The short film features Slayer's the music videos shot for the album Repentless: "You Against You," "Repentless," and "Pride in Prejudice"

In some countries cinemas allowed to screen the film after 10pm, due to it R rating (for extreme gore and violence).

This is the band's live show setlist: Delusions of saviour, Repentless, The Antichrist, Disciple, Postmortem, Hate worldwide, War ensemble, When the stillness comes, You against you, Mandatory suicide, Hallowed point, Dead skin mask, Born of fire, Cast the first stone, Bloodline, Seasons in the abyss, Hell awaits, South of heaven, Reign in blood, Chemical warfare, Angel of death. The band played songs from all their studio albums, only missing songs from "Divine intervention", "Diabolus in musica" and "Christ illusion".