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  • One almost wishes Marc Cushman's daddy had had his tubes tied rather than foisting this omnipresent porn hack on us fans, a solemn determination I've made after watching well over a hundred of his videos. "Decadent Dreams" is a typical f*ckup, ruining a potential fantasy tale by incompetent writing and direction by "Cash Markman".

    Charmaine Starr is the leading lady, though you'd never know it as she's omitted entirely from the opening credits of the Sin City release. Taking the advice of her sexy best friend played by Taylor St. Claire, she goes to Frank Bukkwyd's VR establishment Dreams Unlimited, sort of a Poverty Row version to "Total Recall" in which the set is just a phallic shaped glass chamber for nude Charmane to step into, electrodes attached to her belly, shot against a white-out (no set decoration) background, and have a VR fantasy. Cushman/Markman has ripped off way too many Rod Serling "Twilight Zone" and "Night Gallery" episodes but learned nothing.

    Charmane lives vicariously in the VR fantasy world, but it too is ultra-cheap, merely a bar where studs for sex are hanging out. She has sex with one of them, big-dicked Lee Stone, and the director Cash very clumsily alternates her and another actress Charlene Aspen (who does get billing for almost a mere body double role) in Lee's humping.

    The two actresses are vaguely similar looking, though of different ethnicty and hair color, and Aspen lacks the distinctive circular shoulder tattoo that tidentifies Charmane.

    Anthony Crane is the other barfly who later gets to have sex, and in the BTS short subject sort of owns up to being responsible for the crummy sets, uncredited. Charmane's story eventually degenerates into botched fantasy rather than sci-fi, and makes no sense. Markman thinks he's clever and showing off as a story teller , but in fact doesn't have a clue how to do it.

    So we're left with sex scenes, poorly done despite the lovelies on display, including April and busty Shay Sights cast as strippers at the VR bar.

    Sin City should have taken this idea, tossed the lousy script, and assigned it to Michael Raven or Bud Lee who were working there at the time and run with it. Raven does get a "supervising producer" credit and hence some of the blame.