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  • While the original Nailed It! is a fun escapist show that keeps its atmosphere light and friendly. Naided It! France is the bitter mean spirited sibling you wish you didn't know.

    The show has the same overall format as its American counterpart wherein 3 amateur bakers tackle professional bakes for a cash prize, but host Victor Artus Solaro seems to revel in pointing and laughing at the failure of the contestants with more or less the same attitude one would expect from a playground bully. The other judges more or less mimic this attitude and the whole show just feels toxic and unpleasant. I watch shows like this to FORGET about pointless cruelty, NOT to revel in it!
  • I love Nailed It and its holiday spin off but there aren't enough episodes. Instead of canceling Netflix I watched the other spin offs.

    The Mexico one is very good, the German one is good and the Spain one is fine. However, the French version is as fun and funny as the original.

    If you're craving more Nailed It, give this spin off a try.
  • Having watched the American original which was fun but became rather samey after a few episodes, I had average expectations going into the French version. How wrong I was! We laughed so much. At one point a mixer is obliterated by a contestant, while a bowl is smashed and another contestant sustains a baking-related eye injury. At no point did i feel that the hosts were mean spirited. Often they gave constructive feedback, and were generally supportive, but of course they'll poke a little bit fun. Nailed It isn't supposed to be cataloguing the greatest bakers ever, and the contestants don't take themselves seriously. It's just a bit of fun!