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  • ajst9330 January 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Despite the mixed reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed this show. The dialogue is quick and witty throughout, and the pace is beautifully timed. Eric McCormack's character, while perhaps boring, is played down to the last detail, and Tom Cavanagh practically exhales charm as an adorable copywriter. This show is funny, smart, and has an atmosphere that perfectly combines the stress of the workplace, and the frivolity of prime time television dramedy. While the background stories of characters would perhaps have been better addressed in later episodes (i.e. the former relationship between the new writer and Eric McCormack) the pilot was fun to watch, and I find it puts me in a better mood than its competition for the same time slot. This is definitely one of the better shows that TNT has brought out. I give it an 8.5
  • so the show isn't off to the strongest start, but i feel like the first few episodes are often shaky with any character based series. it's not like this show revolves around extreme situations where they can wow us with crime solving or medical saves like so many other shows. there's good humor and great relationship building. i love love love the cast, the two leads, both with strong comedic backgrounds will give the show a good balance with comedy and drama. i'm really excited to see where they go from here. there hasn't been a show about the inner workings of an ad firm. plenty of law firms, government and hospital environments, but this show will have something different to offer for sure. i'll be staying tuned!
  • I have to say I love it. But I would have loved it no matter what. Love that it has a great set up - a Chicago-based Ad Agency. Along with the sexiest men around - Eric McMcormack (I have so missed him) and my heart stopping crush from "Ed" the always lovable Tom Cavanagh. To be honest if the show was horrible I would love it just for that. BUT IT IS NOT! It actually has a great beginning. The barbs back and forth between Eric & Tom are great. Monica Potter looks like she fits in. Also loved seeing Jason Mara (even if it was only for a minute) I heard about this show about a year ago & I have been waiting for this show for a long time. I hope TNT gives this a chance to grow and does not kill it early like they did with "Saved" (the Tom Everett Scott drama from 2006) TNT please give this show a chance to grow - I can not wait to see where it goes from here.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Never mind the negative reviews; perhaps because 'trust me' isn't the typical mainstream fodder one sees so much of on television these days, that's made some people decide they don't like it before they've really given it a chance. All I can say is, I love this show! TV Guide and others know what they're talking about. The premise is unique and interesting, the characters memorable, engaging and superbly portrayed by the brilliant cast. Besides that, call me odd, I'm a fan of product placement, and I'm glad 'trust me' not only embraces its internal commercials, but can incorporate them directly into plot lines.

    Bottom line: regardless of whether 'trust me' is actually the best series on television, it is far from the worst.; If the naysayers weren't looking for what they're used to instead of trying something new, as it were, they could see that.
  • richard-20294 March 2009
    Been checking up to episode 4 so far and really liking it. The story of those two going against all the usual business in commercials and advertising is appealing, but most of all fun. Splitting the difference between sucking up to mostly some Botox director (and the board of average idiots) in charge and the people actually getting the work done, while keeping the peace. Ep.1 wasn't actually an A for me, but I thought it might still be promising, so I decided to stick around and wait for Ep. 2. That was when I really started enjoying it. So here I am loving the show so far and I've still got two shows to go and looking forward to them! Thinking back, maybe it was seeing familiar faces in a different part that got me off on a wrong start?
  • I quite enjoyed this (much too short-lived) series and was sad when it had come to an end. The one and only season consisted of thirteen 40-ish minute episodes and I for one found myself having a hard time trying to pace myself and not over-indulging by finishing the series off in a night or two because by the first episode I really liked it and knew there would only be 12 more episodes to go and I didn't want it to be over too fast. This series, despite its "hour-long" setting, is far more comedy than drama. The drama mostly revolves around whatever client they're trying to crack that current week (episode) with some very light personal drama thrown in for good measure but even amidst the drama, its for the most part, comedic drama.

    The main cast is great together and seem like they're just having fun all the time which makes it all that more enjoyable to watch. At the core of this show is two long-time friends and creative Ad Agency partners, Mason Maguire and Conner (who, for whatever reason throughout the entire series never has a last name revealed and they make sure you notice it) played by Canadian funny-men Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) and Tom Cavanagh (The Flash). McCormack's Mason is the responsible partner of the two. He's got the house, the wife, the kids, and takes his work seriously. For the most part, at least. Mason's largest challenge usually revolves around wrangling in his partner, Conner, who, although arguably a genius at it, would rather be out enjoying life rather than working. He's a bit of a slacker (though can and does "bring it home" when he needs to) and enjoys his worry-free bachelor lifestyle. Cavanagh delivers rapid-fire dialogue and oozes charm and charisma every scene he's in. The two bickering besties prove to be perfect sparring partners in their scenes together and always leave you wanting more.

    Aside from Mason and Conner you also have Sarah (Monica Potter), recently divorced and even more recently just hired on to the firm that Mason and Conner work for. Sarah is more or less swept under the rug in just about every aspect of her job though she isn't about to let it go unnoticed and will basically complain about whatever it is she has to complain about that week all episode long. Potter does a good enough job for it though that you don't (at least I don't) find it annoying at all. She's the underdog newcomer of the group while Mason and Conner are the show ponies but she knows she's just as talented as them. The only problem? Her personality. Not a lot of people like her or get along with her, though she does pretty quickly come to fit in well with her new colleagues.

    All in all I thought this show was pretty great and I'm surprised it got canceled after just one season! I for one would have loved to see more. I guess that leaves me with little choice than to do a re- watch every now and again when I want something light and funny and worth 42 minutes of my time.
  • down_IV5 September 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Trust Me" has all the ingredients of a hit show, but after watching three episodes, I can't help but feel bored and very disappointed.

    The pilot started off great, but then it became weaker and weaker. The next two episodes were just more of the same, without the show picking up any steam.

    The cast features some great actors, like McCormack and Cavanagh who play two high level creatives. They are best friends and supposed to be one of the firm's greatest creative assets. However you don't see them doing any real work, they mostly fight over random small issues. McCormack who is supposed to be a creative director just seems completely overwhelmed by his job, and as already said, he never works.

    Monica Potter plays a newcomer to the agency, and she's supposed to be a very talented, award-winning copywriter. However all she does is complain and she also doesn't seem to work at all.

    All the characters seem interesting at first, there is absolutely no real interaction between them, especially between McCormack and Cavanagh. I think they are supposed to be the two highly creative buddy couple who often fight but still come up with sublime campaigns, however all they do is being plain annoying.

    The supposed "rivalry" with Greg Ellis' character is completely artificial and lacks interest. As does the supposedly high maintenance client company. Or any other difficulty that the cast faces.

    Very disappointing and I can see why the show get canceled. It simply lacks anything remotely interesting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Trust Me on many levels captures the zeitgeist of 2009. The dialogue is very sharp, and from episode one you see that this is a show designed for the late 2000's. The prominence of Starbucks coffee and the Apple iPhone in the show (product placement!) along with the gripe of the commute into the city connects the audience to the modern setting of middle-class metropolitan life. An edgy factor of Trust Me is that at times, these contemporary characters use profanity. They can, since it's not on a broadcast network, and it makes it a little more real. Some of the scenes of visualized imaginings of some characters, I as a viewer felt were awkward, but I acknowledge that it's a post-modern facet to the show. The personalities were diverse for all being "ad people" and overall the scripting I felt was highly bullet-resistant. They even weave in recession gripes. Tom Cavanagh's hyper-animated "Conner" stole the show. For a drama this fun to watch to be axed is a real shame.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I got on to IMDb to dig some more info about this show and I saw the article linked saying TNT is canceling the show! I really like the show. I generally love all the casting and their characters. Except Mason is a little too "Will", well, can't blame him for that. Conner is charming and Sarah is cute. The supporting roles are well played as well, the funny co-workers, the rebelling kid and loving wife... sounds too "common"? no, the characters are depicted in a touching way that can be related to yourself and make you think about your own life! And what attracts me very much is to see how each one of them came up with different ideas about the same products, they are really creative! Anyway, I can't believe why the show is canceled after season one. I've seen much worst shows going on and on... Cashmere Mafia, Lipstick Jungles...--no offense... i still watch them...
  • I want to like this show! I really do! Great cast, fun premise, and lots of potential, but seriously, what is up with Conner, the character played by Thomas Cavanaugh? He is almost totally unlikeable. I think he is supposed to be quirky and unpredictable, but every time he appears on scene, I find myself cringing. He has absolutely NO good points, no charisma, no character traits that you can really identify with. It's as if the character has no consistency. It is all over the place. There is nothing there to hold onto and to enjoy. I find that I like the other characters and look forward to their ever growing inter-relationships. I especially enjoy Sara, Monica Potter's character. Here's hoping it will get better. Give Thomas Cavanaugh something to work with, please! Give the man a break! He's a great actor!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    (Based on an advance preview:) The basic plot of this new TNT drama series (with a smattering of humor) is life at a Chicago-based ADVERTISING AGENCY. That idea may be decent (as is the acting)-- but the pilot struck me as sadly WEAK overall. ERIC McCORMACK (ex "WILL & GRACE" lead) and TOM CAVANAGH play buddies with high creative positions in the agency. MONICA POTTER plays an award-winning new addition to the firm who has a hidden "past". This show revolves around changing positions at the agency and a competition to impress an important client. While the characters seem "generically" interesting, there's very little "SPARK" or real CLEVERNESS to the overall effort; it's often sadly plodding and pointless. The supposedly intriguing new inventive rivalry comes across as just plain DUMB & unlikely to truly "impress" anyone, much less the fussy big-shot head of the client company. It was revealed that 10 episodes had already been shot in the series. I understand that the first show needs to "introduce" the primary & important secondary characters; but I can only hope that the subsequent episodes show a considerable improvement in quality and ingenuity.
  • Just happened across an episode (no idea which one) of this on RTE in Ireland very very late last night. RTE have this really annoying habit of buying random TV programmes from the US & Australia and sticking them into the 1am to 4am slot so no one realises they are on. They don't even have the name of the show up on screen at the 'ad breaks'.

    I thought this might be OK with Eric McCormack from 'Will & Grace' and yer man from 'Ed'but it wasn't really very good and so it was no surprise at all when Ifound this note on the internet today (after I searched IMDb for the title of course :-)

    'On Friday, April 10th, 2009, the New York Times reported that TNT opted out of renewing Trust Me for a second season due to low ratings.'

    I wont be watching any more of it then.....