Detective Jackson: [at the scene of the crime] So... what... our killer was Jewish?

Father Deacon Cain: It's a hexagram. Not necessarily a Star of David.

Father Deacon Cain: It has six points... creating six triangles, around a six sided figure.

Detective Jackson: So it's a satanic symbol?

Father Deacon Cain: It has many meanings. Both man and woman. Heaven and earth. Fire and water. Represents battles.

Ashmed Chammadai: What about your parents? Brothers? Sisters?

Donald: No sir. Ah... my real parents were killed in a plane crash when I was child and my adopted parents, well they died shortly afterward. I was adopted by my aunt Mary Lou.

Ashmed Chammadai: Wait a minute! *The* Mary Lou?

Donald: That's right.

Ashmed Chammadai: She's huge! I mean... I remember the... details, publicity around her accident.

Donald: Yeah, that was uh... right before I hit high school. Seems like everyone I called family died.

Father Deacon Cain: By the power of our Lord, Christ Almighty, I command you to leave this house!

[last lines]

Kate: This isn't it, is it.

Father Deacon Cain: Killing Donald... you have set the prophecy into motion. The Antichrist will rise again but in a different, more dangerous form. With him, he will raise the dead. And the dark souls of the damned will... wreck havoc upon the human world. But your son... will lead an epic battle to destroy the Antichrist... and vanquish the dark souls into the lake of fire.

Kate: What can we do?

Father Deacon Cain: We can pray. And we can believe... in this world where there is good... and where evil can be conquered. We must have faith in God. And we must believe... in the good souls, that they can triumph over darkness. All is not lost, Kate, there is hope. There are challenging and dark times ahead of all of us. I'm afraid... this is merely the beginning...