Oliver: A melancholy Dane!

John Polonius: Don't go to battle with me, your Majesty. You don't have the stomach for it!

Paige Morgan: That was impressive!

King Edvard: Don't look so surprised! You're on TV!

Paige Morgan: Søren, who else knows where we are going?

Soren: Oh, apart from everyone?

John Polonius: You think the people will thank you for higher gas prizes?

King Edvard: My people care about more than just gas prizes.

John Polonius: Do they? We'll see about that! Enjoy your honeymoon, your Majesty!

Scott: I, Scott Albertson, wrote this book. None of it is true. Oh - and I'm a big jerk. Questions?

King Edvard: This isn't a 'bad day', Paige. This is a public relations nightmare

Paige Morgan: Thank you for bringing him home.

Oliver: It was a pleasure to carry the leader of my homeland - over my shoulder.

King Edvard: Everytime I turn around - there's my wife's good pal, Scotty! Why is that? I mean, this is... my Honeymoon, isn't it?

John Polonius: I'm trying to ruin a man - not make him blush.