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  • Little more than a legal alternative to kiddie porn, this Girlfriends release consists of mainly underage-looking actresses having Sapphic sex. The intros featuring the label's trademark 4-girl visual composition soon splits into couples humping away in mechanical fashion.

    Exception to the "petite girls" format is casting tall, tall Alexa Grace as one of the teens, sticking out like a sore thumb. The "tutor" gimmick is extraneous here, but uncredited director B. Skow is careful to appeal to fetish fans by including both schoolgirl and cheerleader costumes.

    Silliest scene has Elsa Jean, who is portrayed in the dialog as brainy (e.g., graduated from college at age 18) using a cute little skeleton to teach horny Gia Derza about anatomy, prior to lending her own body to identify the location of items like the clitoris.