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  • Apparently the fix was in, as this volume like so many others in this daring! Media compilation series dwells relentlessly on the work of Ken Docherty, aka Kendo, the self-appointed major domo of artsy porn.

    So what may appear to the hovice as a house style for the Euro porn label is actually just Ken's repetitious techniques, notably here the flashy editing, repeated images, heavily cropped images, and cold, remote approach to depicting explicit sex. Many talented performers get overwhelmed by these artifices.

    Surviving better is a clip from Anjali Kara's fine "Limousine", in which Tamara Grace and Scarlett Lovatt take on Marc Rose's cock next to and atop the hood of a Bentley.

    Similarly, Kara's crime movie "The Honey Trap" offers a stylish excerpt which shows that kink queen Lolly Badcock is more than up for taking on Danny D's immense dick without being upstaged by it.