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  • This was a sweet surprise! I enjoyed the movie more than I expected! Beautiful sceneries and settings! The two leads and supporting actors such as Amond made this so much fun to watch! I enjoyed every minute of it and recommend it for everyone. This is probably one of Passionflix best productions! The locker room scene didn't expect it to be that steamy!
  • carrieboo7616 February 2020
    So, The Will is one of my favorite books by Kristen Ashley. Dangerous to watch a movie based on any book, but ESPECIALLY a favorite. They'll never get it exactly right! (The one exception to this, in my experience, was The Pelican Brief by John Grisham.) So, when I watch a movie based off a book I've read, I try to go into it looking at the movie as its own version of the same story. It truly helps!

    Now, with that background - they did a decent job w/ this adaptation! Location & costuming were EXCELLENT. I absolutely loved how Josie's wardrobe changed throughout the movie as she dropped her shields & became comfortable finding the real her. I liked most of the actors, tho there were a couple roles that didn't quite "fit" for me. My issue was more w/ the way these characters were cast/directed/edited than with the actors themselves, because I felt like they all did an excellent job. There were a couple scenes that I thought would be a bit confusing if you hadn't read the book, but mostly everything came together nicely.

    Overall, I enjoyed the movie, will likely watch it again, and will definitely be doing another reread of the book here soon! It made me want to dive back into the details of Josie & Jake's story. : )
  • tiara_madarra15 February 2020
    They did an excellent job with the movie. The actors and location were perfect. Kristen Ashley is one of my favorite authors. I'm still amazed that Passionflix chose this series over of Mystery Man. Over all they did great though and I'm happy for KA.
  • They truly did a wonderful job bringing the book to life!
  • Please give me my 1h46m back please.

    The rating was higher when I watched this, it was shocking. The acting was eh, the story line was a blur and so bizarre. Why people find the character amazing was never clear, but everyone wants her? What ever you decide to do, you've been warned. I was asked do we have to continue many times by the other half to which we both said.. well we've come this far.

    Anyone reviewing this above a 4 I would never trust.
  • rgo1136018 July 2020
    I absolutely loved this movie..Chris McKenna is one hot man..the live story is beautiful..I have watched it time and time again !
  • The more I kept watching the more I felt like there was something wrong/missing. And then I realized it was the life behind the acting. The entire movie felt like it was some weird audition by the characters and not a final product.

    Don't get me wrong, this Jake was HOT hot, that is till he opened his mouth. For some reason his voice dialed his sexiness down. Now for Josie, she also fit the description to the T, but my god was there no life behind her words. She was overacting too much and flat at the same time.

    Also, the movie makes me realize that KA's book didn't have very good bones. Without all the internal commentary and the hundreds of pages covering clothing, well there's not much left. So the story felt like it was being rushed even though the producers had 300+ pages to work with.

    Visuals are 10+/10. Everything else....we're talking negatives.
  • parrisleary2 June 2020
    I'm not sure who is giving this film good reviews but it is poorly written which is fine because the acting is equally as terrible. I highly suggest skipping this film. One of the worst movies I've ever seen.
  • This book adaptation from Kristen Ashley's book was very well done, the screenplay was written with every important detail, each actor did a fantastic job portraying their characters, definitely showing where Passionflix is taking the next movies, the cinematography was spot on, the direction was great and is a overall a very good movie to watch, Passionflix is getting better with each adaptation, taking more details and doing a better job taking the fan's POVs into account and making the difference in how a book adaptation should be made.
  • Haven't read the book from which Passionflix adapted this story, and I still enjoyed the movie immensely. Chris L McKenna and Megan Dodds were strong leads providing all the feels and the supporting cast did a great job!
  • macleod-michele3 November 2020
    Emotional, good cast , and some steam, I highly recommend
  • I so loved this film! It truly exceeds my expectations! Beautiful storyline. There is frustration, sadness, humour, happiness & so romantic! Awesome sexy & family story. Really good combination. Not just another 'i love you' drama with a peck on the lips or some kind of so-called kisses. Its a true romsntic journey of a love story between 2 people & family. Worth watching!
  • ramosmeghan30 July 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this movie knowing next to nothing about it, the trailer looked interesting but seeing less than great reviews, I didn't have high expectations. Well what a pleasant surprise. I watch a lot of romance movies these days and this storyline is so unique and has so much depth compared to almost anything else I've watched lately. I suppose I can see some of the criticism of the acting, mostly in some of the supporting actors...but Jake and Josie are both fantastic. The writing is so rich, I particularly loved the dynamics between Josie and Jake's kids. Their chemistry started slow and I appreciated that. I was a bit surprised and put off initially with the locker room about going from zero to 100 lol...but after finishing the movie I think it all makes sense. I loved so many things about this movie, the stunning visuals of the surrounding area, Josie's wardrobe is fantastic... Lavender House (swoon)... but the thing I loved most was Jake. The way he cared for Josie, stood up for her... a real father to his children. I'm not sure men like him actually exist, but this entire movie was was a pure joy to watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really enjoyed the movie from beginning to the end, great casting, nice story, pleasant locations, music... everything worked out on favor of the movie. For me this is a must watch movie but depends on an individuals taste.
  • wasow-0446629 May 2020
    I loved this movie so much and the emotional backstory of Josephine. Passionflix has made it their mission to bring these books to life. They are all wonderful.
  • I read the books a while back and enjoyed the entire series. Was not sure what to expect as the books are rather lengthy. The content included was enough to build the story. Would love to See Soaring as the next movie.
  • The Magdalene Series by Kristen Ashley Are wonderful books. The Will is a great rendition of the book. While the movie could not share everything the love story of Jake and Josie comes through. Passionflix HOT meter is accurate. Be ready for sizzle!