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  • zorba-362717 November 2019
    I've been a Slayer fan for over 25 years. I was excited to see their first feature film. Horrible. Just horrible. The one hour mini-movie was dreadful. Pointless. Part extended music video, part dreadful story-driven short. Now the concert film. My theater sounds like they played this in Dolby 2.0 sound. Music can from the front speakers. I've heard Disney films louder. The song list was roughly 30% of her live soundtrack. Don't get ripped off and buy this on streaming or blu ray. Waste of time. 2/10
  • For a band that idealizes torture and suicide, I guess the first part of Slayer's movie "The Repentless Killogy" is the most authentic. I'm saying this because the first part of their movie was so bad, that watching it felt like torture and made me want to kill myself.
  • After an opening sequence in which the band members seem to babble their way through questions, then came the "movie." For the next 20 or so minutes I watched useless gore violence (with Slayer music video interludes) that followed a "story" that seemed to focus on a former (?) Nazi who goes on a killing spree. I had enough when he shoots the stomach of a pregnant woman. I walked out and didnt think twice. From the other reviews, the post-movie concert sucked just as much, so I'm glad I left.
  • xstitch-861137 November 2019
    I like Slayer and have seen them in concert several times. This is just awful. I am sitting in theatre waiting for it to end.
  • The movie/ concert was a trip . Loved it , guts , gore and SLAYER . It was a blast . The cinema was singing and cheering , knocking back beers , head banging. It was awesome . The movie had some very interesting and creative kills , much respect to the filmmakers . The 20 track LA concert was ace , loved every min of it . All Hail the Mighty SLAYER , you will be missed . RIP Jeff , never forgotten .
  • neilsgoddard-534187 November 2019
    Okay, so any long form music video that purports to be a film is gonna be a bit naff; the acting is always going to be mediocre at best and there effects are likely to be 'special'.

    That said, going into this movie with that knowledge is your best bet.

    Yes, it's cheesy. Yes, it feels overlong at times, especially when people are acting, but I've seen enough terrible horror and action movies to just enjoy the ride.

    The main criticism is the God awful sound.

    The concert part of the movie is infinitely better. I came mainly for that bit anyway. The sound is better, not brilliant, but definitely better.

    As contrast, I saw Metallica S&M2 a few weeks earlier. Given they are in the same age bracket Slayer have aged so much better. Tom Araya's voice is still great, Kerry King and Gary Holt can shred and Paul Bostaph is an incredibly watchable drummer.

    I'd buy this but i doubt I'd watch the anything other than the concert part again.
  • Let me start off by saying that I've been a life long slayer fan and continue to be a die hard fan up to this day. That being said the first hour of the movie seemed like a cheap D-rated horror flick directed by some random art school drop out. There was absolutely no plot, some guy just goes around butchering everyone he sees looking for the villain Lucifer. The violence is over the top and grotesque simply for the sake of shock value and violence. The last 90 minutes redeemed the movie as it moved to one of their recent live performances where they played many of their namesake songs like south side of heaven and angel of death. The audio quality could have been better but seeing as it was a theater it's understandable. Overall the first hour is a 2/10 and the last 90 minutes is a solid 9/10 so I'm giving it a 5 star rating.
  • evntarcm7 November 2019
    Worst sound ever. My husband and I were actually in the front at the Forum show and this movie did not come close to what it was actually like or how it sounded. I liked the odd machete-ish short movie though. However , I did not come for the soothing sounds of Slayer. Is it over yet? 😫🔫
  • hooimeijer7 November 2019
    The (short) film was gore, the story thin but fun with a nice twist at the end, it made me laugh!

    The last 90 minutes was Slayer's entire live set performed at the Los Angeles Forum on August 5, 2017. An amazing job done by the band (how the hell do you keep up that level of energy!) and director Wayne Isham.

    Definitely a unique experience seeing it on a big screen with cinema quality audio and video, well worth it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film was a short interview with the guys; then the NC-17 level, gory, revenge fantasy scored by Repentless tracks; and lastly a badass concert at the LA Forum. Slayer were amazing throughout. The sound was impeccable. Fans will raise the Slaytanic fist of Dio throughout. Teenage kids were thrashing in the front aisle. They reminded me of myself at 14, in 1985-86, 1st discovering Slayer. Bostaph is a machine gun behind the kit. The Neo-Nazis were brutally eye gouged, eviscerated, gutted, had their hearts torn out of chests and were beheaded by tow chain. Lots of stabbings, shootings and a prison riot developed. Plus, Danny Trejo was there being amazing. I love this film and Slayer, so this film made my dick hard. 11/10 rating earned. SLAYER!!!!
  • See title, I didn't even listen to Repentless, the idea of a King driven Slayer makes me cold inside.
  • laurapacino7 November 2019
    I'm a big heavy metal fan but this was just horrendous to watch. A film like this gives all us metal heads a bad name..... it implies we are so desensitised to violence that we are willing to pay good money to see such senseless and disgusting violence.
  • Very satisfied with the overall presentation of everything in the mini movie. If you like blood guts and metal this is for you. Plus you get a slayer concert after the movie is over so what more can you ask for as a slayer fan. People in the theater cheered and yelled SLAYER!!!! as if they were in attendance of a live slayer show. I'm looking forward to a 4K release.
  • moonfish-5169914 January 2020
    I love this band . I have manny of their albums . I love the story of this short movie - don't forget to read the accompanying comic book series! - it adds more story . Later it turns i to the live show . A weird thing about the blu ray quality .. its like black dots cover the screen like grains. Its like it was less quality but then bumped up but still loosing detail i also found this with some x files dvds. But anyway i love most slayer albums old and new. Synopsis: actually i don't want to say much because it is a short story in 3 main episode chapters with extra footage..
  • crypticwritings-088616 December 2019
    Just like all Slayer ouput post Seasons in the abyss. I'd stick to Iron maiden & Megadeth live concert.
  • ericasmith-390837 November 2019
    You can watch the same exact thing on YouTube. I did. Like months before this came out. And the concert part also can be seen online. I don't know what the point of this actually was..a money making gimmick? I don't know but what a waste of money.
  • Being a lifelong Slayer fan this has been a horrific experience - and NOT in a good way. The first part is a sort of extended videoclip, showing an endless series of bloody gore, pointless murders, senseless storytelling and lousy acting - even by A-list actors. Next the concert. Did Slayer want to torture its audience by presenting a concert in lowfi stereo and 4:3 video? Even bootleg vids on YouTube are of better production quality. Total ripoff and sadly Slayer's final wave goodbye to its fans.
  • Walked out after 40 minutes could not watch this utter rubbish any longer. As a heavy metal fan I felt quite ashamed to have associated myself, and paid money to see such a grotesque and quite frankly disgusting film.
  • The whole thing (wont call movie) a Piece of crap in any way. I hope somebody get the price of this. All creators go to hell.(f yur selfes)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow... this movie is obliviously funny. Oh is so bad it's hilarious. It will have you asking, "is this real life?" This was just bad, acting was horrible, there was no sense of real direction with random cuts abundant! They also happen to get a bunch of actors that aren't really relevant anymore. I feel like this came out 10 years too late. Also let us not forget the old man away by Tom Araya. There was way too much testosterone going on in this, that it just became a contest.

    Go into this knowing it is a collection of music videos not an actual movie with a live performance after credits.
  • I knew it was only a matter of time before these old bands attempted to do what Mötley Crüe did with "The Dirt". I should have just listened to my gut feeling and not watched.
  • So bad I have no words to describe it. Sound is awful as is the quality of camerawork. A disgrace.