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  • liverloo-4880918 March 2023
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is the most unhinged thing I've ever seen. I watched it because a podcast I liked is going to make fun of it. They call Alzheimer's, "old timers". The pacing makes zero sense. You have no idea how much time is passing. The events are chaotic and strange. The plot is a man looking for his second grade love?! If that doesn't scream unhinged, I'm not sure what does. One character turns all of his food into soup by blending it. There's zero explanation for this. It's just a weird thing. I can't honestly tell if this is supposed to be satire. I hope so. The love interest and I quote, "woke up in a vegetative state". How does any of that make sense. She's strangely catatonic. OH! And let's not forget the nurse who tries to stimulate her through motor function, by holding hand and scribbling on paper. To top it off there's a horrible dance number. If you want to laugh at a categorically horrendous, I hate to even call it a film but, film then watch dilly loves kitty.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well this movie teaches you about alszheimers disease. And for a guy to go a long ways to see high school sweetheart. It is good hearing scripture in the movie. Always be for a family who needs help.