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  • I like sketch shows and looking forward to this one out of Canada. But of course its just trying to hard to tick all the left boxes. With a mixed cast cast you would think it would bring more culture and diverse views to the table but its really not an educated funny show. There is no laughs to be had in this 'comedy' show. Its really not saying much on anything that its target audience wouldn't agree with and thats a shame because it comes off as one sided and unfunny. This is the type of show that looks, 'for claps not for laughs' from the audience. 1 episode of Letterkenny is worth a hundred of this show.
  • Nonsense jokes that don't hit. Weak plot with unlikable characters. Just a genuinely terrible show that should've never been made. If you want good Canadian TV: Letterkenny, Kim's Convenience, Anne with an E, and Trailer Park Boys.