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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Except the leads nothing much interesting in this movie. the concept of Mars its self boring and made to sleep. Day by Day, movie by movie HK become an expert in Kissing scenes. just ordinary comedy. Wasted Yogi's effort. overall, better check your day mood and the horoscope before get in to the movie.
  • kamalbeeee24 December 2019
    One time watchable film...concept is good and story also good..but screenplay was not good as we expect..i expect good climax but it was vry disappointed me as well...harish and her mom character acted well...but heroines not performed well...
  • sourishravi22 December 2019
    The Concept of Mars was itself so annoying! About Astronomy, They are trying to tell some positive things, but the way they have filmed it is crap. Poor Film
  • Overall the movie is good with romance scenes, comedy scenes, etc, except the climax. Climax could have been bit romatic/comedy with the same message. Everyone can watch & enjoy the movie, it is not a bad movie to reject.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Harisha kalyan acting new cast bore music normal climax old but love comedy over all below average