[first lines]

Title Card: In 1969 an estimated 500 million people watched as the first man stepped out of the Apollo lander and onto the surface of the moon. / The feat was the culmination of a space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. / A space race that pushed human beings to the VERY LIMITS OF OUR SCIENTIFIC PROWESS. / The new test of our exploratory mettle will be a manned mission to MARS. / The only problem is / We just aren't that good at stuff anymore.

Hank Morrison: [They've just been told by Mission Control there is no hope for survival after a meteor strike] Where's the champagne?

Casey Cook: I-I so don't want to die out here.

Charlie Brownsville: We're not gonna die today. At least you two guys aren't.

Casey Cook: What are you talking about?

Charlie Brownsville: Look, I may be the redundant one here, but I do have three specialties that you two guys don't have. First off, I'm expendable.

Casey Cook: None of us are expendable, Charlie.

Charlie Brownsville: Come on Casey. Look, Hank's gotta fly this thing, you're a better astronaut than I'll ever be...

Casey Cook: I didn't mean that...

Charlie Brownsville: Look, it's true, 'n' we all know that, okay? Secondly, spacewalking. I am the best spacewalker alive today, 'least before I die out there.

Hank Morrison: But that's irrelevant. We don't even have an EVA suit on board.

Casey Cook: What's an EVA suit...?

Charlie Brownsville: It's a jet pack I normally use to maneuver in space.

Hank Morrison: You can't space walk without an EVA suit...

[long pause]

Hank Morrison: Duh.

Charlie Brownsville: Well, that's where my third specialty comes in: I'm a hero. Natural-born. The bravado's a little more than skin deep.

Hank Morrison: What are you talking about?

Charlie Brownsville: I'm gonna hold onto the ship. I'll unfold the array myself, manually.

Casey Cook: Oh. No. Mm-mm. That's crazy. If you let go, there's nothing to bring you back. You could die out there.

Charlie Brownsville: I probably will, but... by this time tomorrow I'll be dead anyway. At least this way I'll die useful... right?

Hank Morrison: He's right. Better dead useful than... worthless.