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  • Life is hard indeed for these people. A man becomes jobless because after an accident in a work where he had his job he denounces illegalities committed there. This contributes to deteriorate the relationship in his marriage since his wife feels deeply the burden represented by the fact that she is the only one who earns the necessary money to support them and their two kids. The man's sister works at a hospital as a nurse and helps his brother's home while she is the only help to a young man suffering from a terminal illness and who maintains a very rough and tumultuous relationship with his own mother who seems to love him but is unable to deal well with him and his illness. Our jobless worker has also a rough relationship with his father who is retired and suffers from the African syndrome probably because he was military involved in the colonial wars the Portuguese fought in Angola by the time of this country uprising for independence. All the performers who do these roles do them very well creating very realistic and truthful scenes and dialogues. This is really an excellent portrait of the everyday life of people who belong to those social classes, creating a gallery of very interesting and real types. A good movie, solidly and firmly directed and extremely well acted.