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  • This is a CGI-animated short film based on a book called "The Lonesome Pine", which I've never heard of before. It's interesting that the producers of this film decided to not make it feature-length, as we've seen too many of those.

    Sadly, the company who produces this hasn't confirmed a UK-release yet, although I do hope they do soon, so my opinions come from the trailers.

    So anyways, the story is about a Welsh girl who grows a talking Christmas Tree but gets taken away, so she and her grandpa decide to get it back. I'm sorry to say, but the plot is very cliched, it's very similar to other indie-Christmas flicks I've seen.

    The CGI looks okay for 2019 standards, although there are some parts which do look a little cheap. I know it's not Disney standards, but they could have done a bit better.

    Surprisingly enough, even though the short film is American, the voice actors are British to keep it faithful to the original source material. The main stars of this movie are Jonathan Pryce (from Game of Thrones), Simon Pegg (Co-writer of the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy) and Jason Anthony (former Playhouse Disney UK presenter turned voice actor). They all do a great job at keeping the British vibe of the movie with their voices.

    Overall, this looks to be a decent short film. The cliched story-line doesn't effect the overall the quality and the voice actors do a great job voicing their characters. It's not the best Christmas film, but it's definitely not the worst.
  • Greetings again from the darkness. The Christmas movie genre is a tough one to break into, but co-directors Todd Edwards and Timothy Hooten bring to life (well, animated life) the children's book "The Lonesome Pine" by Jane West Pakerink. The film is 25 minutes long and is a story kids can follow, and characters they will care about.

    5 year old Georgie is excited to making her first trip to Grandpa Sid's tree farm. He lets her pick out seeds, and for the next 4 years she nurtures the little sapling into a full grown Christmas tree. Along the way, she and the tree she has named Piney become best friends. When the time comes to take Piney home as a Christmas tree, the two are accidentally separated. A frantic adventure follows as Georgie, Grandpa Sid, and their trusty dog Jackster, search the countryside for their favorite tree.

    Piney just wants to be a Christmas tree, and most kids watching will be rooting for everything to work out. Grandpa has an ingenious idea to mark Piney's legacy in the most uniquely named Welsh town ... more than 50 letters long! The voice actors here include Jonathan Pryce as Grandpa, Lillian James as Georgie, Jason Anthony as sweet Piney, Parminder Nagra as the helpful bus driver, and Simon Pegg as Jackster. It's quite an adventure and Christmas magic plays its part.