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  • I think if you go with a "it's a copy" frame of mind, there is no way you can be fair to the movie. To me, I haven't seen a movie as strong as this one in a while. Last one was Taare Zamee Par and may be Maine Gandhi ko Nahi Maara.

    The coldness on KK (Brigadier's) face was outstanding. His dialog about "how a cup of coffee is made" and "pigs sweat men perspire" showed how great of an actor he is and how underestimated. I liked Minissha for whatever role she was given. I have been gaga over her since "Yahaan", which was another great movie.

    It is always a treat to watch such movies out of all the junk that bollywood throws out. I agree that the starting of the movie could have done without the Bar song, but by the time the movie ends, you're left wondering. For me, Kay Kay stole the show, where as Rahul Bose again proves his caliber that he showed in "Mr and Mrs Iyer". Go watch this!
  • AishFan4 July 2008
    Shaurya is a movie that illustrates the true meaning and value of gallantry. For decades, whether or not the government is a reliable or not, the public has always had full faith in our soldiers. Stories of valiant soldiers, the bravery needed to fight at the battlefield, the heroic sacrifices they make, and the honorable virtues of honesty, loyalty, and commitment to duty are legacies generations long that make an armed forces and a country proud. However, what is one to make of one soldier shooting a comrade? How can a dedicated soldier attack one of his own? The first answer that comes into the mind, and also the one that most would like to hear, is that the soldier is not one but a terrorist.

    As India liberalizes, Shaurya dares to question some of the actions going on in a group that India has always trusted by and large--the army. While quite a few movies have attempted to venture into this theme, they by no means compare to Shaurya.

    Everything about this movie is fantastic. Two things that stand out the most are the character development and the performances. Each role and dialog is so well-written and thought out. It is not a simple case of good vs. evil, or following the new trend of "gray shade characters", but rather a believable glimpse at reality. There are some brilliant scenes that further enhance the characters. With such meaty and intense roles, all the actors gave marvelous performances right from Rahul Bose (one of his best) to Javed Jaffari. The surprise package was K.K. who was mind-blowing at the climax.
  • I do not know why some good films comes and goes- and no one knows even their names. Such a film is SHAURYA. India's first movie where we admit that human rights violation do happen in our army which is perhaps one of world's top three army force. very good casting, very good screenplay and fantastic display of hard work and dedication. I can not forget K.K. Mennon....he made dramatic impact and why not ...he should. Afterall he from drama and stage....and this much is good for him to have some real exercise but kudos for director who used his capability to act in climax.

    I think everyone should see this and specially for college students. If it could be tax free- I would be more happy.

    ODD: I found heroine opposite R. Bose looks aged. Her face in some shots looks very aged.
  • The inspiration is obvious as the outline of the story in 'Shaurya' is largely taken from Rob Reiner's 'A Few Good Men'. Of course some scenes might trigger memories of other military thrillers like the entertaining but predictable Morgan Freeman- Ashley Judd starred 'High Crimes' or even the awful 'Rules of Engagement' (thankfully this film isn't as bad). Yet, there are many differences that make 'Shaurya' in some way its own movie. However, the makers could have at least acknowledged their source of inspiration just to avoid the accusation of plagiarism.

    The themes handled in 'Shaurya' are very different from that of 'A Few Good Men'. The characters too are dissimilar, although during the courtroom sequences Javed Jaffrey reminds us of Kevin Bacon. The courtroom scenes lift off the original source but most of the rest is something else. Critics have praised 'Shaurya' for being a brave film and in spite of being an inspiration, it 'Indianizes' the film very well. But, does that excuse the film for plagiarizing? The intention isn't to mislead people into thinking this is a complete scene-by-scene copy of 'A Few Good Men' (it isn't) but the resemblance is very noticeable.

    Khan and Malhotra's writing is somewhat good in that they create different characters that are well-developed and they tell an interesting story (in spite of the flaws mentioned). However the movie drags during the entire first half. It picks up rapidly in the second half once Bose's Siddhant gets serious about the case and this only somewhat makes up for the lethargic first hour.

    Most of the performances are noteworthy. Rahul Bose really gives a too laidback performance in the beginning. It gets a little annoying until in the second half his portrayal of his character's transformation reflect his maturity as an actor. Minisha Lamba is very good, as she shares a warm chemistry with Bose and adds charm and determination to her character. But, what's with the excessive makeup? Deepak Dobiyal downplays his part well in most parts. However, in a few scenes it almost borders on wooden. In briefer roles, Seema Biswas is superb and Amrita Rao impresses. Javed Jaffrey is alright. Finally, it is Kay Kay Menon who steals the show in his special appearance. Though his character reminds one of Jack Nicholson in 'A Few Good Men', the actor completely makes the part his own and stands out.

    Some of the songs are nice and pleasant to the ears but a few of them really slow down the pace. Also, some of the themes were presented in a clichéd way, like suspecting Javed Khan of being a terrorist because he's a Muslim. Come on people, there could be other motivations behind his alleged killing rather than him being part of a Jihad group. After all, isn't the military supposed to thoroughly research people's background, especially that of an accused? Such clichés should have been avoided.

    On the whole, 'Shaurya' isn't exactly a bad film but I would have appreciated it much more had it credited the original source and avoided religious clichés. Also tighter editing especially in the first half could have made it more engaging. Nonetheless, it's one of the very few watchable films among Indian cinema this year and it brilliantly ends with Shahrukh Khan's powerful recital of a haunting poem.
  • One of the few movies made on the subject on Indian army and perhaps a reality check. The subject is sensitive and handled quite well. Even if it's a copy of "A Few Good Men", the premise is fitted aptly.

    Rahul Bose characterisation in an attempt to be "kewl" is over-cool (read that as uncool!). Why was it reminding me of Raj of DDLJ?

    Minisha Lamba bubbly character is nothing new, repetitive!

    Seema Biswas delivers as usual a good performance.

    Amrita Rao:: Resilient performance – a revelation indeed.

    Deepak Dobriyal does a fantastic job with his silence in the role of Javed Khan

    Javed Jaafery: Yet again, it shows that Jaaved Jaaffery is under-utilised by the industry.

    Kay Kay Menon:: The way he rules the roost at the border is akin to Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now. The characters motivation is partially drawn from Sunil Shetty in Main Hoon Na. Playing devils advocate, why should the ideology be a resultant of a personal tragedy? Simply it could have been a natural transformation owing to personal beliefs and gradually cemented by the circumstances. In terms of performance it should be written in bold - Kay Kay reigns supreme with his towering performance, especially in the climax which is bound to leave you spellbound. Lots spoken, but if you have to watch Shaurya, make sure the reason is Kay Kay.

    Samar Khan shows a lot of promise. He portrays the borders, army lifestyle, attitude of army men quite well. Hope this movie gives him the recognition he deserves.

    Give it a go!!
  • mohitsaraf6224 June 2017
    One of the few good movies to be churned out from Bollywood in recent times.Actors like K.K. Menon leave you speechless with their spellbinding charm and dialogue delivery in this courtroom drama.Rahul Bose plays an excellent part supporting the narrative in this gem of a movie.Deepak Dobriyal with a few dialogues but his silence leaves a lasting impact on the viewers. This movie couldn't have been what it is without the strong performances of its cast where each character plays an essential part of the narrative set on a strong premise with a hard-hitting message and leaves you on the edge of your seat till the end. This movie is a must watch for everyone.I would give it a 10 but I felt 1 or 2 scenes where unnecessary and editing could have been tight.But still, I consider it as a masterpiece to have come out from Bollywood in the most recent times of junk cinema.
  • Shaurya (means valor), Samar Khan's remake of the Broadway play A Few Good Men by Aaron Sorkin which later adapted for screen by the same title starring Tom Cruise and Demi Moore but is better remembered for histrionics shown in the climatic showdown by Jack Nicholson. I think this film is better than A Few Good Men and in here Kay Kay leaves the screen blazing with his powerhouse performance as power drunk army legend cum tyrant.

    Movie is a court marshal courtroom drama. In the terror sensitive area one night a search mission a high ranked officer is shot point blank in face by its very own fellow troop officer Javed Khan (Vikram Dobrayal, a talent later tapped by Anurag Kashyap and Vishal Bhardwaj) for the motive unknown till a cavalier lawyer finds the reasons behind the shooting as well himself in the course of the movie. Lawyer is Siddhant (Rahul Bose with usual conviction) an army lawyer who spends his time off the court in adventure sports like bungee-jumping or late night partying, a staple of young generation refuting to take on responsibilities. In a way Shaurya is his coming-of-the-age story as well. With some quick developments he is soon embroiled in the same case he is least eager to take on. Clueless is what and mocked by local journalist (Minisha Lamba) and many others his own friend played unevenly by Javed Jaffery he slowly makes his way to path of self discovery.

    There is a timely scene where foolhardy Sid is quite for the first time in the movie introspecting in army mess, joined by journalist who orders a chilled beer and cracks, "It doesn't fit in small town morality, right?" He describes an incident from his childhood to her when he accompanied his dad on rock climbing and narrowly escaped death in a blind valley. While dangling with the help of branch or something he says when he saw down at that never ending valley suddenly it was peaceful, he felt strong. Then coming back to present sighs, "Aaj Vo Saali Khaai Kahin Nazar Nahi Aa Rahi.."(Damn! that valley is no where in sight)

    Digging secrets and investigating the case leads to call Rudra Pratap Singh to the witness box but of course. He is a legend someone says in the movie you just don't call him. He is played by Kay Kay with the blend of narcissism and aristocratic swagger simply blows your mind. There are specifically two scenes when he is called for trial which stands out and highly explosive. One is set outside the court where he invites Siddhant for a drink beside a bonfire to shake him up. He mocks his mild reaction ("Nice") to the how Single Malt tastes and therefore entire younger generation which is nothing but about convenience, fast food, consumerism and their absolute inability to feel what a purist like him and his clan can. "Duniya Me Do Hi Anubhav Shudha Hai major, Ek Shaurya Aur Dusara Single Malt", he says. Kay Kay never underplays it. Second the big revelation finale in the court with ideology going ashtray and communal hatred flowing in their so called pureblood. These are extremely well written and brilliantly acted scenes.

    And yes, film does suffer from a bit of bad editing (some unnecessary scenes, songs pops out of nowhere etc.), obligatory romance between lead pair and the issue it is tackling though executed well I felt director took an easy way out. Despite few reservations movie is worth recommending. It has some good writing and excels in the scenes with Kay Kay. In the end, film has its heart and this is a film cares about its characters and makes us care about them. Why don't filmmakers legally buy the copyrights and call it a remake or mention its sources? It would have been more honorable.
  • Shaurya was not a well made movie, especially give the source material i.e. A Few Good Men. In fact it's not fair to compare to the Hollywood movie as apart from the key aspects i.e. army court martial case and court room drama there is nothing to say that Shaurya is a remake.

    According to to description on the back of the CD case Shaurya means valor or courage. So where's the shaurya as Sid and Kaavya develop their romance? The movie's about the court case and the facts that lead up to the start of the trial and yet there's no instance of Sid poring over the case, learning about the background and the facts, preparing himself for the trial. In fact it's not until the last third of the movie when he actually says that he has a military law degree that I realized he was an army lawyer. Most of the time he was busy living it up playboy style, first doing bungee jumping, then going to a night club and then walking around the army base in jeans and stylish top. His "tour" of the crime scene was a complete joke. And when Kaavya is arrested he spends more time and emotion on her welfare than on the case in hand...

    The film had three bright being when Sid is running through the forest and stops at the bottom of a valley looking up a cliff. That was scenically gorgeous and breathtaking. The second was the impromptu marriage in the middle of the night that had me smiling a bit. The third being Kay Kay's performance in the court.

    Screenplay and direction was weak. Apart from the part where Sid decides he needs a tour of the crime scene but does absolutely nothing there there's another pointless scene worth noting- the visit to the dead man's home. It was nothing more than filler and yet when Sid and Kaavya left they somehow managed to discover that his wife hated her husband and that they felt the hate, all without us the audience realizing the fact. Poor, poor direction. But when your realize that director is the same person who brought the horrible and utterly worthless Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye to the screen you begin to understand...

    Performance wise...Rahul Bose was very very disappointing and I do like his movies. At no point in the movie was he convincing as an army lawyer and seemed to emote the skills of a privileged spoiled movie star's son. The movie hinged on him and he let it down big time. Minissha Lamba looked old and tired. At times she looked like a forty year old woman trying to look like a twenty year old woman. Her acting was decent in most parts but this was a pointless role for her. She disappears forty minutes before the movie ends. The romantic angle was unnecessary and even after it was introduced the director did little to develop it making it even more pointless. Amrita Rao in her small role was actually quite good and showed her acting talent which I didn't think she had. Even Seema Biswas was good. Javed Jaffrey not only acted bad but his was completely miscast. Put a plank of wood in his place and have a dubbed voice and that was JJ. His dialogue was barked at every instant and his deep, utterly emotionless voice was completely wrong. Kay Kay was very good. He oozed arrogance and you disliked him and that was his job and he did it really well. His court room scene was well done- the emotion on his face raw, the anger in his voice palpable. He was really good.

    Who should watch this? If you're a fan of Minissha and would watch her even if she was in a movie for 10 seconds. If you're a die hard Rahul Bose fan. And I mean die hard. For Kay Kay (and that only for one scene at the end of the movie). Otherwise this is a miss.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So you have the 'I'm too cool for my job' Rahul Bose who in spite of being in armed forces sleeps till 1 PM and has to be woken up by his spectacled-hence-pencil-pusher friend.

    You have the bubbly reporter who introduces her character by speaking everything we need to know, out loud in her only conversations with herself.

    Then you have the scenes where Rahul Bose is cooler than everybody around him so he won't even look at the files of the case he has been handed, you have the scene where the reporter makes him realize the error of his ways, you have the melodramatic mother's monologue, the family history of being patriotic, the cigar smoking brigadier, the preparing for the case with coffee montage, the stopping in the middle of an highway because it is important to recreate the crime scene ASAP... but all of this you were ready for.

    What you weren't ready for was the preaching, you weren't ready for the story that would not have been possible without the Brigadier who HAD to have it for an entire religion. That the accused HAD to be a Muslim to be tried and perhaps even HAD to be a Muslim to be humane enough.

    Don't waste your time people. Watch 'A Few Good Men' again and read some book on secularism. This movie isn't worth it.
  • Bollywood has an uncanny ability to Indianize the remake. Given that a large majority of our cinema, the songs and perhaps even the dialogue is rehashed from dated Hollywood, Tollywood and whatever wood European, Chinese and Korean cinema comes from, its astounding how Indian each remake looks.

    You would almost believe its supposed "inspired tag" Shaurya is different and watchable because for most parts, it retains the flow, feel and texture of A Few Good Men with the Indian confused state of existence in Kashmir as the backdrop.

    Rahul Bose, plays Tom Cruise (who played Jerry McGuire in AFGM) in a controlled fashion and brings his own personality into the character of an Army Lawyer. Kay Kay Menon is convincing. The plot is reasonably tight but tends to bore you in bits.

    *What's good Kashmir. Breathtaking! Good controlled acting and decent dialogues. A believable and realistic plot and some good court sequences.

    *What's not The pangs of boredom you feel. The plot is flat and familiar. You've seen AFGM and you know how things will end.

    Watching the movie with Army folk. They rant about breach of protocol or whatever that means to us 'bloody civilians'
  • As suggested by the look of the movie, it is about military background, but its entirely based on a court martial case about a incident which involves a senior officer killed by his subordinate.

    First of all its no doubt a polished inspired version of Rob Reiner's 1992 movie "A Few Good Men". Secondly its quite surprising that this is a work of the same director who directed "Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye". Samar Khan has really worked on his mistakes and directed a much better movie this time. Though the movie has its downslides but still its worth watching specially for viewers with the thinking caps.

    Script wise Rahul Bose is playing the lawyer here fighting the case for the accused who has opted to be silent. Kay Kay is the Top Official person who is the culprit responsible for the blood-shed and Minisha Lamba is the journalist investigating with Rahul.

    Talking about performances, Rahul starts off as laid back person but then transforms into a serious one with a mission on hand. He just does a fine job, but the fire seems missing in his fight. Minisha looks cute and gets a good role here. But she also looks pretty mature at places (may be due to make-up). Javed Jaffery as the opponent lawyer friend is just there to say his lines and doesn't have much to do. On the other hand Amrita Rao impresses in her small cameo.

    And above all there is Kay Kay who we all know is a great actor. He just outshines everyone in the few scenes he got. In fact I rate his scenes with Rahul, as the most powerful and the only saving grace for the movie. As the subject of movie differs from the original so there should be no comparisons made between Kay Kay and Jack Nicholson (The responsible top official in "A Few Good Men").

    Shaurya starts off slowly and the main problem is that nothing happens till the interval. There is no excitement in the first half and a song just after the intermission adds to the restlessness of the viewer.

    There are two things which I couldn't understand about the film-making here : 1. Why we always have to add songs and unrelated emotional angles in the movie. Samar should have avoided the songs completely in order to make the movie more tighter and to the point. And again the friendship angle of Rahul – Javed was also of no use and doesn't have anything to contribute in the narration. 2. Why we cannot make a film on a theme, like Internal Military Affairs or Secrets. Why we have to induce regional and religious hatred into our scripts. Cannot we make a film on certain "Subjects" instead of just talking negatively about any particular religion.

    In the last 20 minutes the movie just turns into a normal revenge drama with the backdrop of communal riots. Only this time there is a high official person using his powers to take revenge from a particular community.

    As I see it the movie could be a far better experience if this angle would have been avoided. It could have been a thrilling court room drama based on exciting investigating sequences. But sadly it can only be called as a well made thoughtful movie, entertaining only to a certain section of viewers.

    Recommendations: If you like this flick, I would recommend to see the following two movies too. 1. A Few Good Men (1992) 2. High Crimes(2002) You will really have a good time watching these.
  • abhijeet-3323413 November 2016
    This is the first time I am writing a review for any movie. It really was a brilliant work done by the director.

    Story line is not really the best feature of this movie but Some marvelous dialogues and exceptional performance by K K Menon makes this movie very special.

    For me it was one of the best performances of K. K. Menon as Brigadier Rudra Pratap Singh.

    Talking about other aspects, music is really average but not boring. Movies really has very few songs.

    Performance of Javed Jaffrey is respectively better than Rahul Bose.

    There are certain memorable scene in this movie. Whether we talk about giving respect to a cup of coffee or the last intense court scene.

    Some good moments when Menon tells Mishra that "only pigs sweat, men perspire", you will really love those.

    When we talk about the last court scene, it could have been any better. I was really amazed see the furious facial expression of Menon. When I saw that scene in the theater I was thinking that how can actor perform in stock a realistic manner.

    So my rating to the movie is 9/10.
  • It may look like a remake of a few good men but its an earnest effort...wished the maker had carried out more research and also padded it up more commercially a must watch performances of the entire cast is top notch with Rahul Bose again displaying enough to prove his versatilely.... Minissa Lamba does not look like a journalist by any distance.... some of the story seems to be wanting in content and adaptation..... Court Martial scenes seem more from the US Army set up... Javed Jaffery and Kay Kay are outstanding as ever.... It would have been better if there were some more lighter moments ... scenes like the search in the village are very authentic and are tense... ......
  • Indian Scenario - The movie is a copy of the English title "A Few Good Men" albeit with story from Kashmir.One can match the roles of the Cast from the English title.

    There is enough juice to make movie. Let's start to just DUB the movies and may be we would enjoy a little more.

    Indian Scenario - The movie is a copy of the English title "A Few Good Men" albeit with story from Kashmir.One can match the roles of the Cast from the English title.

    There is enough juice to make movie. Let's start to just DUB the movies and may be we would enjoy a little more.
  • Bollywood really needs to look into it. They don't even know how army opeartes , where they operate, what they really do. Director needed to do some research before making movies on Indian army.
  • It was a nice one. The plot, screenplay and some moments were really amazing. And my God: Kay Kay Menon's performance is exceptional!
  • I got to know that this movie is copied from "A Few Good Men" (inspired you say), but who cares we want good movies and this stands out a great movie. Unlike other Indian military movies it is not about the war and struggle but it is a court-drama which is beautifully crafted by the director. I would like to congratulate the Cinematographer who captured the film very well. Here I don't have to mention about the Kay Kay Menon's Acting skills. You really made me feel with your performance, Sir.
  • Before I watched Shaurya I was warned by several people that it was a copy of a few good men, however I put that aside when watching the movie.

    The story is centered around a court martial, where the defendant is being represented by Bhose. There is a gamut of other actors including Javed Jaffrey, Seema Biswas, KK Menon and Minissha Lamba, among others, all in supporting roles. While the movie unfolds in an interesting manner it is at a painfully slow pace.

    A decent chunk of the first half is spent defining Bose's "too cool for school" and Jaffrey's "Mr. may I help you" characters and their inexplicable friendship. The Indian army is sufficiently "bollywoodised" with Bose getting a transfer to be with his friend, sleeping in till 1:00 and wearing incorrect uniforms.

    The pace finally picks up in the second half of the film, with many unanswered questions being answered. Acting improves as the court martial takes center stage. Menon does not fail to impress, however Bose is simply annoying and Lamba an unnecessary addition.

    Very few films such as this are churned out of Indian cinema. Although it is not top notch it is worth a watch.
  • Except the stellar performer Kay Kay Menon everyone else is wrongly casted. What an awful performance by the lead cast And Kay Kay , take a bow..watched this movie till last only for his roaring performance ! And need to ask the director one thing.. how dare you make such an awful ripped-off version of a legendary movie "A Few Good Men" ?
  • OMG! Really pathetic copy of a Hollywood classic "A Few Good Men" with the usual minority pandering theme that Bollywood likes. Admittedly, it is a tough job for all to pull off a good Indian version but they further messed it up with a favorite liberal political angle - likely hoping to add something original to an otherwise shameless copy.

    The main actors had no real chance given the poor screenplay. Kay Kay Menon still does a commendable job though he just isn't given the raw material like Jack Nicholson. Rahul Bose has no hope of even being compared to Tom Cruise - with or without a good screenplay.

    Overall, I suggest you watch A Few Good Men once again instead of suffering even once through this pathetic copy.
  • "A Few Good Men" is remade with thespians of Indian cinema. It lacks the cinema potential as the editing, cinematography & narration doesn't quite gel with the serious theme of the movie.

    Talking about discrimination & court-martial, it takes its viewers to a glory trip inside the army court proceedings and everything related to it. This is very good, unless the makers try to Bollywood-ize the script with jolly songs, romance & unnecessary relationship stories.

    Rahul Bose manages to bring humor in to his protagonist character, whereas Kay Kay Menon is more than a guest appearance. Jaaved Jaffrey & Amrita Rao are good, but I am upset with Minnisha Lamba. Supporting cast is fine. As the story gradually makes its point, the climax deviates from the original narrative and culminates into a hasty conclusion. Although, the implication is very easy to interpret, it gives the movie a sinking impression. 6.1/10.

    BOTTOM LINE: Recommended due to its patriotic music & righteousness theme!

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    Profanity: Mild | Nudity/Sex: No | Smoking/Alcohol: Strong | Drugs: No | Violence/Gore: Mild; Implied
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As posted by others below, this movie is loosely based on the academy award winning A few good men. I am okay with Bollywood basing movies on successful Hollywood films as long as it is done sensibly. I was really looking forward to this movie as I really liked AFGM and have watched it many many times. The direction of the movie is terrible, the movie is not paced correctly. A lot of time is spend in characters peripheral to the story and there is no payoff at the end. Also the whole Hindu/Muslim angle did not make sense. It has been done over and over, why not pick something less offensive, something communally neutral? Also, the script is quite weak. It takes Bose weeks to figure out that Javed had 11 bullets left? Are you kidding me?? It took an epiphany to figure that out?? The performance of Bose is no match for Cruise, same is true about all other characters. KKM, as good as he is, come no where close to JN's performance. Another little annoying part of the movie was how some of the dialogues were literal translation (such as "you can't handle the truth"). Why not write more sensible dialogues that make sense in the Indian setting. Guess they are not creative enough to do so...Avoid this one; Two thumbs down.
  • Directed by: Samar Khan Written by: Jaydeep Sarkar, Aparnaa Malhotra and Samar Khan *ing: Rahul Bose, Javed Jaaferi, Kay Kay Menon, Deepak Dobriyal, Minissha Lamba and Amrita Arora

    Shaurya is a story of personal courage amidst conflicting convictions set in the backdrop of the Indian army in Srinagar, Kashmir.

    Javed Khan (Deepak Dobriyal)(a bright, introvert soldier of the Rajputana unit who shoots, his commanding officer, killing him instantly during a terrorist search operation. He is immediately taken under house arrest until the verdict during his court martial. He chooses to remain silent about the incident. With his co-soldiers also testifying against him there is no evidence for his defense.

    His defense is a carefree, careless lawyer Major Siddhant Chaudhry.(Rahul Bose) He was in Srinagar to accompany his friend, the prosecuting lawyer Major Aakash Kapoor (Javed Jaaferi) and satiate his hunger for adventure sports.

    Major Aakash Kapoor charges Javed of links with the 'terrorists he saved' that night at the operation. So was Javed associated with a terrorist group? Or this was all fabricated? Had he shot the commanding officer or was it a terrorist? Watch Sid handle the case with Kaavya shastri (Minissha Lamba) a local journalist, unearthing dark secrets and his shaurya to confront the truth that may ultimately save or kill his defense.

    Shaurya raises some uncomfortable questions. A well executed climax makes up for the slow first half. Shaurya's drawback could be raising too many questions and leaving some unanswered, confusing the viewer. To know what is answered and unanswered, watch the movie : )

    A tight script with true-to-character dialogues does leave a smile on your face in certain scenes. The background score is good with a 'do-away-with' item song. Rahul Bose is natural and performs exceptionally. Deepak Dobriyal as an introvert, guilty soldier does well for his role. Minissha Lamba, Javed Jaaferi, Amrita Arora are good. Kay Kay Menon steals the show. Watch him set the screen ablaze in the climax.

    The casting teams should pat themselves for choosing the right actors. Samar Khan deserves applause for showing Shaurya for making Shaurya. *** P.S: Do leave your comments on
  • a movie which could have been much better on the rating scale. the movie starts off slowly and picks up the tempo in the second half. amazing performance by kay kay menon. he steals the show. he proves that being junior in the industry to rahul bose doesn't matter, but better and different acting style matters a lot. rahul bose is up to his usual style which attracts many. minisha lamba is wasted in the movie. many people were left wondering after the movie, why was she in the movie. certain mistakes in army laws and many 'logic' errors in the movie. the movie also talks abt the personal life of an army officer who has been enjoying his life till now. but now he one life to save. overall a nice movie to watch.
  • Great story, killed brutally by pathetic acting by the lead actors, especially Rahul Bose and Manisha Lamba. Shaurya is a story of an Indian army captain who is accused of killing a decorated officer. The movie doesn't just uncover the reason for the killing but also the reason why the accused captain doesn't want to be defended.

    Story (9/10): Captain Javed Khan is accused of killing his superior, Major Rathore, during an operation in Kashmir and has been on trial for court martial. He has a chance to defend himself but he, instead, chooses to be silent and not be defended. It is a seemingly open and shut case but as the army lawyer defending Javed Khan, Major Siddhant Chaudhry digs deeper into the case with the help of a local reporter, Kaavya Shastri, the trail leads to many faces unearthed. The story has been brilliantly written with some weak patches in the first half of the movie. The unexpected suspense has been well maintained till the end of the movie, which makes it a great watch.

    Acting (6/10): This movie saw extremes when it came to acting. Deepak Dobriyal and Kay Kay Menon are absolutely outstanding with great expressions and dialog delivery. However, it was a little too much to expect from them, given the screen time their roles got, to sail the movie through. Javed Jaffrey was good enough for his character of prosecutor lawyer. However, the greatest disappointment was Rahul Bose and Manisha Lamba. Rahul Bose just never tried to change his expressions for once, throughout the movie and the dialog delivery was totally off, except later on in some of the courtroom scenes. Manisha Lamba didn't impress at all, for pretty much the same reasons as Rahul Bose.

    Direction (9/10): Samar Khan did a good job with the direction. The pacing, the length, conceptualization of the scenes is just right. Given the army background, the level of melodrama was also kept very low which was great. The climax was amazingly well executed and Kay Kay Menon's monologue ensured a fitting end to the entire movie

    Overall (8/10): Overall, it's a good movie to watch for sure, keeping aside the awful performances by the lead characters.
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