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  • When William Friedkin directed 'Cruising'back in 1980, he put a disclaimer at the beginning of his film saying that it was no way intended to describe the gay community in its whole, but only part of it. (Probably in order to avoid hurting certain sensitivities, or maybe to avoid a law suit..) Anyway, his film, despite of having been labeled homophobic by some people, was much less one-dimensional and had a thousand times more substance that this French on-screen garbage, which does definitely not take such precautions: it pushes all the clichés to the extreme limit, and is definitely an insult to any viewer who has some brains. All the gay characters in this nonsense obscene caricature are uniformly depicted as a totally amoral and degenerate population: the director wants to give the impression that any of them is capable of the worse at any given time, postulating so the equation gay=potential murderer.There isn't the tiniest trace of any attempt to give this issue a balanced treatment. Of course, given this situation, it is definitely not difficult to guess how it ends, although I will not say it here... Act to this an absolutely awful acting, an over-dramatized music (probably to fill the lack of any coherent plot)and you can have THE perfect description of a total and premeditated bias, reinforced by the fact that it has been broadcast on prime-time, moreover on a public French TV-channel, this probably in order to 'educate' people the way the new right-wing French government wants them to be. To sum up, this is a pure waste of time for any even slightly educated person and a must-see for brainless homophobes.
  • eduveqa24 August 2017
    The end was crazy didn't make sense to me it made me think about the whole film for few days trying to find a logical answer and I think it depressed me ,always or most of the time gay films end up in sad ends ,I wanted this film to end with a happy ending , good actors , the actor playing the doctor impressed me ...a lot !
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I actually disagree with the other 3 reviewers said about this french gay crime thriller film. I liked the fact it concentrates on a very irritated cop who is trying to be a better father and husband. However he is in love with a medical examiner who has a dark alley up his way. I swear the love that the men had for each other was absoulely wonderful but unfortunately it took a turn for the worst that the medical examiner knew the culprit of the case that police were working on. Then they found out who the murderer was behind the scenes of the professors gay hate death and Eric confronts his lover Emmanuel one last time before he shoots them both with Eric's police gun.

    I thought the ending was bizarre and disappointing like i was so hoping for a happy ending! The whole story would definitely lock you in to becoming even more interested on what happens next!

    I give this romance crime drama a 8/10!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    While the story line was not artfully executed, I attributed that in part to my relying on the subtitles for the plot's details. As the story progressed, at times there were what appeared to me as logic gaps. However, the mystery of the "who done it" kept me involved in the story with the concomitant if somewhat reluctant willing suspension of disbelief. The denouement arrived in the final scene, for which I was totally unprepared for a such a ridiculous, illogical, whacked-out ending, which even after thinking about it for several days now, I can find no rational justification for it either in real life or in cinema life! It is very well acted, however, but as the final credits ran, my suspension of disbelief had leapt to involuntary incredulity. My ultimate conclusion: What can one expect from a French film? After all, they view Jerry Lewis as the world's greatest actor!!