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  • When I first saw "Magadheera", like most of the North Indians, I was like, "Oh My God!!", who is this guy? I took some time off to read about the Son of the Mega Star Chiranjeevi, and came to know about "Chirutha". Obviously my curiosity led me to watch it. Having watched "Pokkiri" in college time, I too had expectations from Puri Jagannath. Though like every one else, I too found his direction completely out of place. It seems that he was confused whether to make a show-reel of Charan's capabilities or a complete and taut movie. Though he went with the first option, but was I disappointed, hell No!! Charan showed that the blood of Megastar is here to stay.Considering the fact that this was his first movie, he was just awesome. I also came to know about the gigantic expectations among which this movie was released. I don't think Charan let down his father, or his father' s fans, or shall I say, "his fans". He danced like a dream, fought like a tiger and carried the screen presence of a Star. It was quite obvious, that he pulled a lifeless story on his shoulders alone. Only aid, was the music by Mani Sharma, which aptly suited for a movie of this scale. Thus after watching "Chirutha", I knew why Charan was so awesome in Magadheera. He has everything that a Star needs, all he needs is a good script, and then Chirutha will roar like anything. My heart goes out to this 24 years old volcano of Stardom. The next Megastar, my best wishes are with you.
  • I watched the movie just days before hitting 100 days and the audience occupancy wasn't as full as the movie Happy Days. Actually, since I live in the U.S, I had three opportunities to see the movie but all failed due to work. But I feel quite happy that I didn't waste $10 in a lousy theater but rather Rs. 35/- to see it in a A/C theater. Anyways getting to the point, the movie was pretty average. Ram Charan does average for a new comer but his debut was hyped a little too much. But he can dance damn good though. Cinematography by Shyam K. Naidu was good but he good have given a better look and feel when shooting beautiful locales in Bangkok. I felt that the movie was quite boring, seeing all routine stuff. There aren't any worthy scenes/dialogue to mention as they are the "usual". Songs in the movie are pretty good and I think that pretty much makes this movie watchable.
  • I gave/give 10/10 for Ram Charan Tej for his remarkable performance in a debut film. I think this is the best performance given by any debutant in Telugu Cinema, where we have plenty of successors of great heroes in the last 30 years.

    For Movie, i wud give 7/10. For Songs i wud give 9.5/10.

    I think, Charan is very lucky for having so many appreciations from critics as well. Heronine is OK, Puri is OK.

    Every fan of Chiru would have felt PROUD for having CHARAN on their Side who's gonna break, cross all the current young heroes in less than no time.

  • i think this movie is the most hyped movie of 2007 but it hardly lived upto its expectations.Puri has put in a lot of work into this movie.But unfortunately script is way below average.The story is nonsensical.Dialogues are irritating and the acting is terrible. I don't know what made Puri to chose this subject.Its just made to show that Ram Charan can act, dance and fight.But even his acting is not that good as expected.The heroine is just used for songs.So no point in saying that she is a terrible actress.One thing this movie lacks is comedy.This could have been a better movie had there been some comedy in it.Music is good enough and picturization of songs is pretty good.Its worth watching only for songs.
  • fmcwmekf2 March 2021
    Very nice movie ram charan garu first movie and his performance is excellent and puri jagganadh also done great work comedy is excellent in this movie therefore you can watch this movie without thinking more
  • Saisailu974 February 2008
    Chiruta is the debut movie for both Neha Sharma and Megastar chiranjeevi's son Ram Charan Teja.This is a very good movie.This is pretty much the same from many movies,Revenge on local goons for killing someone in their family.This movie was a success and it will surely help ram charan and neha in their future film career.Most of this movie is taken in Bangkok.the genres in this movie are Violence and comedy.The comedians feature Ali,Bramhanandham,Dharmayapu Subramanyam and other people.Altogether this is a good movie.both Ram charan and neha sharma were appreciated for their acting and dance moves in the movie.Prakash was appreciated for his role.It is something that you should definitely watch!