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  • lor_19 September 2019
    First half of this Adult Time DVD release was previously released on DVD as part of "The Daughter Deal", taken from Pure Taboo web content. Now it's back under the DVD umbrella title of "Swapping Family" with its sequel included, though on screen the credits also retain the original and more appropriate moniker "Swapping Daughters".

    Pervert husband and wife the Valentines (Dick Chibbles, one of "Pure Taboo"'s most hissable creeps and lesbian icon Syren De Mer) have made a cultural exchange arrangement with a like-minded and perverted couple in Canada (perhaps an in-joke tribute to the fact that all this Bree porn is funded by Montreal-based Gamma Ent.), trading their daughters like exchange students.

    The Valentines' offspring is played by Maya Kendrick in a NonSex cameo, departing by Uber (manned by crew member AJ Bucks) at the opening of the show, while attractive Alex Blake is the Canook girl arriving at the Valentine homestead.

    Suffice it to say that a lengthy three-way results after the oldies force Alex to have sex with them, and the young actress steps way out of character, handling the XXX content like a seasoned sex worker rather than an outraged teen. It's another bleak ending to this one.

    But the sequel follows, letting us find out what happened to Maya Kendrick, who gets a sexual workout in "Swapping Daughters: The Other Family".

    Maya Kendrick arrives in the Great White North, greeted by homespun couple Dee Williams and Mr. Pete, with their overage son Seth Gamble (who's too old to be Pete's kid).

    Unsubtle script and direction has many a too-obvious warning sign that Maya is in trouble (her phone taken away and lascivious behavior by the family on display though they say Grace before dining and are almost Luddite in their old-fashioned facades.

    Of course, like poor Alex in the USA, Maya becomes their sex slave with an elaborate foursome staged that the fans will appreciate, especially with the very big breasts of naturalistic MILF Dee on display. It's never believable, but mean-spirited enough to make the cut as a Pure Taboo exercise.

    With so much content cranked out on its dozen-plus labels, it is disappointing to see Bree & co. foisting a disguised reissue (the first half) without warning label on us DVD fans.