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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved this episode!!! It was almost-flawless. It opens with a flashback of Vic McQueen in a hospital fearing for her beautiful baby boy Wayne's life and it ends with Vic McQueen in a hospital, in present-day, fearing for the kidnapped young Wayne's life, as if everything came full circle in a really cruel way, under the angelic and harsh lighting. Most of the episode focused on multiple violent showdowns between characters at the Lake House. It was interesting to see the same scenes, but from different characters' point-of-views. Charlie Manx's attack on Vic McQueen reminded me he is brutal and sadistic - sometimes I forget that because Zachary Quinto is charismatic and deliciously wicked as Charlie Manx. Vic McQueen is resilient and a survivor, and I want her to win. I may be bias, coming from a rough background and having to fight for everything I've earned, so I root for underdogs or have-nots in society. However, Ashleigh Cummings is amazing and relatable as Vic McQueen. She put on a special performance in this episode. Lastly, the intriguing Hourglass Man revealed his power and I want to know everything about him. I can't wait for the next episode: The Hourglass!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This episode was just awful. The characters all did things that made no sense. None of the characters had the slightest bit of awareness of anything happening around them. The boy playing Wayne never acted truly afraid of anything that happened and practically walked willingly into the Wraith. Wayne couldn't even outrun an overweight adult. Guns sometimes needed to be reloaded, but usually seemed to be capable of firing 30-40 bullets. Vic was flung into the air by a car and beaten with a hammer, yet remained uninjured. TERRIBLE writing.
  • What a worthlessly acted, scripted episode!!! just terrible for wasting 45min of my time watching this crap. Perhaps it's good time to cancel the show if it continues like this, thumbs down!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have not been terribly disappointed with the series so far. It does depart from the book, but I'm not so much of a purist that I object. However, the whole point of the story is Vic vs. Manx. Manx has his "Igor" but the cruelty is all at the behest of Manx. The addition of "The Hourglass Man" is unnecessary and detracts from the protagonist/antagonist relationship. Joe Hill should have put the kabash on this as soon as it came from the writers' printers.

    On a more positive line, Zach Quinto does an excellent job as Manx and I actually am on board with the... agelessness. I also appreciate the backstories of the characters. Overall, Joe Hill should be glad that the execs didn't pull a The Stand like they did with his dad. That CBS series was so poorly casted, written, acted and produced that it makes one long for a Captain Trips infection.
  • Complete waste of time, nothing made sense in the episode. Why don't they just cancel this once and for all