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  • Another "must see" work from Maris Martinsons. Original title "Nereikalingi Zmones" (eng. Needless People). I like Maris Martinsons' style when plot crosses in many ways. All actors impressed me, in many cases the main negative thing in Lithuanian movies is unreal/bad acting, but not this time. It was very interesting to see singer Andrius Mamontovas (The Priest) as actor and in my opinion he did very good. Also I think this is the best role of Kostas Smoriginas (Alcoholic) of all time, maybe he was really drunk during movie? I am happy that Lithuanian cinema is not dead and this is the new beginning. By the way - "Nereikalingi Zmones" holds a new record as best start in Lithuania cinemas history already.
  • This film is about six individuals who are somehow connected in a fateful manner, dating back to the 3rd November 1981.

    "Loss" starts off very slow, and admittedly it is boring. The constantly moving, or more appropriately, wandering camera does not help either. There are even occasions that the camera wanders off from the speaking character to the background then back to the character again. This camera technique makes me dizzy.

    However, as the film progresses, it becomes captivating and mentally stimulating. The journey to discover how the people are connected to each other is brilliantly scripted. It tells viewers events and yet also creates room for viewers to want more. All the characters portrayed are so real, which enhances the viewer's connection with the film.