmas films strive for: the feeling of familiarity in setting and hope for positive change. We enjoy films like this often in spite of how unrealistic they are. I can't think of a more prominent recent example than this one. That the movie manages to entertain this in spite of its miscasting is impressive. For a film set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, no one is overweight or speaks with any kind of southern accent. The actors are miscast in that they do not reflect the setting of where these people live. The movie is enjoyable if you disregard the title (how unfortunate that "Blue Ridge" is there) and watch it as a story of two burdened people growing closer over a shared project.

    Rachael Cook stars as a hotel manager from New York returning home to Virginia to help plan her sister's wedding. Cook plays this Willow as a focused woman who doesn't ever slow down. She proposes the idea of having the wedding at Eagle Ridge, a hotel her family used to own. The family later sold it to the Lyndon family lead by widower David (Benjamin Ayres). David works at a local law firm and likes to repeatedly mention he is about to make partner. Willow enlists his help to turn the hotel's barn into a wedding venue ostensibly so he can sell the hotel to a buyer who wishes to use it as a wedding venue.

    Ayres portrays David seemingly with a sense of world weariness. I don't know if it was intentional or if it was due to the actor's disinterest in the role. Regardless, I found the performance fit his character well. As a result of his wife's death, he seems to have foregone the possibility of doing anything besides working as a lawyer. Willow acts somewhat similarly to him though less tragic in her backstory. The lack of a "spark" as other reviewers mention fits these two characters. Neither is bereft of emotion and love slowly develops between them.

    The main actors often wear contrasting red and green outfits. It puts us in the mood for Christmas. Otherwise, there is little about the film that reminds one of the holidays. The bride walks through a beautiful Christmas wedding arch. It's so visually interesting that the director shows it twice. The panoramic view of the decorated hotel are beautiful. Watch the film for those moments even if you don't care for the story.

    By many measures, Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas should be a failure. The actors play their characters just right and the visuals are interesting. I give a cautious recommendation.
  • Story line seems quick and not very well planned. Nothing in this movie even resembles the Blue Ridge Mountains... I understand not using actors who can't fake a southern accent, but at least use a local town. I only gave this a 2 star, because it wouldn't save a one. I couldn't even finish watching...
  • A Hallmark film as flat as a christmas card. The problem here is the walking-talking Ken Doll, going under the name of Bejamin Ayres. People say some actors "phone-in" a performance - this one was texted in, Because of that, there's absolutely no spark with Cook, who is not exactly a lightning bolt herself. Budget was saved by just wandering around the same shed and street scenes. Script was very poor and pointless, even for Hallmark. I know Leigh Cook is no teenager, but the other issue with the script was the concept of her getting pervy with Ayres, who presents as borderline creepy Uncle....with "issues". Not nice. All that Blue Mountain beauty was wasted on this turkey.