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  • This isn't your average thriller film. It has it's own style and it's weird but in a good way. I highly recommend it
  • There's no way to describe this film, really, which is merely a shame due to the low attention span of society today. I can't see your average youtuber audience giving this more than 5 minutes of attention, or even begin to comprehend what's happening were they to watch the whole thing. I don't even know what exactly happened, but I actually enjoy that. It kept me thinking long after the end. And many films these days seem to be afraid to try that anymore. This was a big thing in the 90s with ground breaking independent films which has long been lost.

    There are plenty of flaws, but then again the early works of Aronofsky, Nolan, Soderbergh, and all of the major filmmaker working today also had flaws, if not more. But they also showed that they had a unique and original vision, which audiences then not only had the patience for, but new and interesting voices is what they wanted. Choke has this, in so many ways.

    Choke can't be defined, which people seem to look at that as a curse these days, or as simply "bad", when all that means it that it truly is a "work of art."

    This film is art, it's unique, it's original, while obviously influenced by many films before it as well. It's a shame that the world today simply does not believe in cinema anymore, as this could have made such a huge impact if released 25 years ago.
  • d_capell195326 May 2020
    I thought the movie was a bit strange..and I don't think my friends would like it .. I am an ID ADDICT so I watch some stuff like this .. I think Lisa London did a great job in her character.. I give it an 8 ..
  • I enjoyed every minute of this movie.Great job! It's a must watch.
  • Good movie, good action and good plot with a good twist.
  • This film combines so many things, from drama to romance to crime/cop and serial killers to fetishes to experimental music video type moments. It's a bizarre and strange film that should have a target audience of the arthouse crowd though the poster suggests it's a supernatural horror film. Reminds me of the ads for the film Weapons way back with Marc Webber and Nick Cannon. The poster looked like a basic wanna be Menace II Society knock off when it was truly a gripping arthouse movie. Hopefully this finds the right crowd as it's a nice bit of fresh air to discover a film so damn unique. And to think this was a knockoff of star Shane Ryan's Amateur Porn Star Killer indie franchise. Like, holy sh#t! Hatanaka directed Ryan in Samurai Cop 2 and Violent Blue and the same company is behind all of these films. Can be hit or miss with them but when it's a hit it's something quite refreshing.
  • dion_pangallo4 July 2020
    Amazing movie about 21st century american culture. a must see for the entire family. 10 stars easy!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is clearly a very low budget film and at just 73 minutes long including the credits "Choke" really scrapes the bottom of the barrel at times.

    The cast is largely unknown. Not that this is a bad thing but it is indicative of what can be expected. The movie starts of with a woman's voice narrating the actions of a killer choking his victim. Then we see him buying an old camera and meeting a girl on the train. They have a strange conversation about religion. And this intercuts with scenes of the killer choking her and at first it's difficult to differentiate if this is a fantasy of his or actually has taken place. Then we see him screaming and weeping and then choking more different women and laughing maniacaly. And it gets stranger from then on.

    Most of the dialogue is cringe worthy and it gets worse as the movie goes on. The acting is just plain bad for the most part. There are also what appear to be weird social messages thrown in the dialogue. The killers mother tells him his father is sick and that "all that drinking and binging finally got to him". The girl states all her friends reject her because she doesn't go to church. After awhile the viewer might wonder if this was thrown in on purpose or was it purely accidental during the script writing. The narration by the girl and then by a cop gets boring after awhile and the less said about the ending the better. Overall a poor effort.
  • Ok, this one has a lot of very few things going on for it: all the montages you could squeeze in a movie of 93 minute, so many monologues and a bunch of random scenes that I think were supposed to have a meaning, but it flew right over my head sadly.

    It is hard to recommend it, because what is it exactly? Horror..not quite, thriller..perhaps, drama, psychological..just tiny bits. It is a movie that I'm glad it was made because experimental cinema manages to bring new stuff to the surface, but this one I feel will pass without making waves, because it has no target audience, well, perhaps those into choking and that alone.

    You can clearly notice that the people who made this, did try their best and the quality is overall acceptable for such an indie production, yet even tho it started nicely and did grow, it became boring and rather confusing. Sadly, not a fan.

  • I advise you not to waste your time watching this thing😒😒
  • gavin85cali7 October 2020
    What a film! Loved everything about this. Great acting, cinematic shots and the script is superb. Choke will have you feeling all types of way about reality and fiction, the good and the bad. Original concept, props to the director.
  • mayaeva-8629921 August 2020
    A really original film. A thin line mixed between reality and fiction, we get to decide. Above average acting and the story is what sells it. Watch it with an open mind.
  • kathleenwgarrido12 October 2020
    What a film! Gregory Hatanaka is a great filmmaker and choke is a film with plenty of twists and turn. A 9 in my book
  • Good movie to watch when bored. Has an experimental stylistic twist but in a good way. Don't watch if you don't have an open mind to films like this.
  • This isn't my type of movie but I did end up watching it with my wife and it was actually pretty damn good. It has a lot of everything you would expect in a movie titled Choke but I was especially a fan of the cinematography and the gradual intensity the story brings as it progresses. I think many are mad here because of the acting and no known actors (none that I know off anyway) but this is one I recommend regardless.
  • So it appears that people in the movie has discovered choking one self to be a form of therapy reverted to whenever life pins you down. This is one of those films that you don't really understand the purpose of, but still leaves you confused. Reminded me of Under the skin. Same vibes
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film was about choking for pleasure or death. People are into choking for the intensity but things were never really explained. The double plot line didn't help. Wasn't for me.

    Guide: F-word. sex. brief nudity
  • ks-605005 June 2020
    It's indescribable that how poor this film is made. Craziness of the male actor for 2 mins what for? Low budget can be good but not this one.
  • This is the worst movie I've seen in 2020, and the bar is very low this year.

    Bad dialogs. Laughable acting. And annoying overuse of voice over. They wanted to be artistic but came out to be stupid.
  • This is a terrible, and terribly boring attempt at a movie. Awful amateur acting, with, rambling, irritating voiceovers monologuing with grating voices and garbage dialogue. Nearly incomprehensible story of an autistic adult who meets a 17 year old girl who is a prostitute too, maybe. Maybe, because the story jumps around between showing montages of mindless and boring couples date activities, and people being choked to death. Nothing is rooted in concrete reality, so the movie ends up being like an abstract perfume commercial, where it's just montages of people doing things, with little actual connection. Later on in the film some rogue border agent and a haggard old lady shows up and they choke each other, where the old lady overacts like no tomorrow, while the agent has dead fish eyes. Just a trainwreck from top to bottom, cinematography, dialogue, acting, story, everything is amateur hour.
  • What is this !? I kept watching till the end to figure something out and it is dissappointing
  • This movie is nothing but 70 mins of what the heck is going on .. 15 mins into the movie I lost my interest to watch it further but I sat through waiting for a moment where everything will make sense .

    This movie is downright boring ... there is literally nothing in this movie to spend your 70 mins for ... I only blame myself for choosing this movie on a Friday night .
  • Don't waste your time to watch this. All positive review are paid i think. No plot, no story, no acting, idk how its 6.4 rating, its should be 2* max!
  • As worthless and horrible as it can get. I have never seen a more useless movie. Horrible. Just horrible. Please do not watch this nonsense.
  • I like to try to find something good to say about any movie because there has to be some kind of merit somewhere, right? I guess here it would be the acting, which doesn't completely miss the mark but is nothing to write home about either. I guess it was just good enough acting that I won't give it a 1 but man this was a bad movie.
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