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  • Sleepin_Dragon31 January 2020
    A man goes missing, his body is later discovered floating in the sea, Jack investigates, but his mind is focussed elsewhere, on home.

    I'm not sure if it's in any way linked to his leaving, but Ardal has been awesome in this series, and particularly in this, his final episode. I've always been a fan of his time, but recently there has been a conviction and presence about him. I'm glad he didn't have an identical send off to Humphrey. Thanks Ardal, it's been great.

    The story was excellent, they have definitely taken the slapstick out of the show, this was a serious story, with a pretty dark theme and emotional conclusion.

    Best scene was the chat between Jack and The Commissioner, a fantastic scene, with both men on top form.

    As before, it's all change, it was quite funny that Ralf Little was hidden in the trailer, then a minute later the BBC showed Little in all his glory.

    Brilliant. 9/10
  • Prismark101 February 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    A time to say farewell to Jack Mooney. A question of whether he will return home with his daughter or go travelling with Anna.

    In the meantime Jack has one final case to crack. A dead body is found on a boat far out at sea.

    The dead man is the pastor's son, Christopher. His car is found miles out on some woods. The question is how did Christopher get from there to the boat.

    Pretty soon his wife and friends come under suspicion.

    A sombre case which revealed a dark side to the victim. Mooney also showed sympathy and compassion at the end.

    Mooney was a great character, lively and full of zest. Commissioner Patterson promises to mind the ship until the new replacement arrives. I would actually like him to investigate a case.
  • chrisrs1237 April 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Not always getting the strongest writing, the show's saving grace these last few years has been the strength of Ardal O'Hanlon's charismatic and always watcheable performance. This episode sadly is his last.

    It's a good mystery that's actually different to those we've seen every week before which is nice, but it doesn't get as much attention as usual due to Jack's subplots.

    The episode actually steers away from the awkward romance the last few episodes had been building and instead Jack's goodbye sees him returning home, having realised he'd been running away from his wife's death. It's actually a touching ending and brings his story full circle, making more of a character arc for him in retrospect.

    It does however feel like less effort was put into DI Mooney's goodbye than the two part London epic for Humphrey. Better than the murder of Richard Poole though I suppose!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Perfect ending. Di Mooney goes back to London and the story of the episode was very interesting. Goodby DI Mooney I will miss you
  • When Ardal O'Hanlon made his first appearance I had no idea who he was, and thought the poor guy was up against it following the brilliant portrayals from Ben Miller and Kris Marshall, my cousin told me about 'Father Ted', so I went out and bought the DVD's, it wasn't long before I was won over by Ardal's gentle Irish humour and charm, and he soon became my favourite of the 3 leads, and now, all of a sudden he's leaving, wish he'd hung in there for another season or two then he'd have notched up the most episodes of the three leads. This is a fitting send off however, and Ardal proves he is an excellent actor with some quite moving scenes with his lady friend and the Commissioner. Farewell D.I. Moody, you wont be soon forgotten, with re-runs and DVD's for years to come!
  • bevo-1367826 November 2020
    Last episode with Jack moony. He must be burnt out after solving well over 6 thousand murders
  • safenoe23 September 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Jack's departure as DI was slightly difference to that of his two predecessors, in that he was able to warmly and emotionally farewell his colleagues. In a way, we the audience vicariously said farewell through the hugs and tears of the supporting cast who farewelled Jack as he left to return to London in a post-Brexit world. It was quite a moving ending, more emotional than I expected it to be.

    Maybe one day Jack can return to Death in Paradise, just like Joséphine Jobert will return in season 10 as Florence.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I never knew who Ardal O'Hanlon was and I'm sorry it took me this long to find out who he is. Not many actors move me. But his portrayal as DI Mooney is superb. I thought Kris Marshall was my favourite until Ardal. joined the cast. He's a brilliant actor. He shows natural emotions and he's charming and witty. I'm so sad to see him go. But the casting is so good on this show that I don't doubt the next DI will be great too.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    DI Jack Mooney has been feeling somewhat conflicted over his feelings, more or less since Anna Masani happened to drift into his life.

    He was still emotionally attached to his beloved Kathleen, she had been his soulmate and naturally irreplaceable in his heart.

    After her tragic demise he felt he would never find anyone to take her place, and that nobody else would even be interested in him.

    Anna had come to mean a lot to him though in all honesty, it had taken him completely by surprise.

    The conflict in Jack's heart was heightened in the thought that Anna, might leave on her journey after her brief sojourn.

    When he knew that she couldn't stay he decided to suggest, that she could if she really wanted to.

    Her answer to him that he could also make his own decisions, left him a distinct possibility.

    The arrival of his daughter Siobhan on Saint Marie to take a break with her dad before returning home, left Jack with yet another possible journey to take.
  • harrykivi14 December 2020
    The ninth season has been a very strong one so far with " La Murder Le Diable'" being a very cool entry and "A Murder in Portrait" , "Tour De Murder" being solid too. "Pirates of the Murder Scene" is the last episode with DI Mooney and in my opinion is the most emotional finale for our main sleuths so far. If Ben Miller and Kris Marshall got very abrupt endings for the characters, then Ardal O'Hanlon gets a very nice ending that actually gives Mooney a character arc.

    So let's start with the good aspects, shall we?

    . The production values are great as usual. The episode is well-directed and sounds wonderful. The acting's pretty good as well. Clare-Hope Ashitey fares the best of the guest stars and Ardal O'Hanlon is amazing in the emotional scenes.

    . The murder mystery is very compelling with good character-work, clever twists and a emotionally cathartic ending.


    . The dialogue is not always top-notch and tends to get a bit too exposition- heavy at times. Also felt: Mooney was not himself for a good part of the episode. I'm not sure what was wrong with him, but something was just not right.

    Overall, a very good entry.

    8/10 HK
  • studioAT27 July 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    A good episode all round, with a good mystery and send off to Ardal O'Hanlon as Jack.

    Kris Marshall had proved that 'DIP' could withstand the loss of its main character, but O'Hanlon and his character did bring a lot to the show, especially in the 9th series when dealing with the rather wooden Madeline.

    A good send off.