[Constantine spots Harley Quinn and King Shark]

John Constantine: Oh, bollocks, it's my ex!

Raven: You and Harley? Gross.

John Constantine: Do I look mad?

[King Shark winks at Constantine]

King Shark: King Shark is a shark! King Shark is a shark! King Shark is a shark!

Captain Boomerang: And Captain Boomerang is a boomerang, you fuck knuckle.

King Shark: ...It has been an honor to fight by your side.

Captain Boomerang: Are you shitting me?

Cyborg: Looks like I have the last word. Suck it, bitches!

Darkseid: No! You're mad! NOOOOO!

[he, Trigon and all of Apokolips gets sucked into a black hole]

[last words]

Etrigan: And so it ends... my race is run /... I regret nothing... it was fun.

John Constantine: Break her face, Clark's wife!

Captain Boomerang: Ugh, Brits.

John Constantine: Aussies.

Captain Boomerang: Poms.

John Constantine: Convicts.

John ConstantineCaptain Boomerang: Wankers!

Superman: Do your best, honey!

[last lines]

John Constantine: [to Flash] You know what you have to do, mate. Clear the board. Start again.

The Flash: Another Flashpoint. I promised Iris, before she... I can't.

John Constantine: Yeah, I figured you'd say that.

The Flash: Everything will change. Again.

John Constantine: And some of those changes may be shite. And we may make the same mistakes again. It won't be perfect. We'll be a long sight better than what we've got now.

[pause. Flash starts off running, as the rest of the heroes watch him rewrite history]

John Constantine: [resurrects] Can't even be a corpse in peace. Wanking destiny can go and bugger itself!

Trigon: What a wonderful gift, daughter. Be well.

Raven: Goodbye, Father.

John Constantine: Come on, Z. I did my part. I'm dead.

Zatanna: John Constantine, you of all people should know that means nothing when destiny is involved. Goodbye for now.

Harley Quinn: [gets tasered] I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

Superman: [punching Darkseid] YOU - TOOK - EVERYTHING - FROM - ME - AND NOW - I'M GONNA - MAKE YOU - PAY!

Damian Wayne: [to Superman] You cost me my father, and my team.

[Superman got Kryptonite implanted into his body, rendering him powerless]

John Constantine: Does it hurt? Good.

Trigon: [to Darkseid] So, you are one of the so-called "New Gods"? I am unimpressed.

[Batman is going to kill Damian]

Superman: Bruce, don't!

[Trigon enters the battle between Superman and Darkseid]

Trigon: [to Superman] Go. Unless you would fight me for the right to destroy him.

Trigon: And now, New God, let's see who shall rule, and who shall serve!

Harley Quinn: [explodes from a Parademon's body] TOP OF THE WORLD, PUDDIN'!

Captain Boomerang: [fighting Paradooms] Come on, you bunch of assholes! Hey, you want a boomerang? Here! Come on, come all! What about you? And you? And you have a boomie! You all have some fucking boomies! I've got you covered!

John Constantine: I offer you a willing magical host! Let's kill the bastard!

Trigon: I have a better idea.

[possesses Superman]

John Constantine: Bollocks!

[repeated line]

King Shark: King Shark is a shark!

Superman: Thank you for responding so quickly. Some of you already know what this is about, but I wanted to get the new members up to speed. This is Apokolips, home world of Darkseid, a power-mad despot who has orchestrated two attempted invasions of Earth, the first of which resulted in the formation of the Justice League. The second one, an attack from within our ranks by Cyborg Superman and his cyber force.

Damian Wayne: Raven, what's wrong?

Raven: It's nothing.

Batman: This image was taken by surveillance ten hours ago on the edge of the solar system.

Wonder Woman: Apokolips phased into our dimension and released stealth drones, then phased out again.

Superman: This can only be looked at as a prelude to war. Darkseid aims to conquer the Earth and crush it under his heel.

John Constantine: Regular Churchill, he is.

Zatanna: Shh...

The Flash: Look, I know the guy's a genocidal maniac, but are we sure those are his immediate plans? Or something he'll try in like a thousand years?

Superman: These are images from worlds that Darkseid has conquered. Our intel shows that he's now sent his elite guard and the Furies to act as an occupying force to thwart any resistance. I want to make this perfectly clear. We are facing an existential threat to the planet. We can't wait for Darkseid to make the first move. That could mean the end of us. We have to attack.

Cyborg: It's a tough job. Aside from the big bad, this place is jam-packed with those Parademons.

Batman: The League's faced them before. We know these are their weak spots.

Superman: With our combined force, we can cut through them. Then, I'll do what needs to be done.

Lex Luthor: This is madness! There's always a deal to be made. Let's at least send an envoy to Apokolips...

Superman: No! Darkseid created a monster that nearly killed me. What chance would humanity have? Our only option is to destroy him.

The Flash: That means Earth could be ground zero in a world war. Look, I know some of you don't believe the visions I had about the Flashpoint, but... a truly global war means death and destruction on a scale you cannot imagine. Everyone on the planet is at risk, everyone we care about.

John Constantine: Flash is right.

Zatanna: John...

John Constantine: Sure, this guy deserves killing, but you can't kick this hornet's nest like everyone on Earth is bulletproof.

Superman: Look, I won't ask you to give anything more than I do. But this isn't up for discussion. We're going to stop Darkseid once and for all. Here's how we do it.

Wonder Woman: The main team will attack through this entryway on Apokolips. Members of the Titans shall remain on Earth as a home guard.

[Darkseid is secretly watching the League's plan to attack Apokolips via Cyborg]

Wonder Woman: With the Furies and his elite guard off-world, and only Parademons to guard him, Darkseid will be vulnerable to attack.