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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was a surprising little film for its intelligence and a nice change of pace for a repetitive genre. In films that open the same way this film does- two people of different social classes meet at a bar, one seems like a simple man of good repute and the conformist ideals of a hero, the other a dark, sexy foreign woman of the upper class who appears to be the femme fatal (the one who will drag this upright citizen through the depths of hell in a web of dangerous passion)- you think you've seen it all before. But the story turns in on itself- it is the hero of this film who carries a dark past, a not so clean cut belief system, and a desire to rebel against society- he is the violent one in turmoil going through his own form of hell. It is the female foreigner and seducer (played fantastically by Paz Vega) who raises him out of the depths to which he has sunk by instilling in him the need to connect with others and the ability to confront his past. Their affair is dangerous but necessary for character growth. He brings her down, but she saves him from himself. The ending scene is brilliant- the man paints his (metaphorical and literal) blue room to "White". He needs Michael (Paz Vega's character) to help him reach a state of solace to paint his life and create an empty canvas upon which the audience can draw their own conclusions. Is their affair healthy? No...maybe? Is it necessary, their coming into each others lives, and destroying what they have each built for themselves? YES
  • I know no one will probably read this comment, but I had to take the time to write a comment. I truly admire Jada for wanting to do her thing, but this movie was not it. My husband and I watched this movie and are still left with trying to figure out what the heck she was trying to go with this movie. Yes it was dark, but dark with too much contrast and not enough to balance it out. All we got was dark very very little explanation of why the characters TRULY were the way they were. We all have secrets and locked closets, but to tell a story and not delve more into the psyche of the characters is irresponsible. The best books are written with the intent for us to relate to the character(s). Every movie starts as a book and this was not a good one. I feel as if the characters were developed more it could have and would have been a much better story. I still don't get Jada's part in the movie. An undeveloped story gives you unnecessary characters. I expected more from Jada because she has a lot of talent. This movie just didn't show it.
  • Not knowing anything about cast or director helped me truly enjoy this film, I had no pre conceived ideas or expectations. Except for a few not fully explained issues, the main plot and non conventional story take you to an original situation where freedom, anguish, pain, and a chance for liberation clash incessantly. This movie is not for the standard American public, I can predict it will be very well received in other parts of the world with more sophisticated film tastes. The chemistry between both lead actors is electrifying, the continuous tension keeps your attention fixed. Not knowing how the story will end keeps you guessing multiple outcomes. The sexual encounters are realistic and totally appropriate.
  • acv645 February 2011
    I really was overwhelmed by the greatness of this film. The title seemed too philosophical for me, but in the end it proved right,so now I'm Jason Clarke's fan (wasn't before). This film made me sit for a long time and think hard about my relationships and how I react to my mother and my dear ones. After watching The Human Contract I truly realized that our tears should be shed for other human beings not for things in this material world.I love Jada Pinkett Smith and Paz Vega, and, of course, Idris Elba. I've always thought that Spanish actress Paz Vega is much better than Penelope Cruz, but she hadn't had the same opportunities. In the film The Human Contract she surpasses herself and gives us the portrait of a suffering woman, who lives her life only to try to do what is "decent" and appropriate for her, disregarding the criticizing society.
  • Julian Wright (Jason Clarke) is a successful, if overworked, marketing specialist, who is unable to cope with several events from his past. Emotionally distanced he lost his wife to his friend and is currently contemplating signing the divorce papers. With his love life in tatters he focuses entirely on his job with a big pay rise and new office on the horizon. That is until he meets Michael (Paz Vega), a sexually charged immigrant with an overdose of charm and chaos (like Amelia on crack). Almost an erotic thriller, much in the vein of "9 and 1/2 Weeks", although with the slight twist that Paz takes on the role of Mickey Rourke.

    I seldom tend to gift a movie more than it's general rating on IMDb, but I for one am completely sold by a very witty, well developed script with fairly deep underlying psychological commentary. I do understand some of the issues with the movie. First of them would be the main characters. Both Julian and Michael (however much eye-candy she may be) are severely unlikeable leads, but given that both have deep emotional issues I find their dysfunctionality rather appealing and warranted. This may cause a lot of negativity towards the movie due to the inability to form a connection between the viewer and the characters, but once you gloss over this and delve into the story it can be quite rewarding. The relationship between Michael and his family, friends as well as Paz is thoroughly believable, even if we fail to grow warm to them.

    "The Human Contract" probably should have also had more focus around the main issue of contention: Michael. The addition of the family context was well warranted, if unevenly scripted, especially in the final act, where the movie does unforgivably falter and the resolution is appallingly done (acted, scripted and directed). Almost as if Jada Pinkett Smith had no idea how to finish the movie off nicely and concocted up a poor filler in which neither she not any of her crew had any faith in. Hence the unfitting hack-job to cap off some really inspirational filmmaking. Also some of the characters and situations seem superfluous and detrimental. In regards to this one big irk is the lack of resolution to Julian's marketing contract, which seems like a key part of the movie, but fails to be closed (it suddenly and inexcusably drops out of the story) by the end credits.

    Nonetheless the dialogue is crisp and cerebral, while the direction is assured. All in all some very important elements for great filmmaking, but just needs to work a bit on some of the rough spots in the movie.

    For those interested the movie does offer some great erotic scenes with real tension and memorable build-up - something that I haven't seen in cinema for quite some time.
  • Into the big repertoire of actors who have a try as directors, there are some examples of success and many of failures.In other words, for every Clint Eastwood or Ron Howard, who make their transition with good results, we have people like Asia Argento or William Shatner, whose efforts behind the cameras did not end up being good.Unfortunately, The Human Contract, Jada Pinkett Smith's debut as a director, falls into the second category, because I found it to be obtuse, tedious and irritating.

    I usually dislike these passional dramas, because I usually find them to be over the top and implausible, specially when there is not too much chemistry between the main actors, or there is a lack of valid reasons to sustain their relationships beyond the simple fact they are attractive.However, I admit it can be a genre with some pleasant surprises, because when there is an interesting twist (like in Blink), an original situation (like in The Handmaid's Tale), or good interaction between the main actors (like in Basic Instinct), the result is entertaining.Needless to say that The Human Contract does not belong to that group.

    To start with, the characters are absolutely disgusting.In some movies, that thing works when they are impulsed by a strong motivation, or when they have an hypnotic personality which wakes our interest.Unfortunately, The Human Contract does not fulfill with that conditions, so it forces us to spend almost two hours in company of stupid, antipathetic and insipid characters, whose problems feel irrelevant because of their lack of connection with the spectator.In other words, this is one of those movies which tell us what the characters feel, instead of making us live their emotions.

    So, I do not recommend The Human Contract at all, because I think it is a horrible film with more style than substance and I found it to be absolutely inert in every single narrative aspect.I think Pinkett Smith should keep being an actress and leave the direction aside.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    To say the director didn't accomplish a strong message would be silly of one to say. The human contract put in frame the cultural thinking of the United States. Those who are already conformed to these thoughts will not appreciate the simplicity of this film. Yes, the dark room stands for the secrets that one holds locked away, and the disconnect from family members and own feelings. The main message was to characterize the stereotypes of America; straight 9-5 job, relationships and marriage, and the imbalance of family. Ever so often a individual is able to look pass these conservative thoughts, and become truly satisfied with themselves and content with the pain and suffering of their own past.

    The writes/directors goal isn't to tell you what's going on,whats happening, and what happened. It's to lead the audience with an open mind to discover their open opinions and thoughts, which bring more life to the characters that could ever be written.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have been a (good, intelligent, bright) film buff since my teens (I am now 60). Yet, I have never seen such an awful performance as Jason Clarke's here. On the other hand, I had never heard of this actor until I read his bio at and was knocked out to find that he has been in about 40 movies!. This sort of Josh Lucas-looking fellow is certainly an awful least here!. On the other, I am a beautiful women admirer (as many of my pro jazz composers and musicians colleagues are), and have been a follower of beautiful Spanish Paz Vega long before she got into American studios and got a reasonable grip of her English (in a Penelope Cruz vein). Paz is beautiful and a very good actress altogether. She plays her role in such a natural way and easiness that you actually believe her...But Jada P. Smith, ah!, that's another matter!. Too philosophical writing at times contrast with trivia; characters with lots of tension are left abandoned not quite resolving or explaining the reason of their acts (Pinket Smith's husband on screen?...the long repeated boy calls mom who doesn't answer sequence...the not clear relationship of Clarke's character with his mother...and so on. The sex scenes are almost plain soft ardient porn (explicit but with clothes on), which I don't mind at all, only that why they don't fit in with the rest of the film?. Who is this guy (Clarke)and why is he so violent?. No history is suggested to cover the interratialness of brother and sister -- (white and afroamerican respectively). Colors of the film have been overstated with lots of red both in costumes and burden faces and blood, contrasting with black and rather dark scenes. I dunno...This film is a huge question mark, embellished onty by beautiful Paz Vega.
  • It is true, this is a terrible movie. it is not the sort of movie that leaves you feeling you have wasted your time as such, but rather, a waste of emotion. After you finish with it you wonder, what was the point?

    there were several threads through out the movie that never developed into anything, for example the negotiation meeting, the brother in-law, the horny Italian girl friend, the blonde girlfriend, the photo shoots...

    the main character Julian is about unattractive as they come. he has no humour or charm or sex appeal of any kind, not even half good looking, on the other hand he is violent, moody and above all, unhappy. it made it unconvincing how someone as gorgeous and lovably as Pex Vega's character would be at all attracted to this guy, let alone fall in love.

    there were some sex in it, none felt satisfying or necessary, if anything, their lack of elegance somewhat reduced my enjoyment of the movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well, you can certainly tell from watching The Human Contract that writer/director Jada Pinkett Smith knew exactly what she wanted to do with this film. It is equally clear she didn't have much of a clue how to actually do it. The result is like looking at someone who thinks they can do a magic act because they once saw Doug Henning perform.

    The surprisingly unattractive Julian Wright (Jason Clarke) is the creative heart of a small firm in what used to be called advertising but is now known as "brand management". He's also got a pending divorce and a complicated family history with his mother (Joanna Cassidy) and sister (Jada Pinkett Smith). The least of the complications is that Julian is white and his sister is black and if they explained that in the movie, I must have missed it.

    Just as his firm gets a buyout offer that could make Julian richer and more successful than he ever dreamed, he also meet an uninhibited iconoclast named Michael (Paz Vega) who challenges everything Julian has ever thought about himself and his life. They fall in lust, which this movie mistakes for love, and both his obsession with Michael and his family dysfunction end up threatened the buyout deal for Julian's firm.

    You know how something can sound great in your head but when you say it out loud it's not great at all? That's what The Human Contract is like. Smith clearly had a story to tell here. She just couldn't get it to come out right. This thing is poorly structured, has no sense of pace, doesn't have a firm grip on its main character, has too many supporting characters, too many extraneous scenes and piles up personal tragedy like it was stacking cordwood.

    Let me give you a couple of examples of the sort of unskilled storytelling at work here. Julian has a darkroom in his apartment with a combination lock on the door. When he meets Michael, they have some brief and playful banter about him not letting her inside. A while later, Michael makes a reference to the dark room in a post-coital embrace. Just a reference, mind you, not even asking for the combination. Then toward the end of the movie, the darkroom is put forth as this huge symbol of how Julian is closed off from Michael and everybody else. It's supposed to be a big moment, but Pinkett Smith spent only about 8 lines of dialog and less than 45 seconds of screen time building up to that big moment. She knew how important the darkroom was to the story, but she didn't know how to convey that to the audience. So, she really just fumbles around and then springs it on the viewer like a bear trap.

    The other example is the whole thing with the buyout. It's built up throughout The Human Contract as one of the major pressures on Julian and there are several scenes about how his behavior regarding his family and Michael is threatening the deal. Pinkett Smith is much more effective in building up to the question of whether the buyout will happen or not. Then when that big moment comes, it passes with a shrug and is never dealt with again. The audience is left to assume what happened, assume what the consequences were and assume how those consequences impacted Julian. Pinkett Smith obviously never heard the saying that when you ask someone to assume, you're making an "ass" out of "u" and "me".

    The Human Contract looks good and is relatively well performed, but it's like a beautiful woman with a sexy accent telling you a joke that isn't funny. You only laugh because you want her to have sex with you…which is not something this film is ever going to do. Save the fake laugh and watch something else.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This CRAP is what happens when you let movie stars direct. Especially those with even richer, more famous movie star husbands to serve as executive producers.

    This movie was a mess. While attempting to be a cross between an erotic thriller and a euro-style character piece, it fails miserably in both genres.

    It was a total waste of a good cast. And though the acting wasn't bad, the story (especially the resolution) is atrocious. I actually yelled "No" at the screen at the end because I couldn't believe that that was how they'd end it. No ending really.

    In fact, if I spelled it all out word for word, it would hardly be a spoiler because NO ONE WOULD CARE.

    Avoid this movie at all costs.
  • nas_7203212 July 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    OK, I read all the reviews, I don't understand why people can be so dumb to understand this movie. It is as simple as it can get. The only thing that you have to do is to connect dots. 1. In the beginning of the movie, during the sex he throws up. He gets in the bathroom and looks at himself and punches the mirror. 2. He does not let any one to get in his secret room. 3. He is angry all the time like there is something very big or a big secret in his life is really bothering him. 4. He takes his girlfriend to his mom's house but his mom and him never get along. 5. Towards the end of the movie, his mom his shown committing a suicide and he saves her life. 6. His girlfriend tries to get him to face facts in his life, and makes him realize why he has never had a good relationship with any woman. 7. In the beginning of the movie, his mom asks him to paint the room but he refuses to paint the room. but at the end of the movie he paints the room and confronts his mom about the past. his mom blames him for saving her life. 8. Why does all this happen? because he had a sexual relationship with his mom when he was a kid, and in the beginning of the movie the sound of the woman during the sex, reminds him of a sexual act with his mom.

    Alright I guess everyone got an idea what this movie is all about, i am surprise that no one has captured the whole picture and complaining about the movie being bored, with no plot, and waste of time and emotions.
  • Jada Pinkett Smith's writing was already proved, but this title was her directing debut. And a perfect one. If a story writer and director are the same person, and the movie happens to be well done, it usually results in perfect match of content and its visual interpretation, along with depth and the atmosphere. This movie excels in it. The depth of the dialogs and interactions are breath-taking. Acting is outstanding. Cast, scene and music selection are first league as well as camera work and cut. To avoid any spoilers, this movie can offer you a lot - love, passion, rejection, pain, process of dealing with unfortunate events, exposure of vulnerability of people regardless of their social class. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is able to enjoy well played drama and is equipped with ability to compassionate. I'm looking forward for more Jada Pinkett Smith's work.
  • Do you understand Quantum Mechanics?

    Do you understand the Big Bang Theory?

    Do you understand Nano Technology?

    If so, you will still NEVER understand why Michael (Paz Vega, hot model) would EVER talk to or even look at the douche-bag Julian. EVER. He is such a jerk & slim ball he is under anyone's radar on human interaction. Where are serial killers when you need them to dispatch of this dirt bag. Julian has no human characteristic whatsoever that you would want to interact with him on any level. Cleaning dirt from under your toe nails would be much more entertaining.

    Writer hint for next movie: Don't create a character that has absolutely no screen charm whatsoever. Avoid total selfish characters with boring attributes.

    See Julian suffer. See Julian pine for a girl in a one night fling. See Julian hit a guy. See Julian hit a woman. See Julian as a total dip stick. (other words prohibited)


    Get remote. Check batteries. Watch Paz Vega. Fast forward 30X to next Paz Vega scene. Watch Paz. REPEAT till end of movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Human Contract is a erotic thriller that is written and directed by Jada Pinkett Smith.It tells about a story of a successful but unhappy businessman that meets a free-spirited stranger,who tempts him to explore reckless love.It stars Jason Clarke and Paz Vega together with Ted Danson, Idris Elba and Nicole Muirbrook Wagner and Jada Pinkett Smith.

    The Human Contract was well-made.That is a great compliment considering that it was Jada Pinkett Smith's first directorial effort.Also,it explores dark themes that may not appeal to most of the film audience such as being a sexual carnivore and the psychological aspects towards it.Paz Vega tries her best to be a female fatale although her lack of fluency in the English language does affect the credibility of her performance as she seemed to memorize some lines that she barely understands.Nevertheless,the film falls short due to the lack of chemistry by the leads,Clarke and Vega as well as the lack of suspense and tension all throughout the film.Overall,it is still a good view but only with an open mind.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SPOILRRS Two talented but deeply flawed individuals have an affair, revealing that their respective houses are built upon sand. The man is a hard driving alpha male businessman who lets the affair completely destroy his opportunity through foolish choices, and reveals an ugliness of ego and jealousy when he is unable to make the rules. The woman is revealed to be a repetitively suicidal, unstable and shallow despite her glamorous presentation and veneer of sophistication.

    All of this is reasonably entertaining in and of itself. But the Deep Dark Mystery of the Dark Room is inflated into a tantalizing enigma that turns into a near parody of the movie. What could be there that drives Julian's life? A string of serial murders? An affair with an exotic spy? A penchant for torturing small children? Why does he need an entire room to remain locked with a double super secret combination? The answer is so banal as to defy belief. And appears to revolve items that fit into a shoebox. To say this is a letdown after plying through 90 minutes of barely passable acting and cornball anti-morality would be an understatement. Far from being a 'free spirit', Michael is just another "messed up chick" trapped in shallow values. And Julian is a rather obnoxious guy who needs to get over himself. There is no real 'justification' for either of their behaviors offered. The spoiled nouveau riche on a lark, and they can't even handle that. In the end, it is a letdown.
  • HawksRevenge1 August 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    The title pretty much sums it up. I went into this film with low expectations since Jada Pinkett Smith has never been a good actress and now not a good director. The film has every cliché that you can imagine and the personal relationships are contrived at best.

    The director as a woman had her husband beg and plead for this opportunity instead of earning the opportunity herself. You don't start as a film director, because TV is usually the proving ground to get you noticed.

    These Hollywood couples make me want to puke because they spin out dreck like this film which is nothing new at all!!
  • I wonder if this is reflective of Jada Pinkett's life? I mean, we all know she and her husband are swingers and therefore people that have no clue how to be faithful, so good for them. I guess. Also, you made a dumb, boring and ultimately forgettable movie, Jada. I found more enjoyment in the laundry I was doing while watching this pretentious piece of puke.

    Extra star for the unintentional laughs. You earned it.
  • I didn't really know what to make of this film. It's like one story ends and another one begins, as though the handling of the story/script wasn't given discipline. It's hard to believe this type of story was written by Jada Pinkett, a really good black actress, I admired for years. Clarke's performance, with his flawless yank accent is the only reason to watch this, though the story does get you in, because you wanna see, where it's gonna go. There is a little sex, yes, some nice shots of lingerie thanks to Paz, but I had myself asking "Where is the story going". I actually thought the successful average looking, if dull, Julian (Clarke) with everything ahead of him was being set up by Vega, like in the car with the menois de trois, where the other chick was filming him, where he then bailed, where she was gonna slowly destroy and take over his business, being an old flame and that. I was way off. I should of stayed with my first impression-Vega was just one of those chicks (suicidal), void of restraint for living life on the wild side. Joanna Cassidy, popping up in this as Clarke's messed up mother, added good support. Too, I did like Clarke's short fuse, his anger problems, where between the possibility of facing a prison sentence or losing his job, had him walking a tightrope. All in all, The Human Contract isn't bad, all flaws aside. In the end, yeah, check out how it ends, it's just a time passer, but involving at the time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a film that will definitely register with some people and leave others feeling uncomfortable with too many unanswered issues. Most will no doubt be in agreement about the seductive beauty of Paz Vega but she didn't completely deactivate my brain from realizing that this is a very intelligent film. Those of you feeling that there were too many missing pieces need to take this into consideration to come to the realisation that we do not need to dwell on and get lost with all the pieces and all the details, as traditional psychology encourages. Happily painting his childhood bedroom walls white involved letting go of his ego's baggage without needing to blame someone else. This is a film about humility, love and courage. About being able to improve oneself through love and realisation that our ego does not need to control everything.
  • I was really shocked by how much I loved this movie. I am a new fan of Jason Clarke so I'm watching all his films and this movie came out of nowhere. Jason Clarke is just delicious in this movie, he's an amazingly talented actor and hits all the emotional highs and lows. Plays the part of corporate big shot just as perfectly as the broken son. Paz Vega is the definition of a Bombshell in every sense. Stunning doesn't do her justice and if the movie couldn't be anymore well casted, Idris Elba....BOOM. With all that good there has to be something bad, Jada Pinkett-Smith. Stay behind the camera where you belong. She wrote an amazing movie, casted it to the max and ruined it by being in the movie with a useless storyline. But anyways, I really liked it and recommend it to anyone for a good dark drama. I had no idea how it was going to play out, could have run the mill like the rest but it went in a different refreshing direction.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It baffled me that Jada Pinkett-Smith had turned director but what baffled me more was the fact that she chose to make a random "soft porn" movie like this. It's a good effort on her part though, I'd give it 5/10 stars which is great considering that there are professional directors and writers out there who churn out crap year in year out and this film was made by an actress/first time director. Another thing I noticed was the fact that Paz Vega is a dead-ringer for Penelope Cruz, they sound alike, act alike and look alike. Also, Paz kinda also resembled Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif in this film, I guess because she was playing a exotic role. I would like to point out the fact that Idris Elba is actually from Britain (people a used to seeing him play American roles) and I guess that's some of you think his accent is bogus but it isn't. He used his natural accent in the film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    calling this a film would be insult to cinema i would say in my opinion as this is such a terrible project that it deserves a zero percent rating & should be on bottom in IMDb charts.

    first of all if anyone is looking for some hot sex or good story here then get ready to be disappointed as its got none here just some kissing scenes are included that's that's all,i am not going to waste my time talking about the plot its written here go read it yourself.

    the characters are awfully written here all the actors got wasted here Jason Clarke doing here he ruined it much more this guy can't act at all so i don't care for his role he was just way too over the top loud in his performance here but what the hell were Idris Elba & Paz Vega doing here these two are method actors & masters in their field when word acting comes to mind,Idris Elba is amazing guy he got wasted here as for Paz Vega my god what has Hollywood done to this Spanish beauty is just sad,she is really really wasting her talents in Hollywood she will never have a career like Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayek in Hollywood her Spanish films are true classics it is really sad to see her giving her best performance in this lame film but it just doesn't work,she plays a character called Michael here hello are these filmmakers joking or what Michael is a terrible character name for a female specially when you have the hottest actress in the world like Paz Vega in the cast.

    the story goes nowhere the chemistry never works between actors i repeat not characters the actors they felt uncomfortable when filming this it easily shows.

    may i ask where did the camera go that Paz Vega used to record the sexy kissing scene of Jason Clarke inside limousine what is that story angle i though she was going to use it to frame him later & a big twist was coming in the name of revenge but boy i was wrong,all that 50 shades of Grey type nonsense these people were pulling on each other was useless.

    the final confrontation between Julian & Michael is hilarious when Jason Clarke punches Paz Vega & she goes flying crashes into the nearby table then instead of getting up she sticks a pen inside her leg hurting herself for no reason & bleeding out.

    anyway the point remains is the human contract is a pointless film Jada Pinket Smith is a better actress she should remain one & never direct movies storytelling is not her thing.

    The Human Contract 2008 is embarrassment for the whole cast specially Idris Elba & Paz Vega such fine actors should never sign this type of film contract without reading the script my rating is 2/10.Skipp It
  • First let me say Paz as Michael was fantastic, great casting. She looks like Penelope Cruz but much hotter. As for the film, its the perfect example of a good bad movie. Parts of it are good, like the main characters, acting, dialogue and if the rumors are true the sex scenes mimics Will & Jada's alleged open marriage. Now for the bad part, the plot is 4-play without the sex & even at its climax at best its blah. Also the big secret thats finally revealed is such a let down, you see it coming the minute its introduced its like someone telling you the guy with the bloody gloves & knife is the killer. With all that said its a watchable film.
  • This intense drama seemed very carefully crafted. Involving the past, the present and the future, the individuals in the movie capture some of the human foibles but suggest a better future. The idea of having a human contract indicates that we can be alone and together with others - most intensely in relationships but also with our work, our family and our time. The primary characters are at the peak of power and living a stylish lifestyle and sexuality needs to be dealt with. The movie does not prescribe but lets the audience draw conclusions. Thinking about the issues of life, sexuality and mortality, the director points the audience into the dark corners but does not do the thinking for the audience. Some will feel deeply uncomfortable as there are no answers. If the film makes you uncomfortable, that might be the point. Or you can feel comfortable with the ambiguity and draw your own conclusions. Great camera work, well casted, intensely acted. The ideas posed that one can control one's own destiny, pick a different path, go to the greatness within. Jealousy, rage, passion, enlightened thought, different choices all thrown in a jumbled salad that I truly enjoyed.